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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
  4 Bukan Ke Bermakna Mati ?
Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Honestly, aku semacam malas nak follow francais filem Scary Movie ni, sejak ketiadaan adik beradik Wayans (dalam dua filem Scary Movie yg pertama dulu). Sejak kerusi tuan director di ambil alih oleh David Zucker, lawak2 semcm takde kick dan farce di tahap tertinggi. Dan seperti filem2 arahan beliau yg lain, satu benda lagi yg aku menyampah ialah Leslie Nielsen. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed his other comedies, antaranya Wrongfully Accused dan siri2 Naked Gun, but then, after a while aku semcm muak dengan konsep lawak longkangnya (mostly dick and fart jokes). Apa pun, dalam filem ni ada beberapa babak yg membuat aku tergelak gila (the last time I’ve had some great laughs was during The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Kelly Clarkson!)

(* spoilers ahoy!!! *)

1. Babak Tom Ryan menyanyikan lagu Badd Bitch by the Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones utk anaknya, Rachel ketika di basement.

2. Alien tripod humping a vacuum cleaner.

3. Semua babak parody Brokeback Mountain (terutama masa ‘Relax, I’m just reaching for some nuts’)

4. Babak hantu Ju-On turun dari tangga dan jatuh tergolek.

5. Babak Cindy mengelap perempuan tua di rumah berhantu tu. (I was like, Oi, tak perasan ke bau dia!!!!! But then, this is Scary Movie, what…)

6. Parodi Tom Cruise yg terlompat2 atas couch Oprah.

7. Tom : You took everthing from me in the divorce, everything but my good name.
Marilyn : (menghulurkan Tom sekeping kertas) Actually,the judge gave me that too. Your new name is Horace P. McTitties.

8. Michael Jackson bertanyakan Rachel sama ada dia mempunyai abang atau adik lelaki.

9. Apa2 juga dialog dr Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall)

10. Flashback perkahwinan pertama Cindy Campbell.

11. Adegan kelakar selepas mengeluarkan kunci drp belakang mata Cindy, ala Saw.

12. Semasa Tom Ryan menyedari yg didukungnya adalah bukan anaknya Rachel, tetapi seorang midget (“Hey, I’ll pay!”)

Image from mtv.com
Cindy Campbell dalam babak parodi Million Dollar Baby

Anna Faris memang comel. Damn it, she’s my age too! Walaupun muncul dalam filem2 popular mcm Lost in Translation dan Brokeback Mountain, aku paling suka dia dalam filem May (I mean, sebelum dia disembelih oleh Angela Bettis la, hehe…). Salah satu filem horror yg aku boleh tonton berulang2 kali tanpa rasa jemu.

Rating: ***1/2/ *****.


Monday, June 26, 2006
  Prison Break Spin-Offs We Want To See. Or Not.

Prison Break-back Mountain
David Apolskis (a.k.a Tweener) and Charles Patoshik (a.k.a Haywire), being separated from the rest of Team Escarpara, went into hiding at the mountain range to avoid being tracked. They moonlight as a couple of sheepherders during the day, but at night… (*insert the song ‘Hello’ by Lionel Ritchie here*).

So you think X-Men 3 is the last installment on the highly successful franchise? Well, think again. Purportedly, a new mutant named Michael Scofield replaces the now-demised Cyclops as the new leader of the pack. His mutant powers include being able to heal spontaneously despite being cut and burned, and the power to melt 85% of the female population with that wry smile and intense gaze.

Image from prisonbreak.fan-sites.org
Apparently, the writer was badly affected by the mutant power of Michael Scofield and has to be wiped off the floor.

Big(ger) Fish
A new con named John Coffey (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) joins the rest of the inmates at Fox River Penitentiary.

Michael (Scofield)
Two tabloid reporters traveled to the heart of Panama to investigate a claim of an old woman that her neighbour is a real, live archangel named Michael (Scofield). Upon arrival, they see that her claims are true - but unlike the original Michael (played by John Travolta) who smokes, drinks beer, has a very active libido and has a rather colourful vocabulary, the new Michael (Scofield) is highly articulate, intelligent, perfectly formed and instead of having two protruding wings, he’s missing two little toes.

Rosemary-cruz’s Baby
A spine-chilling thriller set in the Latino background. After marrying her sweetheart’s cousin, Hector, a woman realized that her pregnancy is actually a part of a satanic ritual. She started having strange dreams and hearing strange noises, mostly related to her former lover, Fernando Sucre.

A rags-to-riches story of a successful airline company, as told by the founder, John Abruzzi. A semi-autobiography on his personal life, on how he started the family business which involves transporting cons from a prison to another. Rumours had it that he’s actually a feared mob boss.

All The (Vice) President’s Men
The critics called it ‘a mid-world between crime and art’. Rated NC-17, this is the latest film that shocked the whole nation. It was banned in 23 states. And it has grossed over 60 million dollars. Written, directed and produced by a newcomer, Danny Hale, it featured, among others, some archival footage of his former best friend, Paul Kellerman, in ‘compromising positions’ with Vice President Reynolds.

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Friday, June 23, 2006
  Roses Among the (Prettier) Thorns

Enuff with the pretty boys (for now), and lets meet the two leading ladies of Prison Break.

Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies)

Sara and Michael. In the infirmary. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Anak kedua Gabenor Illinois, Frank Tancredi. Bercita2 untuk menjadi seorang doktor sejak kecil lagi. Walaubagaimana pun, beliau ketagihan morfin ketika menjadi seorang doktor di sebuah hospital, dan selalu mencuri bekalan morfin ketika bertugas di situ. Walaupun tak berapa rapat dengan bapanya, Gabenor Tancredi seringkali terpaksa menggunakan kuasanya utk menjamin beliau serta ex2-bfnya dari penjara.

Tiga tahun lepas, Sara terserempak dengan sebuah kemalangan yang melibatkan seorang budak tetapi disebabkan beliau berada di bawah pengaruh dadah, beliau tidak dapat menyelamatkan nyawa kanak2 tersebut. Itulah turning point dalam hidup Sara. Ketika menghadiri satu terapi kumpulan, beliau terjumpa dgn Brad Bellick, yang memberitahu ttg satu kekosongan untuk jawatan doktor di Penjara Fox River.

Babak terbaik (setakat ini) : Hari lahir Sara. Dan ketika terperangkap dalam infirmary dalam episod Riot, Drills and the Devil. Dan THAT KISS!!! (hmmm…I just hoped that 8tv doesn’t snip it).

Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney)

Aku suka dia dalam The Craft dan Empire Records

Seorang peguam hartanah, Veronica merupakan teman rapat Lincoln Burrows dan Michael Scofield sejak dari kecil lagi. Pernah menjadi teman wanita Lincoln semasa di sekolah menengah. Sejak mengetahui yang Lincoln tidak bersalah, beliau sedaya upaya mencuba untuk mencari jalan menyelamatkannya, walaupun tanpa latarbelakang yang relevan. Dengan bantuan Nick Savrinn, mereka cuba membongkar skandal dan konspirasi yang melibatkan pembunuhan Terrence Steadman, sekaligus membuktikan bahawa Lincoln tidak bersalah.

Babak terbaik (setakat ini) : Ketika menyelamatkan diri drp Quinn, agen psiko yg ditugaskan untuk mengorek rahsia mereka.

Credit photos : prisonbreak.fan-sites.org

PS: Buat masa sekarang, my blog boleh jadi your one-stop information centre on all things Prison Break. Any questions? You know what to do. (I'll make it quick and painless).

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  Divine Wentervention
Dalam Proton Wira, suatu petang yg damai…

AbahIkmal (AI) : Apsal senyum sensorang?
MamaIkmal (MI) : (gelak) Mana ada?
AI : Hmmm.. teringat Wentworth la tu.
MI : Hey, mana ada, sayang! Haha, sorry la, I cannot resist him.
AI : Apa yg best sangat pasal dia tu.
MI : (at this point of time, I’ve rambled everything about WM, which includes the words mandrem, perfection, intelligence, smart, multi-racial, etc). Yang, 85% of the female population can’t be wrong!
AI : 85% tu orang Islam ke?
MI : (different tone) I dunno, maybe. Maybe not.
AI : Hmmm.. kita orang Islam ada pegangan, sayang.
MI : (terkedu kejap).

THAT, my friend, is the BIGGEST Wentervention ever. Thank you, sayang. I love you more each day. Wentworth MAY have everything a woman could ask for. But he’s not mine. You are. And I thank Allah every single day for that.

How to cure my Wentworth addiction:

1. Stop downloading those fan-made videos at YouTube. (sigh.. so far aku dah ada more than 10.)
3. Reduce your Prison Break DVD intake. Limit to just ONE episode per night. Or less. And take off that fake post-coital glow off your face. (serious shit, man, I got THAT from watching Prison Break, and not from conjugal).
4. Change your screensaver from Michael Scofield screencaps to the different modes of Ikmal.
5. Spend more time reading to your son. Or playing, drawing and cooking. (Ikmal’s pretty good at mixing omelettes and helping me with the vegetables.)

Phew, I might go cold turkey here, but I just hope it works!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
…And 20 other best comments (so far) posted at JustJared dot com, Re: Wentworth Miller. (One of my favourite WM-related site. Cool Prison Break screencaps (spoilers ahoy!), awesome candids and lots of Jamba Juice on His Hotness!) PS: All comments are as it is, with no alterations whatsoever. And none of these are mine!

1. He parks his Corolla on the street just like the rest of us. I love it!

2. Poor guy's pockets are always jam-packed.

3. See... now... this is exactly why I keep coming here. It’s like a drug man, and you’re my best supplier Jared. I LOVE you!

4. Who made this guy? Does anyone have pics of his parents? He is so beautiful.

5. This man was cooked in some lab somewhere that year of '72. They picked the best of everything. There is no other explanation for such dazzling perfection.

6. Wentworth is way too sexy/gorgeous to be real and I can't wait for "Prison Break" to come back. I would definitely marry him and have his kids, but hey 85% of the female population would.

7. I could stare for hours…

8. I would be his baby factory!!!

9. I just love his deep voice, his accent, his character...oh everything about him....thank to God for creating him....

10. How can I be so infatuated with a person I have never met????? Intelligence is the biggest attractant and he's got it. Plus, he's got a universal face, like he could pass for about 60% of the world's population. My TV is set for Monday night because I've got a foreign policy class...

11. I'm trading in my Volvo for a Toyota Corolla! He is too cute. Can't wait for them to start filming in a couple of weeks, because that can only mean more pics! Thank you Jared.

12. He has cute toes!

13. Oh, Went. You're the only man who can give me the vapors just slogging through an airport in an old T-shirt and jeans.

14. Panty liner alert! <--- komen paling gila so far!

15. Wentworth is driving me mad into obsession and intense infatuation. Instead thinking of my husband in bed i always think of Wentworth now, what's wrong with me hahaha.I don't mind him as my second husband hahaha.

16. I was trying to listen what he was saying but all I heard was "sex". (Referring to this interview on Ellen)

17. Seriously, he couldn't get any hotter...his beauty is transcendental.

18. It should be illegal to look like that! My mouth just went dry...when will I find someone who looks like that AND is intelligent? He is definitely the very last one left...

19. After obssessing over Wentworth, i dont think i'll ever be satisfied with any other man. This is sad.

20. Back to the above pictures...exactly how does one get hired to grease up hot actors? Clearly I need a career change.

Sigh… I just hate sharing…And why is it so goddamn hard to find a decent mag with his pics!?!?!? The only ones I got were in the issues of Galaxie 17-31 May 2005 (yummy one page spreadof THAT tattooed-and-in-the-buff shot and a half page article and photos) and Empire June 2006 (review on the DVD of Season 1 Part 1). Goramn!

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How can anybody be so f*****g perfect???

Ku tatap gambar wajahmu

Sinar mata itu
Lirik senyumanmu
Pesona yang membelai
Wajahmu bercahaya
Memberi bahagia
Tiap yang memandang
Hati jadi salju
Kau terlalu istimewa…

(ok, so I’m obsessed. And that song by Adibah Noor is not even relevant to what I’m feeling right now. So, for those of you yang terasa nak kutuk/ kondem, silakan. Aku delete komen korang, huahahahahahahhh!)

Tempat melangut baru aku kalau takde post2 terbaru di sini…

Message Board Prison Break di imdb dot com

Website terbaru (masih di peringkat awal, mengenai musim kedua PB, aptly titled Prison Break: Manhunt)

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Monday, June 19, 2006
  Recent Updates
My dua sen on recent events...

On foosball…(foosball is the DEVIL! Kata Mama Boucher dalam Waterboy)

AbahIkmal (AI) : GOAL!!!!! Sh*t, dekat camtu pun tak goal!!!!
MamaIkmal (MI) : (sambil menjeling) Abah, keep it down la.
AI: Ala, you tengok Scofield I tak complain pun…ini 4 tahun sekali aje.. bla, bla…
MI: Yelah, I know, but I didn’t scream my heart out Scofield!!! Atau Wentworth!!!!

Me : Aku cuma akan tgk bola kalau Wentworth ada main. Atau sekadar jadi linesman atau waterboy. Atau jadi commentator. (aaahh that baritone voice…)

On Ikmal, masa lalu depan kedai gunting rambut mamak...

O’Brother, Where Art Thou ?

IH: Mama, otong ambut otak* ?
MI : Huh?
IH : Citer mama.
MI : Huh?!

* Maknanya, potong rambut botak, mcm citer mama (Prison Break la tu!) * geleng kepala*

On the recent sugar (Sucre?) shortage…

Use honey instead. I drink my Nescafe (3-in-1) with a spoonful of honey. Tastes just as sweet.

On THAT statement berani mati daripada Ako…

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, young man.

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Friday, June 16, 2006
  Manna From Heaven, Sweet Nectar of Life...
Kata seorang poster di JustJared dot com (bukan aku tau!),

I'm a recovering Wentworth addict, it's strange because I haven't been this obsessed with any other male celebrity before, but then again there are very few that are as (sic) gorgeus as Wentworth, lol.”

Awesome PB ScreenCaps from JustJared.com
(salah satu drp lebih 70 Wentworth pics, sekarang menjadi screen-saver PC aku. Telah diedit dengan menggunakan software digital camera, dan di activate setiap 2 minit. Yeah, it's THAT serious)

I think I need medication.

Whatever he’s using, mandrem-nya terlalu power. Tahap dewa. Serious sh*t.

So, jangan tanya bila akan ada update, kerana jika ada pun, ia tetap akan ber’bau’ Wentworth Miller (yang mana aku bayangkan adalah seperti Dior Higher atau Truth by Calvin Klein).

Atau Prison Break.

Atau yang sewaktu dengannya.

So, screw World Cup. Screw AF4. Screw my DVD's (for now). Screw everything.

Ya. Aku memang kurang sihat.
Harap maaf.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
  Something To Cure My Non-Mondays...

Lagi sebab2 anda obsessed dengan siri Prison Break...

39. Anda sanggup bergaduh dgn anak anda yg baru berusia tiga tahun setengah tu kerana berebut PC (anda nak tonton video2 cool di YouTube, sementara dia ingin bermain on-line games di laman web Fisher Price.

(tiga video peminat ter'cool' di YouTube dot com)

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) oleh Wheelygirl

Building A Mystery (Sarah McLachlan) by mhelliknee

Too Lost In You (Sugababes) by PatriciaDoll

I'll be in my bunk.
After I take a loooonnggg cold shower.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
  Hey, Movie Updates!

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kalau nak dibandingkan dgn filem2 brutal Tarantino, filem arahan Shane Meadows ni nampak biasa2 aje. Takde la grand sangat, takde special effect yg mengkagumkan, takde adegan kejar mengejar, tembak menembak atau aksi ala2 Michael Bay atau Jerry Bruckheimer. Tapi, ia sangat memberi kesan, kerana ia bermain dgn emosi dan perasaan manusia.

Richard, si abang, lakonan Paddy Cosidine, adalah seorang bekas askar yg dah lama tak pulang ke kampung halamannya. Namun, kepulangan beliau pada kali ini adalah dgn niat yg berbeza, iaitu membalas dendam ke atas sekumpulan gangster yg membuli dan menyiksa adiknya yang cacat. Adiknya, Anthony nampak seperti seorang yg sangat innocent, dan sangat2 mengkagumi abangnya. Berdasarkan maklumat drp Anthony, Richard bermula dgn menanam rasa takut ke atas mereka, dan selepas itu, membunuh mereka seorang demi seorang.

Apakah yg sebenarnya terjadi kepada Anthony? Betul ke apa yg Richard buat ni ? Bagaimana beliau hendak melepaskan diri drp tuduhan2 membunuh ? Grab a copy of this DVD and enjoy it. Dan kalau anda rajin mencari, filem ni juga telah dikeluarkan dalam bentuk novel grafik.

Aku bagi *****/*****. Seperti juga Rodriguez, Shane Meadows telah membuktikan yg pembikin filem tak perlu budget yg besar untuk menyentuh emosi penonton.

Websitenya :

Velvet Goldmine (1998)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Ewan seswai sangat memegang watak Kurt Cobain

JRM, Ewan McGregor dan Christian Bale. Kehadiran tiga watak utama ni dah cukup membuatkan aku memberi 5 bintang kepada filem arahan Todd Haynes ni. Meraikan zaman glam 70-an, filem ni berkisar tentang seorang frontman kumpulan rock glam bernama Brian Slade (lakonan JRM) yang memalsukan kematiannya dengan mengatur agar ditembak semasa mengadakan persembahan. Beberapa tahun kemudian, seorang wartawan, lakonan Christian Bale, ditugaskan untuk menulis tentang kisah hidup Brian Slade, terutama tentang hubungannya (dari sudut muzika dan personal) dengan Curt Wilde, seorang lagi vokalis glam yang sangat flamboyant (Ewan yang sangat Wild!).

Best bits: Kemunculan pertama Curt Wilde di atas pentas (bagi yg familiar dgn gelagat mamat ni dalam Trainspotting, pastinya tau apa dia buat kat atas pentas! Kaki boleng!) Semua babak berlagu, ala2 muzik video yg sangat cheesy, featuring JRM and Ewan. (yes, dears, these lovebirds do sing their own songs). And yeah, THAT kiss!

Rating : *****/*****. Viva Glam!

Mallrats (1995)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Brodie, Rene, TS and Brandi

Baru dua hari lepas aku berpeluang menonton filem ni, tanpa apa2 potongan seperti yg pernah tersiar di TV3, sedikit masa dulu. Baru aku tau betapa banyaknya babak yg dipotong masa kuar kat TV3 tu.

Seperti filem2 trademark Kevin Smith, memasuki dunia beliau adalah suatu pengalaman yg menyeronokkan. At least bagi aku la. Kevin Smith, seperti juga aku, yg merupakan seorang fanboy komik dan Star Wars geek, pasti akan memasukkan elemen2 kegemaran beliau itu ke dalam filem2nya, Chasing Amy atau Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back misalnya, dan kerap menggunakan khidmat Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, duo gila, Jay dan Silent Bob dan juga bekas aweknya, Joey Lauren Adams.

Aku paling suka watak Brodie Bruce lakonan Jason Lee. Kalaulah watak ni benar2 ada di dalam dunia ni, aku ingin sangat menghabiskan satu hari dengannya. Makan pizza, sambil berbual dan berdiskusi tentang komik dan hero2 ciptaan Stan Lee. (Cuma aku harap dia tak bagi aku stink-palm-nya tu dan tinggalkan perangai jerk-nya di rumah)

Rating : ****/*****. Rasa mcm nak makan pretzel coklat pulak…

Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kate Winslet memang lawa. Period. Ok, so I haven’t watched THAT flick by James Cameron, but here in this movie, Ms Winslet really shines as Juliet Hulme, dan aku tak heranlah kenapa kerjaya seni beliau lebih berjaya berbanding dengan kawan baiknya dalam filem ni, Pauline ‘Paul’ Rieper lakonan Melanie Lynskey (yang kini biasanya muncul sebagai watak2 tempelan dalam filem2 seperti Coyote Ugly atau Shattered Glass).

Berdasarkan kisah benar, filem arahan Peter Jackson ni mengisahkan tentang dua sahabat baik yang mempunyai imaginasi tahap dewa, set dalam tahun 50-an di New Zealand. Apabila Juliet dimasukkan ke hospital akibat jangkitan paru2, Pauline berasa sangat rindu dan berutus2 surat, bukan setakat bertanya khabar, tetapi juga seperti bermain role-playing dengan watak2 imaginasi mereka. Kedua ibu bapa Juliet dan Paul menjadi curiga. Keakraban anak2 mereka semakin menjadi2, dan mereka berhajat utk memisahkan mereka. Paul memberontak dan berpakat dengan Juliet untuk membunuh ibunya yg dikatakan menjadi batu penghalang dalam perhubungan mereka berdua.

Filem yang sangat cantik, terutama babak2 imaginasi mereka dengan Orson Welles dan Mario Lanza. Those clay, Weta-based characters are awesome!

Rating : ****/*****.


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