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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
…And 20 other best comments (so far) posted at JustJared dot com, Re: Wentworth Miller. (One of my favourite WM-related site. Cool Prison Break screencaps (spoilers ahoy!), awesome candids and lots of Jamba Juice on His Hotness!) PS: All comments are as it is, with no alterations whatsoever. And none of these are mine!

1. He parks his Corolla on the street just like the rest of us. I love it!

2. Poor guy's pockets are always jam-packed.

3. See... now... this is exactly why I keep coming here. It’s like a drug man, and you’re my best supplier Jared. I LOVE you!

4. Who made this guy? Does anyone have pics of his parents? He is so beautiful.

5. This man was cooked in some lab somewhere that year of '72. They picked the best of everything. There is no other explanation for such dazzling perfection.

6. Wentworth is way too sexy/gorgeous to be real and I can't wait for "Prison Break" to come back. I would definitely marry him and have his kids, but hey 85% of the female population would.

7. I could stare for hours…

8. I would be his baby factory!!!

9. I just love his deep voice, his accent, his character...oh everything about him....thank to God for creating him....

10. How can I be so infatuated with a person I have never met????? Intelligence is the biggest attractant and he's got it. Plus, he's got a universal face, like he could pass for about 60% of the world's population. My TV is set for Monday night because I've got a foreign policy class...

11. I'm trading in my Volvo for a Toyota Corolla! He is too cute. Can't wait for them to start filming in a couple of weeks, because that can only mean more pics! Thank you Jared.

12. He has cute toes!

13. Oh, Went. You're the only man who can give me the vapors just slogging through an airport in an old T-shirt and jeans.

14. Panty liner alert! <--- komen paling gila so far!

15. Wentworth is driving me mad into obsession and intense infatuation. Instead thinking of my husband in bed i always think of Wentworth now, what's wrong with me hahaha.I don't mind him as my second husband hahaha.

16. I was trying to listen what he was saying but all I heard was "sex". (Referring to this interview on Ellen)

17. Seriously, he couldn't get any hotter...his beauty is transcendental.

18. It should be illegal to look like that! My mouth just went dry...when will I find someone who looks like that AND is intelligent? He is definitely the very last one left...

19. After obssessing over Wentworth, i dont think i'll ever be satisfied with any other man. This is sad.

20. Back to the above pictures...exactly how does one get hired to grease up hot actors? Clearly I need a career change.

Sigh… I just hate sharing…And why is it so goddamn hard to find a decent mag with his pics!?!?!? The only ones I got were in the issues of Galaxie 17-31 May 2005 (yummy one page spreadof THAT tattooed-and-in-the-buff shot and a half page article and photos) and Empire June 2006 (review on the DVD of Season 1 Part 1). Goramn!

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God! she is really loosing it.

ish ish ish.,,, but no 8 is a good one.
Hey, look at me! I'm not even listening to a word you're saying!
Ish ish, .... what can I say :) Too bad I am too old or I would probably be doing something stupid myself, kah kah kah!!
you've said it. "doing something stupid".

Zack, take note of that.
Kak Queen, there's a word for people like us- TOTO. (Too Old To be Obsessing). For other Wentworth-related terms, please visit the Official Wentworth Dictionary at


My faves would be...

Wentgasm - Involuntary orgasm due to unexpected overdose of Went. Could be caused by a single word, look or picture. Frankly anything Wentworth related.

OOOH - Obsessive Object of Horniness

OWD - Obsessive Wentworth Disorder

BBTP - Blinded by The Pretty ie: missing 4 minute monologue by Went to Westmoreland and having to rewind twice, perhaps three times to actually hear the dialogue. also; accidentally crashing your car into something because your cellphone rang to the tune of the sweet dulcet tones of "it's representative of a conspiracy at the Highest Levels" - don't worry, we're all just fine.

Wentdrawal: A period without new PB episodes, pictures or gossip about WM.

Wentervention - friends, family and coworkers attempting to get you off the Went. (I see YOU try!!!)

Wentaholic: Powerfully addicted to WM.

Stupid, I don't think so, Ijan. 85% of the female population would agree with me.
And yeah, that 85% might include your girlfriend. If you have one!
sorry lady,

she is not obsessed with WM. Not that I know of.

eh?why 85%? what happened to the rest 15%? turned smart already is it?
Not that you know of??? Then you better check on her. You'll never know...

Weh, ko kutuk2 ni, ko pernah tak actually WATCH that goramn show? Setau aku, whoever yg tgk, mesti hooked punya. Kalau tak kat Scofield, mesti on the storyline itself. Very engaging and full of twists and turns.

fyi, the rest 15% are dead, or doesn't have a television set at home. Aku rasa kalau perempuan buta pun pasti terpegun kalau dengar suara dia...
Well, lelaki tgk dia pun boleh syok walaupun lelaki tu bukan George Takei. I know I am!

Kpd semua, nak kutuk, kutuk Mama Ikmal je; jgn sebut apa-apa psl Wentworth, okey? You guys are lucky I'm unarmed.
Haahahha... that is my point. My MO is only Mama Ikmal not WM.

p/s : aku tak kutuk PB or WM, aku cuma pelik dengan women's obsession of their opposite kind. Hahahaha....
Aku lagi la pelik kalau diorang obsessed ngan their own kind. Macam Nazim Masnawi here.
I don't know about him, tapi bagi aku, my obsession towards my own kind tak lah sampai

1. download videos at you tube
2. buat wallpaper gambar dia and changes every 20 secs
3. dream about him almost every night.

and I am sure 100% of my species agrees with me.
Zack, aku dah buat wallpaper aku gambo Wentworth. Love to see 'im make a reservation at Dorsia while watching some porn. Huuu, totally a wet dream!

Alah, kamonlah, Maddox. You gotta admit, straight lifestyle is downright boring. It's kinda force. I cherish Wentworth Miller as much as I cherish Maria Ozawa.
Ijan, screen saver aku tukar every 6 seconds la. Species? Piper Nigrum? Don’t even go there, Ijan. And I don’t dream about him every night la. To put it gently, if I were a man, I’d be walking around with a hard-on all day long. Beat that, sucker!

NM, aku terfikir nak letak gambar opening scene The Old Head (you might recall Went standing shirtless at the window, and the camera zooms in that hawt tattooes, oh my,) sebagai wallpaper, tapi takut jadi kontroversi la pulak. Now dah tukar gambar anak aku dah. And yes, aku dah mellow a bit la, tak mau fanatik sangat dah.

btw, NM, where do you rank on the Kinsey Scale? 3? 5?
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