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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  Mama Ikmal On Cable TV
Kunci Khazanah Episode 2.17
Date of shooting : 3/5/2005
Expected date to be shown on Astro : Sometime in July- August 2005 (Check your local listing)

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( aku nak itu! aku nak itu!)

Host : Azhar Sulaiman
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(hos KK, sang metrosexual yang dah ada 3 anak)

Contestants : Aiman, Yazid and Yours Truly
Agents : Adib, Ja’a and Dan

Up for grab : Prizes worth RM100,000, including a brand new Kia Spectra

Aduuuuhhhh… penat betul! I am mentally and physically tired. Kunci Khazanah is my third gameshow after Pop Kuiz (in 1997, we got the 2nd place) and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2002 – chickened out at the RM16K question, went back with a mere RM8K).

Frankly, aku lebih prefer gameshows yang menggunakan kepintaran dan pengetahuan. Those yang really test you on what you know and not what you can (and willing to do) for the sake of money (e.g Fear Factor). My favourite so far, sama ada yang masih ada atau tidak – Jeopardy, Filusic, WWTBAM and this game show, Kunci Khazanah. Rumah aku takde Astro, so aku a bit blur on the concept of this game, agents and all..

So yesterday me and Sayang pergi le ke Astro (we have to be there by 8.30 a.m). Sayang had to prepare for an important meeting, so I just tell him to go first la, no need to wait for me as mine is the second session (afternoon one- they shoot 3 episodes per day). Sayang datang balik after lunch. From the morning session, aku tau le a bit about how this game goes.

Basically, there are 3 rounds, and we have to answer the questions correctly with the given clue (I heard that the clues were not given in the previous season). And if you’re stuck, you can always ‘buy’ your answers from the agents, who are ever willing to give you the right (or wrong answers), provided you give them the moolah as requested (the limit for the first two rounds is RM50, and no limit for the third round).

Alhamdulillah, aku sampai ke final round. The final round is where you have to answer all 10 questions within 2 minutes. No passing (if you don’t know the answer), but you can seek help from the agents (but then you have to sacrifice your prize money la). Hehe, Azhar kata, aku peserta paling pantas jawab dalam season ni. And most people I met there said that I have the potential to open the door and walk away with that Kia Spectra. Gulp!

So, Alhamdulillah juga, aku dapat jawab soalan-soalan yang diberikan. Tough giler!!! I got thru questions 1 to 9 without any difficulties (of course with the help of the agents lebih kurang 2 kali). FYI, at this final round, sapa dapat jawab soalan No. 6 and No 8 dapat prizes worth RM3K-5K and RM10K- RM15K respectively, so whatever they are, dua-dua dalam tangan aku). Tiba kat Soalan No 10 (Answer this question correctly and I got the car!) punya la terperanjat aku….

Question : Apakah nama jet pejuang generasi ke-enam buatan Sweden yang digunakan oleh negara-negara seperti US, (something like that).

Clue : J _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E N

(I was like, WTF?????!!!! Ni betul-betul killer question. Gerenti terbunuh aku kali ni…)

Yes, I didn’t get the answer. Even the agents tak dapat menolong aku (including Adib - agen terterror yang dah bertanding dalam 9 episod so far, he had collected approx. RM4K++). Sob… sedih aku, tapi takpelah, takde rezeki.
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( Adib, agen yang paling banyak tolong peserta, termasuk aku, but at a price la...)

Total cash won : RM1,070 (actually lebih kurang RM1,250, tapi si Adib jek dah kapur aku RM200. Takpe lah Adib, rezeki hang…Nway, aku respek kau. Kau lebih kurang species aku – walking encyclopedia).

Total prizes won : Lebih kurang RM17K, whatever they are….

Btw, korang nak tau jawapan killer question tu ?

JAS39 GRIPEN - aku akan ingat sampai mati….

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Cayalah Zack......
Tabik giler ngan lu.......
If u could get thru all Qs w'out fail....u r a damn good species ever living on earth...
Kapur....skit jer....but really worth compared to prizes u bagged home...hahahaha
Cayalah E-cyclop...Go for more-reap any opps...

New Lad
Nick Russell05
hehehh, makasih la Nick..
Aku rasa semua tu bergantung pada luck jugak. Alhamdulillah, rezeki anak. Kalau rajin (dan ada Astro kat rumah), sila lah tengok moi in action nanti!
aku adikmu di brisbane tak tau pun ko masuk gameshow ni.. anyway, kongratulasi!

soalan no 10 tu mmg betul2 killer le...

zack, canggihnye!! congrats!!
aku dgn adik aku selalu berangan nak jadik agent... :-P
jeopardy pun aku suka!! dah takde lagi yek... :-(
Thanx Onn! Sorry la tak bagitau ko. Ko tak balas e-mail aku. AKu ingat ko bz. Take care!

PS : Mak kata aku budak bertuah.

Coy, thanx. Wish u could watch it over there. Jeopardy? Ingat lagi tak Alex Trebek...and the ding dong ding dong Jeopardy theme?

btw, if I am one of the contestant with the highest point, aku akan masuk pusingan perdana, scheduled this Saturday agaknyer.

May the Force Be With Us !!!!!!!
Final round dah berakhir last Saturday, tapi aku kena scrutinize dulu agreement dengan Astro tu. Mana la tau kalau-kalau lepas aku dah citer panjang lebar pasal Episod Juara tu, tup-tup kena saman nanti. Tunggu......
aku rasa dengki.

bila ko masuk tv?.

rumah aku takde astro ah.

bila nak open table?.

sufian a, mmg itu tujuan utama aku ;-)

Ayob, kau ni ckp jelas2 skit la..meja apa kau nak suruh aku bukak? Meja mahjong ke? hehehh
I am looking forward to your posts.
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