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Friday, June 23, 2006
  Divine Wentervention
Dalam Proton Wira, suatu petang yg damai…

AbahIkmal (AI) : Apsal senyum sensorang?
MamaIkmal (MI) : (gelak) Mana ada?
AI : Hmmm.. teringat Wentworth la tu.
MI : Hey, mana ada, sayang! Haha, sorry la, I cannot resist him.
AI : Apa yg best sangat pasal dia tu.
MI : (at this point of time, I’ve rambled everything about WM, which includes the words mandrem, perfection, intelligence, smart, multi-racial, etc). Yang, 85% of the female population can’t be wrong!
AI : 85% tu orang Islam ke?
MI : (different tone) I dunno, maybe. Maybe not.
AI : Hmmm.. kita orang Islam ada pegangan, sayang.
MI : (terkedu kejap).

THAT, my friend, is the BIGGEST Wentervention ever. Thank you, sayang. I love you more each day. Wentworth MAY have everything a woman could ask for. But he’s not mine. You are. And I thank Allah every single day for that.

How to cure my Wentworth addiction:

1. Stop downloading those fan-made videos at YouTube. (sigh.. so far aku dah ada more than 10.)
3. Reduce your Prison Break DVD intake. Limit to just ONE episode per night. Or less. And take off that fake post-coital glow off your face. (serious shit, man, I got THAT from watching Prison Break, and not from conjugal).
4. Change your screensaver from Michael Scofield screencaps to the different modes of Ikmal.
5. Spend more time reading to your son. Or playing, drawing and cooking. (Ikmal’s pretty good at mixing omelettes and helping me with the vegetables.)

Phew, I might go cold turkey here, but I just hope it works!

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I dunno how your husband bikin wasilah between Wentworth dgn Islam...

But it sure kinda weird. You edited some of the original real-life dialogue, innit?
Yeah, plus some not-suitable-for-children scenes.
...now, your husband, that's the man that everyone should be obsessing! Only a genius can talk her wife out of something without hurting her feelings..

..God. I'm starting to fancy ur husband. Any picture..? please!
Haha, you got jokes, son!

Ahem, kitaorg belum ready to go public yet, btw. At least not here.

Another thing is, I am the one that's not supposed to hurt his feeling, being all obsessed about another guy when I have a wonderful man to come home to. Mcm Paul Newman cakap la, why go for the hamburger outside, when you have a succulent, luscious steak at home?
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