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Thursday, May 03, 2007
  A Different Kind of Fire Inside

My Chemical mojo is at all time low, y’all

Hmm… macam mana nak tau kalau mojo aku (read: obsesi) aku tentang something tu is at a declining state? Well, firstly, the moment aku tengok gambar diorang atau dengar lagu diorang, aku tak rasa apa2. No feelings at all. I was looking at my Gerard’s folder last night, and I though, hey? Where’s the fire? Where’s the passion and the burning desire (go ahead and laugh fuckers :P) Sebelum ni, setiap kali aku terdengar atau terlihat something yang mengingatkan aku kepada diorang, aku akan rasa this warm fuzzy feeling inside. Tak kira la, Frankfurter ke, PLUS highWAY ke, Bob the Builder ke, I have this ability to relate every random things that I see to this band, but now, cam takde. Same goes with their websites. Kalau dulu, aku mesti nak check setiap site yang related, mcm LJ, for any updates on them, but now, kalau aku tak bukak pun tak terasa sangat. Why ah? Why?


Afi dan Mama (Ikmal)

Arnab Hitam = LOVE

Yeah! I have a new fave album, one which I’ve been listening over and over again for the last couple of days. It’s AFI’s Decemberunderground (2006), their 7th album to date, and the second after switching to a major label. I’m still downloading their 2003 album titled Sing the Sorrow though, dan aku rasa la, fanbase AFI jadi makin luas lepas album ke-6 ni, just like MCR after the release of The Black Parade. Macam MCR juga, aku semacam dapat mengagak reaksi hardcore fans diorang bila band ni beralih angin daripada hardcore dan hardcore punk ke irama yang lebih mainstream (masih rock tetapi lebih kepada synth-pop dan new wave dan even gasp! TECHNO! ~ which means, masih pleasant to my ears dan aku masih boleh relate kepada lagu2 tersebut). Antara lagu2 yang best dalam album ni ialah.. semua sekali! Haha! Except for Kill Caustic yang selalunya aku skip sebab too hard for my poor ears, imho. Personally, I love Prelude 12/21, Miss Murder, The Interview, Summer Shudder dan Love Like Winter.

Video klip Miss Murder ni diarahkan oleh (Super) Marc Webb dan Director’s Cut menampilkan lagu pertama dalam album DU iaitu Prelude 12/21. Aku macam dah boleh agak stail Marc Webb (settingnya, manipulating extras to make a raging crowd, positioning of the band members) and what can I say, I love, love love this song so much! The vocalist, Davey Havok, punya suara yang aku rasa, ada ala2 Robert Smith, sementara Jade Puget, the guitarist with cool hair, is affectionately known as the pink-wearing ninja (another gasp!), man, this is like the only guy I know that can wear pink and get away with it (and looked damn hot too!).

Love Like Winter ~ Holy cow! Now that's what I call eyelashes!!! Haha, call it emo, call Davey the clone of Marilyn Manson, heck, call it techno! This song is so good, it's dance-able, YEAH! (And Jade is yummy!)

Heh, tatau la sampai bila lak demam AFI aku ni. Heh. At least bukan demam AF (or dAFI, for that matter) :P

Hehe, scene tambahan, semalam…

Ikmal: Mama, nak tengok yang main gitar rambut macam Ikmal (sambil tunjuk rambut dia)
Me: Yang mana satu? Ray Toro ke?
Ikmal : Bukan RayToyo.
Me: Joe ke ? (FOB’s Thnks Fr Th Mmrs ~ tapi aku terpaksa censor part kissing Pete Wentz tu)
Ikmal : Bukaaaan. Yang lagu henpon mama tu.
Me: Oh, yang tu. Ish, budak ni. (pasang video What I’ve Done ~ hehe, aku lupa lak si Brad pun dah sport a fro) :P

Cepatlah 14 Mei….


AFI? bess ker? some ppl kat forum ader gak relate AFI with LP's No More Sorrow nyer lagu, but xbley ndak comment sbb apart from Love Like Winter ngan Miss Murder, tak penah dengar laa plak lagu diorg yg lain.

maybe I should give them a try... btw bebaru nie br ndak kenal2 ngan Trivium, Metallica wannabe. hahaha. lagu Master of Puppets covered by them, pegh sebijik cam Metallica's version.

I still dok wondering about AP nyer so-called tribute to Smashing Pumpkins yg diaorg ckp ndak wat. raser2 KZack what song that suits MyChem kalau betul MyChem ndak covered SP? my money on BWBW. and PATD pon maybe participate. bawak lagu Tonight, Tonight kot (though I have no prob whatsoever to shot PATD for butchering that song before)

err tadek sesape ndak bawak lagu Stand Inside Your Love ker? (hoh, dpt nightmare lps 1st time tgk music video dier :D) and please, tlg laaa jgn sesape cover Disarm. that song is somesort sacred to me, I'll be crushed kalau sesape trashed/butchered that song :(

Where’s the fire? Where’s the passion and the burning desire

same here laa KZack, my mojo is also at low point. maybe busy sket ngan study and right now, my attention currently stuck on LP (and the anticipation is killing me)
AFI, well, I won’t say anything before listening to their album, tapi lepas dengar Decemberunderground (suara Davey yang best! dan tengok Jade Puget the Pink Ninja), rasa cambest sangat lelagu dia. Don’t care la orang kata emo ke, ghey ke, the main thing is, I love their songs! Kira pleasant and catchy hugak la (try dengar some of the songs that I’ve listed).

Hmm… yang My Chem buat cover SP tu, tak jadi la, refer to this link http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/12178588.html, tapi P!ATD memang bawak lagu Tonight, Tonight. Tapi kan, rasanya Gerard lagi sesuai bawak lagu SP sebab dia ngan Billy Corgan ada suara nasal/ sengau yang sama. As for Brendon Urie, hehe, tatau la camne it turns out, sebab as much as I loved P!ATD, I personally think that his voice is kinda monotonous.

Hoho, BWBW, memang seswai sangat! Despite all my rage, I’m still like a rat in a cage! Oh, btw, masa belek2 majalah AP March 2006, rasanya AP pernah buat tribute to SP, tapi kebanyakan band yang join akak tak kenal la (Armor For Sleep, A Static Lullaby, Murder By Death??). Hmm.. we’ll see how this turns out la.

PS: Feels like a traitor lak, tapi sayang la nak re-decorate my blog *points at the many MCR links over there * And yes, I’m really, really looking forward to LP’s MTM. Gaah! Nak preorder macam rugi lak.

PS : Tadi lunch akak gi tempat magazine biasa, OMG!!! Banyaknya Kerrang! lama -previous issues, tapi tak terasa nak beli, sebab, ahem, mojo dan duit takde, hehe…
* jugak
Freakin butterfingers :P
yang My Chem buat cover SP tu, tak jadi la

alaaa yer ker :(
damn, br dok berangan "the world is a vampire sent to draiinnnn" *sigh* and as for PATD with Tonight, Tonight hrmmmph, I've heard them played that song couple of times kat tour. and again, like I said - I'll be happily shoot each and every member of PATD for butchering that song. *click shotgun* and have you heard PATD main lagu Karma Police by Radiohead? duuuuude. please. stop. musically, bess la kot. with the additional piano playing, but additional (syok sendirik) lyrics? duh. purleazzzee.

** okei agak emo sket sbb KP is my most fave song of Radiohead, like Disarm of SP and November Rain of GnR

ps : dah dengar album DU tue and what do you know - I am sooooo in love with Prelude 12/21. bess! tgh dok contemplate ndak wat jadik ringtones. heheheh :D
Wowowo, you can shoot the other two but please send RyRo and Brendon Urie to my house, ok, hehe….

Eh, Sha, dah ada tak, DVD Panic? And kalau nak buat ringtone, I’d rather have Love Like Winter/ Miss Murder/ Summer Shudder, sebab rancak skit. Kalau slow2 tak berapa dengar le, hehe…

PS: My alarm for waking up now is What I’ve Done. Tapi kalau Ikmal nyanyi ~ "I pee myself…"
please send RyRo and Brendon Urie to my house

RyRo? Ryan tue ker? cute! (okei sHa, ingat diorg tue anak ikan!) hahaha. DVD panic? ader ek? tak penah tgk la plaks.

luper ndak citer, maser pegi clinic smalam ader this guy guner ringtone Miss Murder. I was like o.0

"I pee myself..."

hadoi, saba jerk la *rofl* anyway

ps : my alarm clock tone is set to The Sharpest Lives ;)

pss : eh aritue did I include mp3 for Summer Sonic 06 tak? xingat la plaks, but I think you really really need to hear the bootleg. bess giler sbb bley dengar cheecky+cute banter between Mike ngan incik Chester.
maser pegi clinic smalam ader this guy guner ringtone Miss Murder. I was like o.0

heh, if I’m single and searching I’d totally hit on him :P

Dulu my alarm clock set lagu Famous Last Words ("I am not afraid to keep on living…") tapi the man of the house is pissed sebab dia selalu terperanjat, so terpaksa la tukar lagu lain.

About that CD, I have to check la Sha, sebab baru tengok satu CD, pastuh tak habis pun. Bestnya sebab boleh tengok kat TV (nama pun LPTV), hehe… And regarding Mike + Chester, I’d rather think of them as somewhat matured brothers, maybe sebab diorang masing2 dah kawin and Chester pun dah jadi bapak orang, which is totally different with Frank & Gerard. Blame me for reading too much slashes, but in an alternate world, an alternate universe, I really, really want to see them together :)


password : www.mediaportal.ru


Waiting patiently for the dl...
nnt wat la entry psl album tue

I wonder whats your reaction, hehehe since you're so into the old LP :D
eh btw KZack ader donlod AFI Retrospective? compilation album diorg. I've search hi and low for that album, tp kat torrent ader sorg jerk yg seed. tk gerak2 plak tue. kalau ader, can you point me to the drection maner dpt downloadable link tue tak :D

ps : maser pegi minimart aritue, my phone kluar lagu Prelude 12/21 and this guy keep staring at me :P hehehe
Sha: Akak cuma baru dl dua album jek, Decemberunderground ngan Sing The Sorrow. Rasanya yg dedulu lagi keras kot bunyinya. Tapi heran la, si Davey ni makin lama makin lembut lak, hehe... (tgk dia dalam TMO Love Like Winter, elemek! Spoil!) Oh ya, dua album lagi baru habih dl - Bloc Party's Silent Alarm ngan A Weekend In The City, tapi lum dengar lagi. Hmm… rtasanya sejak dah ada ‘isi’ ni, kena kurangkan dgr benda2 gini…

Akak nak buat ringtone LLW but my phone punya RAM kecik sgt. La ni muat dua snippet jek- WID ngan FLW :) Nak kena mintak tolong my sister potongkan lagu baru buleh masuk hp, huhu...

PS: AFI ada cover Jack The Ripper ke rasanya. nanti boleh le compare ngan remake versi MCR :)
TMO LLW? kat maner? YT ek? hehehe, kene carik gak nie

owh yer, I was meaning to err lebey kurang tanyer gak laa, since dah 'berisi' nie, kot2 I should draw my lines ker :D (dun worry, I totally understand)

takper, tak bley ckp mende2 camtue we still can talk about weather or why ppl should ban pink and whatnot. ahahah
ahaaa, just finished download AFI- Rtrospective. compilations 15 lagu2 lama diorg from the previous 6 albums termasuk few rare tracks.

kalau interested, maybe I could upload it for you since gilerbapakndamampos carik compilation album nie. direct link pon xjumper, kat torrent ader sorg jerk seed. so... hit me laa kalau ndak suh upload ek ;)
Alamak Sha!!! Sori akak tak perasan langsung komen yang kat atas tu! TMO LLW ada kat official website diorang – I have linked it to my sidebar sana tu. Tapi kena pakai Quicktime la. Ada 3 part semua sekali.

Hmmm… Memang kena draw a line la Sha, tapi I will still update la Insya Allah, cuma akak dah stop (temporarily) semua aktiviti on music. Seriously, akak dah stop listening to My Chem & semua (I mean SEMUA) lagu, since Tuesday hari tu. For me, it’s rock or nothing :( Sekarang I’m trying to catch up on my Quran reading and recital. Insya Allah, kalau panjang umur (and still ada hati nak rawk), I will continue much, much later on (you know when la). Goodbye my lovers :(

Oh ya, kalau nak bagi, boleh la Sha, but I will keep it in one place until 2008 (together with LOTMS and LP). Like shite. Trying. Very. Hard. Siksa betul, sebab kat ofis my colleague masih lagi pasang radio. Main lelagu bangang lak tu :(
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