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Friday, April 13, 2007
  I'm Attacking The Darkness!!! and Other Stories
a.k.a what happens when the guys decided to play Dungeons & Dragons. LMFAO!

Probably inspired by this line here…

"You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet. Can’t swim, can’t dance, don’t know karate. Face it. You’re never gonna make it."
Ray to Gerard in I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Part 1

Part 2

Mikey Way as The Dungeon Master

Frank Iero as Teh N00b
Ray Toro as That One Guy Who Likes Cheetos and Mountain Dew
Gerard Way as The Elf

and Bob Bryar as The Magical Watchdog/ A GIRL!!! (in the second video.) Poor Bob :P

Credits to insertwithere for the first video and girltiffany for the second one. Thanks a lot!


We took Ikmal to the clinic tonight because both his palms are peeling. Tak tau macam mana boleh jadi macam tu, mengelupas dan merah2. Memula doktor tu ingatkan HFM, tapi Alhamdulillah, cuma allergic reaction je. Doktor tu kata mungkin tangan dia tak tahan dengan chemical yang ada dalam sabun atau whatever benda yang dia main. I swear, I was *this* close to saying ‘Hell Yeah Chemical!’ when I heard him said that. LOL!

Hmm… sounds familiar…

Dunno about you guys, but at first listen, I think this song by Frank’s old band, Pencey Prep, sounds eerily like a B-side of My Chemical Romance’s Early Sunset Over Monroeville. Hehe, I can’t stop giggling at the very youthful voice. (well, okay, I know he sounds much, much more aggressive in his new band, Leathermouth, but teehee *can’t control the fangirly giggle*, imho, Frank is better off as a rhythm guitarist for my favourite band. :)

Florida Plates (Pencey Prep)

And no, I won’t apologize for the overdose of Frank Anthony Iero. \(^o^)/

I think I just died and go to musical heaven.

Thank you sooo much for saving my hard-earned money!!!!

Now, dudes, before somebody noticed this site and shut it down or whatever :P

Idiots :P

They just can’t see the beauty that you’re faking, Gee.

My fave frontman is at number 21 for The Phoenix’s 100 Unsexiest Men 2007.
Niiiice. :P

The article is here, yo.


hell yeah chemical! lawak la! btw, cerita ko teringat michael scofield masa ckp dgn mamat cam indon tu pun lawak! :-D

tringat dulu doc pesan, xkasik donate blood because all the chemical sustained in my medication that kept me thinking (at the moment) - "MyChem xkasik aku donate blood?"

(pun intended)


owh, hope Ikmal feels better by now ;) take care, lil ones :)
Hahahahaha.. kelakar la zack! cenggitu skali ekk..
Heh, :)
Eh, Coy, tak nak try write in kat site yang aku recommend tu ke? Kau Malaysian living abroad, mesti banyak experience boleh share! Yang recommend site tu kat aku ialah Geraldine Jeremiah, salah sorang writer kat Galaxie. Remember her? Ah, Coy, I owe you one for introducing Galaxie to me masa lepas SPM dulu :) (Ingat first issue kita? River Phoenix?). Ah, those were the days!

Lil ones? Mana? Mana? *tengok kiri kanan macam Mikey Way*
Heh, nampak gaya dah ok kot, cuma tak boleh kena air lama sangat, sebab mesti terkopek kulit dia. Akak suspek dia main air sabun yang buat rendam kain baju dalam bilik air tu le. Nak kunci bilik air takleh gak, sebab nanti susah pulak dia nak kencig…:|

So much for Friday the 13th! I woke up at 7.40 today! Haha! Kelam kabut nak siapkan Ikmal gi sekolah, nak gosok baju etc. Tensennya! I’m not superstitious or anything, but Friday is my fave day, and 13 is my fave number!

You have no idea… :P
Eh, kau tengok poster Dumbledore's Army dalam Galaxie hari tu? Cool!
you're never gonna make it

"i dont wanna make it, i just wanna..."

wow. when i read your posts. I visualise what i'm going to be like 10 years from now.

you're fantasticus!whoo!

lots of chemical love,
Hey hey, welcome aboard and thanks a lot Aimee!!!

PS: You got a cool site too!
K Zack, I visualized you as the female version of my big bro. hehehe.

I've download some great album at that webbie. though ader certain album quality agak so-so, tp okai laa sementara ndak tunggu abes donlod kat torrent :D

ps : suffice to say - Frankie, stick to your day (and night) job please. hahaha
Night job ftw! *wipes tears*

Oh, btw, I've dl'ed AFI's Decemberunderground tapi takleh main sebab kena convert the format to mp3. Leceh, leceh... oh, banyaknya String Quartet Tributes! That site is pure L.O.V.E.

So, buat apa dah habis esemen nih?
errr I guess the only option that looks so compelling right now - nursing my addiction to LP/MyChem/A7X. hehehe, br abes wat animated gifs for LP (mostly taken from LPTV) ngan A7X. tinggal MyChem jerk tak wat lagik :D

btw kan, takde ker TMO IDLY? hmmm... I wanna see behind the scene for the slow-mo shot yg Frankie baby wat head banging tue. *drool* man, only Frankie (and superMarc) can make headbanging looks so artistic... and sexxxaaay~

bebaru nie tgk one of TMO eps of Good Charlotte's The River (tgk semata2 sbb ader featuring Syn ngan M.Shadows). klaka la pulak biler tau Marc Webbs yang direct.

and btw, Gee is not sexy. he is inhumanly sexy (ya know, due to the vampire factor) and gorgeous. and priitii. and creative. and smart. and... and- oh hell, I can go on and on about this guy.

I think laa kan - people kat the Pheonix tue jeles sbb Gee, for a person who just turning 30 yo, doesn't looks like 30 at all. haaa! I knew it! *pump fist in the air*
IDLY, rasanya takde TMO la, sebab dengar2 tak release as a single in the US of A, but I dunno la (sebab video tu for UK release, aight?). Eh, dah tengok ada budak letak gambar from TMO Teenagers tak? Haha! Macam INO Part 2 !!! I hope ada snippets of Brian Schecter in this vid.

As for the Phoenix (heh, macam mamat LP lak!), I don’t give a damn la. Gee memang tak sexy. He’s so full of imperfections – he’s got bad teeth, *cough* armpitproblemsandeagletalons’ *cough*, and maybe somewhat disfigured balls :P but I think that‘s what makes him sooo special to us, his fans.

PS: Akak baru tau yang Marc Webb juga direct Fergie's London Bridge. I was like, WTF!?!?!?! :D
dan dier jugak directed Daniel Powter's Bad Day music video yang sgt2 sweet tue. hehehe

but I think Fergie is better than Ashlee Simpson. or *gasp* Hilary Duff. incik Webb, what the hell you're doing with those underage girls with squeaky voice?
Daniel Powter ok lagi, but FERGIE!!! Totally out la.

Oh, Good Charlotte kat Bukit Jalil tonight, aight? Am really thinking of switching to Fu-Yoh sebab on the 17th ke, 18th April ni, boleh dapat T-shirt free :D. (I don't really like the Madden bros, though, but at least they're here in Malaysia!) Even LP pun sudi drop by here. *shrugs*

I was half-tempted ndak tanyer kat Madden bros tue -tak bawak M. Shadows/Synyster Gates from A7X ker? ehehehhe. dengar2 LP ndak wat concert lagik kat sini for the new album. but rasernyer maybe taun depan la kot. haaaa bess... *dok berangan ndak pegi concert, probably with my fellow LP fangirl*
Sha: Don't forget to call me kalau masa tu I'm not boyot or anything :P
just to let u know there's ton of blog like kinixtion that offers link for people to download music albums. By providing links, it does not go against blogspot rules.

Aku dh jumpa banyak blog mcm tu.. ada yg focus more on rare albums, live version, classic albums,.. mcm2 la. Blog2 mcm ni la yg menambahkan koleksi muzik aku (..pecah rahsia plak).
Dah tau gitu, kau makan sorang ye? Ceh.
ntah ko nie Edd, makan sorg dowh!

psst - share laa link. dah check links kat kinixtion tue, byk la plaks metalhead. huaghhh, mati la mak. Metallica ngan A7X are the only metal I can tahan layan the full discography.

ps : tgh belajar camne ndak minat Iron Maiden, ader sesape ndak kasik guide? :D
Tanya Encik Yatt atau isterinya yang terchenta, iaitu Puan Nadia, hehe...

Oh, btw, kalau nak tau pasal Metal, I suggest thee cari DVD Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. Akak ada DVD tu, tapi kalau Sha nak bagitau la, kena mintak tolong member burnkan.
br carik kat demonoid tue, ader la plaks *download*

thanks for the recommendation! blabbermouth will be sooo proud of me! (cue the sarcasm)
..Dah tau gitu, kau makan sorang ye? Ceh.
..ntah ko nie Edd, makan sorg dowh!

..gi blog aku sekarang. Nah, amik korang!!
masin laaa mulut KZack, mmg dah shut down pon blog tue. hahaha. mujur dah save few links :D

ps : oh yea, japz lagik ndak watching Dawn of the Dead (04). heh, br terasa ndak layan the remake :D
Oooh, Sarah Polley memang hawt! Kesian tengok scene memula tu masa hubby dia being infected. Sedih :(
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