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Friday, February 13, 2009
  Vampire Solidarity, Rah Rah Rah
(This is a kinda Sorry-I-Pissed-You-Off Present for Mick St John)

Okay, the series Moonlight is axed after just 16 episodes, mostly due to the WGA Writers Strike. I don’t get it. Am I like, some sorta cancelled-series magnet? It started off with Firefly (though we’re lucky to get the Big Damn Movie), Invasion, Surface, The Dresden Files, New Amsterdam and now, Moonlight. I didn’t really watch it when it was aired on TV9 last year, but after the marathon on DVD, I’m hooked. By that, Constant Readers, you know what I mean. :) Yes, Zack is having one of those fever. Again.

My 12 Reasons To Revive Moonlight

1. We need more flashbacks because it’s fun to see the different images of Mick St John over the 85 years of him being a vampire…

Before he was turned, Mick was a musician.

2. … to see if he ever spotted a mullet back in the 80’s.

3. We need to see if Josef has ever had, y’know, male freshies. (maybe it’s King Henry viii from The Tudors? Screw the timeline though~ this is television!)

Josef Kostan as Charles Fitzgerald with Sara Whitley

4. And oh, a back-story on him would be awesome. After all, he was born in the 1600’s. He must’ve seen so much!

Perpetual coolnes is the vampire’s curse.

5. We need to know who gave Ben Talbot the list…

6. and whether we’re up for another vampire barbeque (not that it’s a good thing to watch though).

7. We need a glimpse of the future, or in this case, Elliot St John. I imagine him to be as cute as Nat Wolff from the Naked Brothers Band.

Image from Nickelodeon

8. We need to know what happened to Coraline after she was taken by Lance, her bad-a$$ vampire brother…

9. and please, more history lessons for us; can’t rely on those obsolete text-books anyway. Not forgetting more Mick/ Beth moments!

Maybe it was her blood in my veins that let me feel her. The beating of her very living heart. Or maybe, we've always been connected. Either way, being near me, puts her in danger. So, it has to stop.

10. We need to know if The Cleaner/s are actually aliens from Dude, Where’s My Car?

The Aliens from Dude, Where’s My Car? Where’s My Car, Dude?

11. We need to see Mick turning human again, doing all the human stuffs, like brushing his teeth (OH. MY. GOD.), sleeping in a comfortable bed, Krispy Kreme and coffeeeee!!!!…

12. …so that Josef would re-re-turn him (you know we never get tired of watching THAT scene).

You’re a delicate flower, Mick St John

xoxo for my current #1 vampire, you delicate flower you!

For more Moonlight goodness,

Moonlight Army
Moonlight-Detective – a fansite
Moonlight-Love ~ for transcripts and screencaps
The website of Mick St John a.k.a Mr Skulk in the Shadows

Anyone here a fan of the series?

Credits for the screencaps to Moonlight-Love. Thanks a lot!


u forgot about Pushing Daisies. :)
Oh my, how can I forget Ned the Piemaker!!!

*changes desktop background to Ned/Chuck*
akak tgk cite Fringe? X-files meet Twilight Zone
Zack, aku nengok gambar Nabil macam banyak dia frown jek. hehe. Adakah Nabil sedang memikirkan masalah negara? So comel!
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