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Friday, February 13, 2009
  This Is For Edd Vedder
Dude, kau kata aku tak follow the latest season of AI, eh? This graph sums it all... :)

song chart memes
more music charts



tapi dude, kalau ko tgk the auditions kau MESTI akan ingat that Tatiana chick. She's fucked up, man...
fuhhh....siap chart lagi!
selingan jap. aku lak mcm nak tengok OIAM, tapi specifically nak tengok sorang mamat bernama aweera, kalo tak silap. jambu tuuu! hahahha...acah je. aku takleh tengok tv dah. deena conquer habis! kalo tak tengok fav channel dia, dia layan dvd plak. arghhhh!

p/s: btw, edd! thanks again for the layout. full of awesomeness! cayalah!;-)
hahaha Zack, betul giler graph tu, the actual competition boring giler!
Edd: The only fucked up girl yg aku ingat ialah that rocker chick yg dtg audition tahun lepas nyanyi lagu Janis Joplin tu, tapi tahun ni dtg dgn imej baru (nyanyi lagu Madonna), tapi well, end up giving the finger to Simon.

Nadia: Aku tak follow sgt OIAM tapi tengok contestants season ni banyak muka2 lama. I’m rooting for that Coco dude ~ my Tomok days are over.

Welcome aboard! Alah, kekdg finals pun aku tak tengok
aku setuju banget ngan edd,tatiana del toro tu poyo giler babs betul...kalau dia pergi last 12 tu,harus mek menangis tgk AI 2009 nieee..
tatiana that crazy chick?
I just can't stand her and her annoying shrill, high-pitched laughing. Raser cam ndak sepak2.

p/s : tringat kat financial derivatives plak biler tgk chart nih :))
I'm glad to be a part of the chart,I meant by me & my whole family will glued to the tube especially during the audition..klaka giler!
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