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Thursday, February 12, 2009
  Blogger Killed The Radio Star
Aku dah lama tak dengar radio- can’t stand the crap that pass as music these days. And the deejay? OMG. Pagi kat radio, malam kat TV, pagi kat TV, petang kat radio. They’re overworked, imho, sebab tu kekdg keluar ayat2 tut mcm pagi tadi..

DJ: Hello, boleh saya cakap dgn Nurul?
Caller: Nurul yang mana ya?
DJ: Apa ni, nama sendiri pun tak ingat? (dengan nada agak rude)
Caller: Tak, kat sini ada ramai Nurul; Nurul Huda, Nurul Ain, etc, lebih kurang mcm tu la.

Whatlah? Aku tau perasaannya sebab kitaorg adik beradik ada yang share the same name and nickname, so mmg akan tanya caller nak cakap dengan Zack/ Zatika/ Onn yang mana satu, so Enche DJ, please think carefully before you say anything on national radio, you might end up sounding like an idiot.

Image of Lloyd Dobler from blog.newsweek.com

ps: Yes, I am pissed off with somebody today. Really, really pissed off. You have no right to treat my son that way! Gotta think happy thoughts or think of a happy place before I end up killing someone. With my brain, omnomnomnom.


go medieval on his/her ass!

.. 5pm everyday. KLFM. Classic malay songs. That's the only radio program I'm listening to now.
I set the dial to 91.5 - IKIM.fm, tapi boring jugak sbb banyak iklan. Aku suka pasang CD ~ currently listening to Josh Groban's Closer, singing Per Te at the top of my lungs. :)
(Merujuk gambar Llyod Dobler) In parallel universe, Zack, it is gua who will be playing that song to you.
Hmm...yeah, man. In a parallel universe, you could be the Holden McNeil to my Alyssa Jones.

Or the Troy Bolton to my Gabriella Montez.

Whatever floats your boat, Nazim Masnawi.
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