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Friday, August 01, 2008
A huuuuge Want! and Do Not Want! in one post.


In tailored suit…

Image from bale_daily comm. at LJ

Image from bale_daily comm. at LJ.

… or the Bat-suit.

Image from bale_daily comm. at LJ

"This man is just a gentleman, an amazing person, I adore him and I just can't wait to be with him next week," Contactmusic quoted the actor, as saying. "John Connor is a very intense character... and so misinterpretations could happen, but every experience I've had with Christian has been like, 'I'm not worthy to be in your presence," (Terminator co-star Bryce) Dallas said.

I’ll be in my bunk.


Ok, apa dia dua filem akan datang yang aku boleh predict ke-lame-annya? Well, they both stars Justin Chatwin and are based on two of my fave things ~ Dragonball Z & Donnie Darko.

Dragonball (2009)

aku lebih sanggup tengok SuperInggo!


S. Darko (2009)


Without Richard Kelly at the helm, I can almost see the future of this film… and it sucks.

Another reason to squee!

"[Frontman Way] is a super-great guy, and an awesome musician, and so we’re trying to work with them right now to put together possibly a song for the end titles,” he (Watchmen director, Zack Snyder) revealed, adding that he wants MCR to revisit a classic Bob Dylan song. “[They’ll perform] like a cover of “Desolation Row,” or something like that."

Watchmen + My Chemical Romance + a Bob Dylan classic. What do you think?


first of all,looking at the Dragonball poster...

o_0 I knew they're gonna do a live-action on this..but,whattha... o_0

pardon me,kak.Maybe it's just me.

Owh,dunno why larh..men in tailored suits memang awesome to looked at! For example,Mr. Went Miller *^_^*
Watchmen + My Chemical Romance + a Bob Dylan classic. What do you think?

oh umm er yeah... *drool*

wait, what's the question again?
why the need for a sequel? And about Samantha Darko? I'd be more pissed if Richard Kelly directed it..

Watchmen + MCR ... err, I prefer Smashing Pumpkins. *runs away*
Kau tak kisah ke dengan rumour Christian Bale bagi sucker punch kat mak dan kakak dia?
They actually have a petition to stop this film! Dunno la, nampak mcm tak seswai je, walaupun ada Chow Yun Fatt.

And oh, have you seen the Bale in his birthday suit? Lol!

I was asking about your address la, hehe. Ampun, sampai hari ni akak lum ada masa lagi nak gi post office :(

Kekdg aku rasa Richard Kelly tu try too hard la. Hang dah tengok Southland Tales?

Smashing Pumpkins dah buat lagu utk Batman & Transformers. Udah la tu.

Actually, aku dengar lebih banyak cerita drp yg dia hangen ngan mak + kakak dia tu (like, he’s such a diva and ill-tempered masa shooting), but hey, he’s a mere mortal, just like the rest of us. Only sexier.
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