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Monday, July 28, 2008
  They’ll do it pro-bono, y’know. *
What if…

I mean, kalau la, di alternate universe, Enche Joker tu tinggal di Florida, Miami, aku rasa besar kemungkinan dia adalah salah seorang mangsa The Carver. Well, technically, that also means that uhm, The Carver has really got medieval on his ass. I guess that’s why la dia kerap sangat tukar cerita tentang bagaimana dia dapat parut tu.

Fear not, Enche Joker. Just drop by McNamara/ Troy and you’ll be handsome again! (although technically, they can’t do anything if any of the wires on your brain got short-circuited during the process.)

Just tell us what you don’t like about yourself, uhm, enche Joker?

* although we know that money is certainly NOT a problem with you, handsome you.

This is like, the most LOL-worthy Y SO SRS macro ever. (not made by me, image from all macro comm. at LJ)

Y SO SRS, uhm, Sirius? Or should I call you Commissioner Gordon? *cue for Joker-clap*

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Okay I get The Sirius = Serious joke. But I really hope this is the last time, I repeat, last time anyone will ever jokerize or macroed any of my boy picture. It's Gary freakin' Oldman ok??? Kapissh?

*left hand firmly on the shotgun behind back*
Leave your shotgun at home Edd. See this knife? Oh yeah. You see, I'm a mom of simple tastes. I like gunpowder...and dynamite...and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap!

And oh, I want my phonecall.
bila masa kau layan movie2 ni semua hah? kenapa macam aku sorang tak ada masa? tidak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isnin ni layan Hellboy nak? Atau TDK?
eh Mummy 3 tanak layan ke?

and uh, nice pic Commissioner. Y SO SRS (black)? Hahaha
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