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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
  Makhluk Hobbit Yang Paling Seksi ?
Kenapa la coursemates aku tak se-hawt dia?

Check out those glasses man… drool…

Hmm.. kalau la betul dia akan memegang watak Bilbo Baggins dalam The Hobbit (arahan Guillermo del Toro!!!!) holy batmobile dia akan jadi hobbit paling seksi selepas Frodo Baggins!

Ntah naper otak aku jadi terkuning kejap. Kalau la ada sesapa nak buat filem ni versi pr0n, aku dah ada tajuknya ~ The WhoreBit, dan McAvoy boleh jadi dia punya lead star - Dildo Faggins. LOL!

Gambar: James McAvoy dalam Starter For Ten. Dari jamesmcavoy.com


lambat lagik ke nk tayang?
But before that kene layan Hell Boy 2. Tak saba nk tengok! (walaupon banyak betul mystic creature yg del Toro migratekan from Pan's Labyrinth, hehehe)
The Hobbit masih dalam pre-production. Slated to be released in 2011.

Hmm, betul, betul, itu yg akak terfikir masa tengok trailer dia hari tu. Kreatif betul!
McAvoy as Bilbo?

*terus terbayang si faun yg genit, Mr. Tumnus*

.. hmmm, sexy indeed.

2 questions :

1. kenapa it's Hellboy 2, not SuperSapiens 2?

2. Fuck Hellboy. Did you see the trailer for Bond 22 in my blog? Freakin' awesome!!
Genit? Oh yes... 5'7" of pure talent!

1. The powers that be Edd. Can't say much about them.

2. Blom lagi. Nanti aku check it out.

Tapi kan, honestly, do you REALLY judge a film by its trailer?
I don't really judge a movie by it's trailer but for me a trailer is like the juice (not boob juice) that pumps u up, so that u will get really excited about certain film.

Memang selalunya, indah trailer dari filem, tapi at least all we can do is hope. And I REALLY hope Bond 22 will be as good as, if not better, than Bond 21.
But then la kan, setiap trailer yang aku tengok di panggung, semuanya kinda pumped me up to watch it on the big screen. Terutama filem2 dari genre yang aku suka. Mcm hari tu la - The Mummy punya sekuel, The Dark Knight (omg the new Rachel Dawes looks like a makcik!).

Apa pun, dengan Daniel Craig at the helm, aku boleh jamin ia akan at least sebagus Casino Royale.
omg the new Rachel Dawes looks like a makcik!

that happened when Rachel McAdams ader schedule -conflict dan takbley blakon TDK :( I mean, I know CNolan and co. are aiming for more serious actress (compare to that macik Katie) but at least, amek laa yang agak cun sket. Sorry Maggie Gyllenhall! Rasernyer adik dier blakon jadik pompuan pon lagik lawa...
Sorry Maggie Gyllenhaal! Rasernyer adik dier blakon jadik pompuan pon lagik lawa...

Oooh WORD! *high-five*

Hmmm… speaking of del Toro ni, Sha pernah tak terfikir yang Guillermo del Toro, Benicio del Toro dan Ray Toro tu mungkin sedara mara ?
Fuck you, guys! Maggie Gyllenhall has more charm than all of you assholes!
It's Gyllenhaal dude, not Gyllenhall.


aku suka kat MG dude, being one of my fave thespians, it's just that sometimes she looks a tad older than her age.

Let just leave it at that ..OK?

*ready to pull gun from pocket*
You wanna piece of me, punk?
"...it's just that sometimes she looks a tad older than her age."

So you hate Seth Rogen too?

Seth Green, yes.
Seth Gecko, hell yes!
Hmmm… speaking of del Toro ni, Sha pernah tak terfikir yang Guillermo del Toro, Benicio del Toro dan Ray Toro tu mungkin sedara mara ?

sangat sangat. I always refer dek Toro as 'Ray Toro's wacky uncle. Heh.

MG is a fine, talented actress. It's just, I prefer Rachel McAdams.

damn typo!

and owh, bkn Rachel McAdams tu 1st choice CNolan/producer as new!Rachel kan? That's why I was sooo excited maser memula dengar that news...
"It's just, I prefer Rachel McAdams."

So every leading lady role should belong to Rachel McAdams all the time, huh?

Plus, Rachel cuma rumoured for the part je la, guys - Pepper Potts (Iron Man)... yeah, itu yang dioffered kat dia offically.

Serius, aku akan tgk TDK Khamis depan. Kalau korang still go on debating yang Maggie ain't worth it, aku akan spoil the movie's whole fucking plot, every twists and the ending kat sini. No shit!
Khamis depan? Wait, Hellboy* 2 bila open huh? Aisey, *kira duit*.

Sigh, cool it guys, kalau aku, aku tak berapa kisah siapa pelakon lain, as long as the Dark Knight is Christian Bale. That is good enough for me.

Rachel McAdams ~ she's oookkkkayyyy, but I haven’t seen much of her films. Maggie G – she had me at Secretary. My choice for the new Rachel Dawes – haha! Dynas Mokhtar. Man, aku suka betul tengok dia berlakon.

* Aku rasa orang yang suggest tukar tajuk Super Sapiens tu mungkin dah pencen atau meninggal dunia.
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