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Friday, June 13, 2008

"Kita kan orang Malaysia, bacalah dalam Bahasa Malaysia! "

lolkucing (lawak oh lawak kucing atau dalam bahasa internetnya, lolcats)

Your Wank Has Scared Kitteh

Is It Caturday Yet?


I Made You A Cookie But I Eated It

# Tajuk diceduk dari iklan TV NST (pasal awek Mat Saleh bertanya jalan ke Tugu Negara, National Monument aka rumah Cik Maimun you go stret, you don’t belok belok yes no alright thank you.)

PS: Fuyoh! Aku baru perasan hari ni Friday the 13th!


along2, da tgk cite pensil da? kalo belom, tgk taw.. seriously best..
cite Pensil? Cite aper tu? [/menyebok]
Alaaaaa…. Nak tengok wayang pun dah takde masa sangat la Qila. Dengar2 cerita pun mcm best ahe, tp takpelah, nanti Along cari CD ke, atau DVD nanti. Harap2 ada jual kat Speedy :)

Sha, tak sure sangat la, tp you can check out the review here…


Sigh.. akak tak post lagi barang2 awak tu…:(
Pensil was all right. Too bad GBSB tak market filem tu betul-betul sebab general audience gerenti akan floor by it. The audience I saw the screening with wept like a motherfucking wound. While the film was well-directed (aku still takleh bayangkan somebody... ANYBODY could do all that in a mere six days), the script really left much to be desired. After watching My Left Foot dengan The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last week, aku ingat movies about overcoming adversity dah stop dah being self-pity (tak cukup dengan mak tiri... wow, ada mak cik tiri pulak nak mendera dia), but I guess orang kita still dahaga of something like that. Granted, "Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikulnya." Isn't that the old saying? *Sigh*
*tengok balik tajuk post* huh?
off topic :

jom catat rekod dunia.

FYI Edd, semua komen kat sini off-topic, hehe...

PS: Kalau ada sesapa yg nak berdiskusi tentang cinta terlarang antara Butang dan Naimah (Sindarella), adalah dialu-alukan.
"Kalau ada sesapa yg nak berdiskusi tentang cinta terlarang antara Butang dan Naimah (Sindarella), adalah dialu-alukan."

Aku still takleh decide whether Eira Syazira is "oh, so hot" or "oh, so ugly." Aku kadang-kadang rasa macam nak lempang that "oh, so bujur" face, but kadang-kadang nak fuck that "oh, so sexy" body.
Aisey, ni yang mana ni? Aku rasa yang birah2 takde duit nak bayar air soya tu pun boleh tahan jugak la. And what about Sharifah SOOfea? Gosh, so many shows, so little time…

Oh ya, George Taghey ooops, Takei has boldly gone where no man has gone before. Well, a few men kot. Dia dah kawen ngan bf dia.
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