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Monday, May 26, 2008
  *head-desk* whut?
Cuba masukkan nama atau nama samaran anda ke UrbanDictionary.com dan lihatlah hasilnya! (Since nama sebenar aku takde dalam senarai, aku guna nickname ajelah. FYI, I’ve been using this name since I was 13.)


1. Perfect in all aspects of life. Amazingly talented and athletic beyond belief. With the "bod" of a god?
Have you seen Zack? He has the bod of a god!

2. (adj,noun) The greatest nigga alive. He is the best at everything. Everyone loves him. see also Beast or Dat Nigga
1st Girl: "Let me tell you...John was fucking me so good that when he told me to say his name I yelled out Zack."

2nd Girl: "Too bad he doesn't have a gorilla dick like the real Zack the Greatest.

3. To be a short pervert with suicidal tendancies whose face is one huge zit. can also be nerd.
"damn! that kid is annoying!"

"no man, that kid is ZACK!"

4. Very cute long blonde hair skateboarder. Zack is a very great friend and even though you like zack a lot he still is not ready for anything more than friendship. He is always in a good mood, and stays up late to talk to you until you fall asleep.
Zack smiles when someone is mad at him.

5. A fat stupid guy in my 6th period who is hekka fat and hekka stupid
dude he's so FAT! he is such a ZACK

6. a mega good looking hottie. but watch out this Zack is a real big slut, don't let him out of your sight ladies. When a Zack does it, Zack doesn't stop doing it.
That hot piece of work is such a Zack I want to massage a cockadoodledoo but there aren't any single Zack's


idea dari LJ norwegianeyes


too bad he doesn't have a gorilla dick like the real Zack the Greatest.

- FTW?!! Hahahaha.. Gonna' try mine later.
Haha, it might come in handy in times of emergency la Edd, like, back off! I have this gorilla dick and I’m not afraid to use it! LOL!
someone has (Gerard? Mikey?) wayyyy too much time on their hand. Hahaha
Sapa? Sapa? *looks around*
WOAH..thiz iz zo kewl (akibat icanhascheezburger..) trying mine now ^_^

btw,#2 is hilarious!
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