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Saturday, March 08, 2008
  Happy Birthday Kat Von D!
Image from tlc.discovery.com

Babe yang aku kenal masa dalam pantang dari siri L.A Ink (Astro, Channel Travel & Living). I’ll always thought of her as the female version of Frank Iero (even though she’s like, waaaay taller than the hobbity rhythm guitarist, hehe…)

PS: I actually have a soft spot for Hannah, as she’s a mom too (anak dia dah 24 y-o!), and the fact that Kat once said “I never wanna have babies.” makes me kinda, uhm, I dunno. Maybe it’s a mom thing.


aku dan wifey jadi sedikit obses dgn miami ink dan LA ink dan juga seni tattoo mereka. Aku kagum dgn ke'confident'-nan diaorang untuk melukis di atas kulit orang. Dan seni mereka hebat!

Kat is a hot chick. Dan pakar dlm melukis potret. Aku rasa tatu potretnya yg paling lawa berbanding yang lain. BTW, did u know dia pegang world record untuk most tattoo in 24 hours? And oh yeah.. I like Kim too, coz she's kinda' cute.. hehe.

Aku harap astro akan tunjuk London Ink plak pas ni..
Kalau Miami Ink, aku suka kat Chris Nunez, which kinda looked like the evil twin of Mike Shinoda, haha! Yup, the babes of LA Ink memang talented and bloody hawt! Aku macam berkira2 nak masukkan Astro just because I loved this show (and Mythbusters, Full House on KBS World, Dirty Jobs, How It’s Made etc), but then I don’t think I have the time to watch all these shows.

And, seriously, kau tau tak, ayah aku pun suka tengok Miami Ink sebab seninya (ok, tattooing is haram in Islam, but, you know, talent, dude, talent).

As for Kat, aku lebih suka cerita rumour pasal dia bagi anti-semitic remark kat Ami James tu. :P

PS: Edd, kau tau tak kat stesen monorail BB ni ada kedai tattoo KL Ink? Tapi buat malu la, taglinenya - "Get It ONE Right Now!" *headdesk*
"..As for Kat, aku lebih suka cerita rumour pasal dia bagi anti-semitic remark kat Ami James tu. :P"

- yang kelakarnya, si Garver yang claim Kat bagi anti-semitic remark tu, sedangkan antara krew Miami Ink, Garver yang paling rapat dgn Kat. Especially masa last episode Kat di Miami, Garver sorang je yang hantar Kat naik cab, dan even Kat hadiahkan Garver skateboard. Publicity stunt kot..?

".Edd, kau tau tak kat stesen monorail BB ni ada kedai tattoo KL Ink? Tapi buat malu la, taglinenya - "Get It ONE Right Now!"

Really? haha.. Aku agak kalau dibenarkan, sure ada siri TV tentang kedai diaorang? So pastu confirm akan muncul siri spin-off : JB Ink, Sekinchan Ink, Rembau Ink, Telok Panglima Garang Ink and whatsoever... hahaha!!
*cough* Permatang Pauh Ink? Haha! Tapi yang aku pasti diorang takleh lawan deco kedai High Voltage yang fulamakatak gila babi cool tuh! But then, boleh ke cerita mcm ni kuar kat TV? What will Zainuddn Maidin say? Oh, crap, I forgot. Dia kalah. :P
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