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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
  *insert name here*
One hour after birth.

Sex : Yes please. Boy.
Date of birth : 24th December 2007 ; 9.09 pm
Mode of birth : SVD with episiotomy
Weight : 2.875 kg
Head circumference : 34 cm
Length : 51 cm
Apgar score : 9/10
Blood group : Just like my motto ~ B+!
G6PD : Normal

He ain’t heavy~ he’s my brother!


zack, congratulations! comelnye! and yes, another B+! :)
Nazim Masnawi - it's a good name, believe me.
zack..congrats.. cute lah ..mcm abang dia jugak.. lepas ni kena tukar blog address la.. :)
awwww, congrats KZack ;)

tak taruk namer lagik ker?
cepat le taruk nama weii..heheh..aku plak yg excited.
anyway, pasni baby gurl plak okey?..
take care, bebeh!
Congratulações Zack(aroo)! =)
congrats! Letak aja nama Abdul Synyster Gates.. kan sedap. hehe.

BTW, aku nak copy gambar Ikmal dgn adik dia tu. Sbb nanti bila diaorang dah besar dan jadi rockstar macam adik beradik Way (Gallagher?), aku bleh jual gambar tu dlm Ebay dan make million of dollars.. *gelak Dr. Evil*.

*right click, save picture as*
Congratulations Zack! :)
Awww such a sweet picture. Seriously I wonder if all babies look alike when they are born? Oh well...

Congrats :)

Ikmal has really curly hair!! cute.. ;)
congrats ikmal! dah dapat adik! dah ada geng! wuhooo!!!~ apa nama kot? hehehe...
kak zack,congrats 4 a new born..cute =)
WOW !!! Great news !!! Congrats and best of luck to you and your little boy!!! Greetings from Canada! (Visnja)
Congrats Zack...

Kalau taruk nama Karim Mat Diah ok gak apa...
tahniah tahniah
Congratulations on the new addition! name! name!

Laaaa tak tahu you gave birth at Pusrawi (kalau yg Jln Tun Razak tu lah) .... I'm just sebelah-sebelah tu aje ....
Hai kak! First of all..congrats byk2!
I'm sorry for not wishing you earlier cos I'm back to skool ^_^

Hope you and your family are all alright..:D
congratulations on your new arrival zack! gordon
Assalamualaikum and Happy new year everyone!

Thank you so much for the wishes!
I'm still in my hometown (Muar) for my confinement, and baru hari ni dapat kuar rumah dan gi cc untuk check email.

Baby sihat, dan makin tembam (where did you get your body from? I got it from my mama!) Me, pun okay, takde la pantang serius2 sangat.

Oh ye, nama si comel ialah NABIL HAKIMY.

Sesapa yang terasa nak buat lawak Mentor atau Gelanggang Raja Lawak, siap kau! :P

(aku nak cepat, tak sempat nak log in)

mama z..! congratsss..! cutenya december baby (i serious dont like babies but urs is an exception)..

next one?

Congrats! Nice name, Nabil Hakimy....hmmm kinda remind me of Faiz..huhu. When is the girl coming?
agak lewat..
better late than never kan

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