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Monday, September 10, 2007
  Some Mindless Self Indulgence on MCR
Just an MCR update before my regular Ramadhan hiatus.


I missed the old Mikey Way… (pic from the website of Andrew Kendall)

2. I think Lyn-Z is waaaayy better than Eliza, look-wise and talent-wise. So far, aku takde dengar apa2 pun komen ttg Lyn-Z, except, well, for celebrity weddings, we’re still predicting how long it’ll last. And Selamat Pengantin Baru, Gerard Way!

3. It’s such an irony that Mikey's birthday falls just before that dreaded date (9/11), because if that incident didn’t happen, the group would had never seen the daylight. And Gerard would still be this struggling, dorky comic book artist.

4. Honestly, as much as I loved seeing Matt Cortez sitting in for Mikey Way during his hiatus, I really need to see him back in MCR. And what’s this bullshit about him going to college?

5. I think Alicia is pregnant.

6. Bob and Frank should crop their hair. With his headband, Bob looked like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums. Sans beard. And angst.

It’s been close to 5 months since I last listened to any MCR songs, except for the occasional IDLY/ FLW from the radio in my next cube.

8. I missed seeing this guy in action.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

9. Frank Iero is still my fave member of MCR.

10. Yes, I’m still alive and well. Cuma aku malas nak update sebab takde benda menarik nak citer.


1. hepi birthday, my emo-bf! (and yess, we're back as an item! hehe) and you used old pic of him! gah, I miss that dorky look! you know what's better, though? kalau KZack taruk gamba Mikey pakai tee French-pirate tu. (pastue cue Frank's "oh Mikey... *giggles*)

2 . I'm predicting err at least another (Euro) tour? and that's my take on the best-case scenario. does this make me a bad fan? *feels so bad* but think all the shite that can be song-writing materials for the next album... heh, I bet Gee did that solely for dramatic purpose.

3. and Gee will still be a chubby, dorky person... and doesn't has chance to fit into those skinny jeans! hahaha. ops-

4. oh man, I watched that clip yg dier main INO maser ProRev on repeat. man, and the headbanging! and Gee's back to back, Mikey Way, back to back! so adorkable and aww-worthy! and you can practically noticed how happy+excited the other MyChem members maser performed INO. *sigh* just go back on tour, Mikey!

5. I thought the same thing too. she put on weight lately...

6. mungkin sbb Eliza dah tadek so tadek sape nk cut kan hair diog kot. hihihihi

7. oooh, bebaru ni (maybe kelmarin kot) I dreamed about Gee played their new song from the next album to me. it's not I'm sick of TBP but I just hope those guys take a break from tour and get that well-deserved break already. esp Gee.

8. aww...

9. doesn't he alway? for ever and ever? (take that Geetard!)

10. same here, malas nk update jugak. my brain cells practically drained by the overwhelming assignments :(
1. Aisey, yang mana yek *scours my Mikey folder* uh-oh, I feel another pic-spam coming up!
2. Either dramatic or Lyn-Z’s just a rebound material :(, but I dunno la. She looked sooo cute in the pic where she’s got this ring (have you seen it? Man, macam Alicia, tapi lagi kiut!) I guess the Way bros memang ada taste yang sama when it comes to their SO (yikes! terlupa lak pasal *cough* Eliza).
3. .. and nobody will notice his pink undies and what he writes on his neck! LOL!
4. Aisey… lum tengok lagi la klip ni, but I really, really love Gerard belting out Umbrella! (ella, ella, ella!).
5. Yeah! Pasal tu la! and I’ve never noticed that she’s damn tall!!! (tatau tinggi mana, but definitely taller than the resident midget, hehe…)
6. Hell no! Keep your hands off my boys, keep your hands off my boys! (a-hah, a-hah!)
7. Break? Like a honeymoon? Sigh… ada fan yang predict yang diorang akan break next year kalau selalu sangat hiatus, but then, even rock stars need their vacation, aight?
8. Tengok MCR Secrets yang paling recent (secret post no. 44), tengok Secret #13 . WORD!!!
9. I love my resident midget. There, I’ve said it.
10. Same here, pastuh sibuk berbalas2 posties sampai malas nak update blog, hehe...
ah,it's his b-day..Happy Birthday Mikey!

p/s:I just love the glasses ^^
eh KZack tak tgk lagik ek yg vids 97X's look back with MyChem (aka FeeGee). ader 5 chapters sumer


maser chapter 4 yg Gee ckp psl Mikey with his 'French pirate period' and Frankie goes "..oh Mikey!" *giggles* time tue Mikey pakai tee putih belang itam. so dorky!
Well,MSI will be touring with MCR for Euro nyer tour kan?..I read that somewhere.

#6.Totally!Bob rambut panjang is so hiding his gorgeousness.=P.Frank..cam pompuan*lari*
hai k zack. hari ni 11 september dan jangan lupa event september 11 attacks enam tahun lepas. gerard way sedang berjalan2 ketika itu dan dia menyaksikan kejadian rempuhan pesawat ke wtc. dan seminggu lepas tu tertubuh lah band MCR.
selamat berpuasa.. :)
busy eh bln posa ni?
man, I miss your updates. biler nk updates nih? takde mojo ek...

anyway take care tau KZack ;)
Selamat Berpuasa and don't forget to download Prison Break season 3 episod 1 avalable kat torrents..dan leh tgk time sahurkalau tak larat tgk lepas tarawikh...
zack, u've been tagged! :)
Oi! Heroes season 2 oi!!!!
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