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Monday, July 23, 2007
  Just Another Manic Monday for Me...
Happy International MCR Day!
(no, I’m not gonna celebrate it or anything)


A happy birthday to…

NAZIM MASNAWI (who celebrates his birthday today, together with Daniel Radcliffe, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Monica Lewinsky). Way to go, bro!! No cakes for you, but here's a donut!!!...

Image from my Empire newsletter

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err apsal dlm gamba tue ader 2 keyboard? hahaha (nitpicker!)
Hi Zack! it's me ..again..I'm bored in the office here..whatever..^^

Eh,yummy doughnut! Where can i find one?

Sha's right..two keyboards?
Isy, korang nih! That's not my pic la, i got that pic from Empire newsletter. And that's not a real donut though. It's a STRESS donut, one which you can squeeze and squeeze kalau tension or whatever. :P
err... bukan ke b'day Daniel Radcliffe tu sama dng b'day JK Rawling...

emmm... post card ni nak antar kat mana??
Nazim share his birthday with Monica Lewinsky?

Oohh.. now, I get it.
I already move to dreamfight3r dot blogspot dot com. kalau rajin, jenguk la ek blog baru :D
Zack! Remember me? You sort off dropped by my blog once because you were searching Wentworth Miller or something to the effect. My friends are telling me, and i've googled, I found.. articles saying that Went is GAY!! Sh*t. Apparently he's dating one Luke McWTF.. boohoohoo.. Good thing I have a substitute.. James Franco. He's really hot these days. hehe.. Back to Went, apparently, he's still in the closet. What do you know about this? I tell them, until the guy admits to these allegations / claims, he stays STRAIGHT! What say , you?
I think he's bi
Argh! Sorry guys! Aku sibuk gila ada kursus, pastuh interwebz kat rumah down la pulak

Kalau tak keberatan, boleh bagi aku email address kau?

Saja je tu…

Wayyy too much time on your hands! :P

Cik Slam honey:
That rumor dah circulate around the interwebz sejak memula Went muncul kat TV (masa PB dulu), dan salah sorang blogger yang beria2 dok kata dia gay ialah Perez Hilton, mamat yang ‘out’kan Lance Bass waaayyy before he came out of the closet. Macam2 citer la, but for me, until we hear the real thing from Went himself, I’m not gonna speculate or anything, because for me, it’s the talent and charisma that counts. Whatever floats your boat baby. Lagipun dia bukannya kenal kita pun, hehe….

Ish, ini lagi sorang, memandai jek! :P Dgr tak citer Frankie baby kita ngaku dia bi? (I’m imagining something really sick between him, Geetard and Jamia) *shudder*
haaa~ I knew it! I knew it!

*eh betul ker? bacer kat ner ni? o.O hmmm, kinda awkward la pulak since he has Jamia and all. dan tetibe fanon jadik canon, whoa~!lain laa kalau dier tue single... macam Geetard. hmmm... so not cool.
owh btw luper nk ckp laa KZack, my friend Ray.M dapat catch glimpse of our Frankie baby before and he said that "he is so beautiful" and he is so surprised at how short Frankie is (well compare to Ray.M's 6'1 towering figure, mmg laa raser short giler!)

I'm in sulking mode today. LP dah performed Hands Held High kat Mountain View, CA. *sniff* wish I could be there... *sniffsniff*

ader budak kt forum yang dpt dok kat barricade ckp, ader skali tue maser LP br start nk perform dier nmpk Gee lurking at the side of stage. heee cutenyer!
I got loads of Frankie goodness, tapi lum ada masa nak buat post :(

Beautiful? Heh, that's so overrated. He's more than that, imho.
Frankie is... indescribable. hehehe

btw I'm off for 1 week holiday (more like study week, pfff) take care sist! have fun this weekend. hopefully tak fever dah, okay? ;)
puan zack,
di manakah dikaoo?..
*dtg menjenguk blog sambil membawak feather duster*


hope you're fine, KZack ;)

.. sorry. I'm allergic to dust. Banyak habuk kat sini.. got to go.

Heh, sorry guys. Mak betul2 sibuk. Kat ofis, terpaksa buat kerja 2 orang punya (bos aku cuti bersalin, balik hujung bulan 8 nih), tu tak termasuk assignment2 yang ad-hoc :(, nak bukak blog pun tak sempat. Nanti kalau senang aku letak signboard ‘on hiatus’ la.

Pastuh, modem kat rumah rosak, kena ganti baru tapi lum sempat beli lagi. Tapi yg paling teruk ialah aku. Time2 sibuk ni la kena selsema, migrain, low blood pressure, gastric, dan segala mak bapak penyakit yang dah lama aku tak kena, time ni diorang baru nak menjenguk bertanya khabar. Tension, tension. Nak makan ubat yg strong takleh pulak :(.
Nanti la Insya Allah, bila modem dah ganti baru, aku update. Lagipun korang nak baca ke entri pasal berapa kali aku muntah hari ni ? hehe…
poor you
hope everything's okay by now
weekend nih busy jugak ker?
take care okay ;)
Hi kak zack! i felt pity for ya..that's what to expect when we're in the working world,huh? i'm doomed here too..blimey.

i hope you manage..and don't forget about your health too ;)

take care.
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