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Sunday, July 22, 2007
  I Need Some Floo Powder. Pronto!
Wah hey!
Assalamualaikum & how’s everybody doin?

I’ve just recovered from a flu (Caturday, and I was in bed all day, bah!). I hate taking my flu meds sebab ngantuk *yawns* and I just can’t keep my eyes open. My next monthly check-up will be on the 25th and after that, I have a two-days course on Financial Instruments *yawn! from boredom*.

On the whole Parry Hotter, no, Hey! Reporter, no, uhm, Harry Potter hypez…

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

Okay, so we know, MPH, Popular/ Harris and Times have decided not to sell the book because Carrefour and Tesco has offered the book for a mere RM69.90 (instead of the original price of RM109.90), so what’s a girl to do? I think I can still wait for the paperback version to come out. Lagipun, aku masih lagi belum habis baca HBP, so peeps, pls keep the spoilers to yourselves okay! (I feel really shitty sebab takleh nak baca dalam tren, kalau dapat tempat duduk, I feel really sick)


Nothing much, really. I’m in the mood to send postcards and have already received some beautiful cards in the mail. I’ve joined Postcrossing dot com, postcardx and various post/ snailmail related comms on LJ, so peeps, you won’t be seeing much updates here. Unless something happens. Or I’m in the mood for some random rant :) Later!


hai Zack! Long time no hear wooo..I hope you'll be fine ^^..Honestly,I hate last week.I dunno why lah.

Anyway,I really love the Harry Potter quiz! Btw,I got Harry!

Take care Zack!
you won’t be seeing much updates here


anyway, take care eh... skang nie dah aa time ujan manjang.

ps : ( kantoi pagi tadik pegi class 3 hours tak mandi, hahaha)
Aku dapat Sirius Black!
Gua dapat Dumbledore.

Gua paste kat blog
Harry? After how many tries? :P

Patut la kat Cyberjaya ada macam bau2 Grawp, hehe *rings bicycle bells*

Rest in peace, dear God Father :(

Rambut panjang dah okey, cuma kau kasi kaler blonde sikit la. Baru nampak mcm Dumbledore!
Haha..surprised huh? Well,it was my first attempt..yet,still,I'm surprised.
*rings bicycle bells too*

syhhhhhh sesenyap sket
tue br 1st time wat tue :P
mujur dok kat hostel, kalau dok offcampus mmg tak dpt laa wat perangai xsenonoh camtue :D
wa dapat harry...ceh, wa nak 'the one that shall not be named'..!
Kalau la kau dok kat dunia Harry Potter, aku rasa kau boleh jadi, hmm... what about Dean Thomas or Seamus Finnegan?

PS: Bang, buku amacam?
hah, I get Harry la pulak. br ndak aim dpt Draco :D
Hows yr bub girl?
Lama korang tak datang visit aku kat sini. Cheers
Hi Zack!

Aku pun dapat Hagrid la mcm ko. Hehehe... Anyway, final book ko tak beli lagik ek? Kazen aku dah beli, aku dah letak nama aku dlm queue...tapi lom ada masa nak baca lagi. Berdebor!!!!! Aku taknak tau ape2 pasal citer tu selagi aku tak habis baca Deathly Hallows tu.
Lum confirm baby girl, sebab masa scan tak nampak lagi.

Jihan: Aku baru beli semalam. Tapi nak habiskan HBP dulu, baru start TDH.
sy dpt harry!! jgn mare..hahahh! dh paste kat blog sy..
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