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Sunday, July 15, 2007
  30 Is Not Old. FOR DINOSAURS !!!
Happy 30th Birthday, Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz!

I’ve totally forgotten where I got this pic, but if it’s yours, do tell me so I can credit you for it! Macroed by moi.

Have a fro-tastic year ahead! And here's something for the Man with the Plan aka The Quiet Genius...

Skeleton cupcakes! Image from littleelephant dot typepad dot com.

PS: Husband aku beria2 kata yang MCR akan drop by KL somewhere in December and he sneered and LOL’ed at me, saying that too bad, I’m pregnant :( , otherwise I’m freakin ecstatic. Can somebody clarify this for me? Sebab aku dah check semua source2 yang boleh dipercayai, and found nothing, except that I know they’re coming back to Australia and NZ in December and will probably drop by Thailand for a gig somewhere in February 2008, so maaaayyyybe, and I mean, maybe diorang akan singgah KL? I’m keeping my eyes + fingers crossed…


some fan in friendster told me dia baca kat malaymail.3rd june kot.but i couldnt find any source saying that too.maybe blom confirm kot.eh wait,da confirm date cuma blom cfrm place.
Hmmm... rasanya Sha pun ada bagitau somebody tulis kat Friendster nya buletin, tapi biasanya source yg tu, susah sikit nak caya la. Kat MCR official site lum update sampai situ lagi. 9hb kan?

ehem, kalau bebtul dtg after your special date - tanak pegi together gether ker? provided that IF (big IF) diorg dtg somewhen in 2008 - sbb rasernyer time tue I'm not an undergraduate student dah... (amiiin)

LP nyer concert? tanak join medd+I? heheheh
owh btw -

regarding 1st pic :

OMG! that red hoodie! isn't that the same red hoodie yg Fee wat alas pale dier maser tido sbelah Gee dlm flight in LOTMS ker? also the very same hoodie yg time Fee stuck out his tongue to the cam? I freaking miss that hoodie!

2nd pic :

uh, kill 'em with muffins!
eh eh silap, cupcakes.


[sekian comment spam utk kali ini]
*hands you some mentos*

Sha, special date tu bila? Lepas pantang + 100 hari ke? hehe... We'll just wait and see la, sebab ahem, kena tunggu greenlight from the powers that be (bukan The power of Greyskull tau!!).

LP nya concert bila?
Toro + Cupcakes = OTP.

You mean, this dark pink hoodie ke?


Ugh, I’ve always hated pink, but guess what? After seeing Frank in this hoodie, I ACTUALLY bought one (terjumpa kat kedai bundle masa balik kampung hari tu). Sebijik, except instead of buttons, mine has a zipper. And yes, it is a women’s hoodie. :P

PS: Frank! Tangan sila lapor diri!
dark pink? eh bkn merah ker? raser nmpk cam merah jerk... hmmm.. *squint eyes*

and speaking of women' hoodie, incik Fee jugak mempunyai another women' hoodie - yg kaler ijau lumut tue. I think he wore it maser interview ngan Stryker for Inland Invasion (the same guy yg introduced the Bennoda maser press conference ProRev)

ps : Fee tengah busy melantak cupcakes (w/out Toro's knowledge of course) and the choc just smears his cute note (omg, the mental image!)

I'm in the middle of House MD season 3 (ep 9/10 raser) and suffice to say, House + Wilson = omg!cutenyer! I love their cute, dripping with sarcasm banters. xsaba nk tunggu season 4 nnt

typo! *busy melantak megi*
...yg pasti MCR turun ke NZ... apa kate ko dtg sini... opss... ko tengah pantang yeee... jeeless sungguh ... bln 12 ni ramai betul org. dpt. anak... bila la isteri aku ni nak pregnant...
Sorry for the late reply. I was quite busy sending postcards to my new penpals. Takde sapa yg berminat ke nak exchange poskad or stamps? And whee!!! Semalam, aku dapat dua poskad, satu dari Anne (dari Finland) ~ poskad poster filem Grindhouse, retro & cool gila!! And another one from Melissa (USA), poskad Star Trek dengan setem Batman! Holy Batmobile!!! I’m sending out 11 postcards today. Kalau sesiapa yg berminat nak jugak, pls email me, okay!

House? Aisey, dah lama tinggalkan la Sha. Terlupa dah camner citernya.
Oh, btw, I have a Linkin Park postcard. Nak tak? Kalau nak, bgtau ye!

Drp aku ke NZ, baik aku turun Brisbane tengok adik aku kat sana :P
Sabar bang, Insya Allah, kalau ada rezeki nanti, ada la tu… Berusahalah!
PS: Kau tak berminat nak hantar aku poskad atau setem ke? *wink wink*
ha ah. ada kecoh2 kat dlm paper mana ntah. tapi, kalo ko tak pregnant ko leh pegi ke sis?...hehehhe..jgn marah haaaa...gurau je. aku tgh tension ni! 1 sept NAPALM DEATH comin'..& byk METAL bands ada..aku je STUCKED kat hulu ni! tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!...
Oh, btw, I have a Linkin Park postcard. Nak tak? Kalau nak, bgtau ye!

holy cow! seriyes? plis plis plissss sendkan *bat eyelashes* I promise I'll let you have Fee+Gee for this weekend :D
Yan from Myspace here!!!

Got my tickets to go see the boys in December and if hopefully be able to do the Sydney show as well... if my bank is not empty la...

I do hope they will go Malaysia, my sister has been dying to see them but she's coming the week after they are here. Bad timing.
Event: My Chemical Romance
Date: Wed 28 Nov 2007 7:40pm
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, QLD
Adult Ticket
standing: $62.55
reserved seating: $62.55

malas ahh.. duk rumah baca quran lagi bagus huahuahuahua

eh dah beli blum Deathly Hallows? I've read quarter of it (and then skipped sampai epilogue :D)

biler kiter bley gushing2 psl DH pulak? :D

ps : I hope you're better now, take care k ;)
Nadia & Onn:
Kalau diorang turun sini pun, kau ingat aku boleh pergi ke? Sorry, mintak mahap la. Maknanya aku kena cari sesiapa yang nak gi dan kirim concert merch :(

Wah lau eh! December nya tickets, sekarang dah start jual??? Kalau nak kirim merch boleh ke?

Your card is in da way. Hemhem, belum beli lagi la, rasanya nak tunggu kuar paperback version. Kalau yg tu nampak cam berat jek, camner nak baca dalam tren? Lenguh la mak!
Yea la... Floor tickets sold out in like 30 minutes! I'll try my best with the merch. Have to hantam all the other fangirls while on my way to the merch table. Tell me what you want and hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some!
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