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Monday, June 25, 2007
  Mah Fave Song, Let Me Show You It :)
My Current Fave

Pernah tak korang rasa, suka sangat2 dengan satu lagu tu, you can listen to it over and over again without feeling bored? You feel like the writer of the song is such a fuckin genius to come up with such great melodies and the combination of the singer, the guitarist, the bassist and the drummer, they just clicked? And you can listen to that song just for the drumming, the guitar parts and at the same time, rummaging thru youtube for other versions of the song, such as the live version, the piano version, the extended video clip and such? Well, I’ve had a few of them, and currently, this is my personal favourite. And, man, do I love the video… (this one is taken from AFI's DVD, I Heard A Voice, filmed at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California in September 2006. Part of the Decemberunderground Tour, the crowd was the largest AFI had ever headlined with over 13,000 people in attendance.)

Love Like Winter

Warn your warmth to turn away,

Here it's December, everyday.
Press your lips to the sculptures,
And surely you'll stay. [distant:] love like winter
For of sugar and ice,
I am made. I am made

It's in the blood, It's in the blood.
I met my love before I was born.
He wanted love, I taste of blood.
He bit my lip, and drank my war,
From years before, from years before.

She exhales vanilla lace,
I barely dreamt her, yesterday (yesterday)
Read the lines in the mirror through the lipstick trace.
Por siempre
She said "It seems you're somewhere, far away" to his face.


Love Like Winter. Love Like Winter.Winter.Three, four


And, ah, pardon me for some vegan pics spam…

Jade Errol Puget in their tour bus. Ze pink ninja Jade, kickin’ some ice in the vid.

Facts about the song:

1. Track #6 dalam album Decemberunderground (2006). Single kedua di rilis selepas Miss Murder.
2. Video klip diarahkan oleh Marc Webb, yang juga mengarahkan video2 lain AFI seperti The Days of the Phoenix, The Leaving Song Pt. 2 dan Miss Murder.

Marc Webb discussing the video with Smith Puget (yup, Jade’s lil brother, who is also AFI’s tour manager) And no, that's not a cross back there. Just some random planks from the set. Smith, joking with Hunter, about him being a Tusken Raider, ready to face the blizzard. Yep, Hunter wears a goggle in this vid, and I think that looked kinda freaky.

3. Awek cun femme fatale dalam video klip ni ialah Davey Havok Christina Petrovic.

Teh babe Teh babe in the vid

PS: No Daveys in sight, eh? Mak tak tergamak nak buat screencaps dia, nyah!

All screencaps made and uploaded by moi.

I had some Frank for breakfast today, but I ditched the half boiled eggs…

And yeah, I found this picture of Frank from one of my LJ friends’s journal. (Thanks A’isyah!)

Frank Iero

Heh, I think I’m gonna start calling him Farouk from now on, hehe… And yep, yesterday, my sister sms'ed me this.. "Wuu... dj flyfm sebut 'frank LERO'.." Huhu... is it that hard to pronounce his surname? Galaxie and Junk magazine pun tulis Frank Lero. It's IERO, people. Eye-year-roh. Damn. I think it's better than Fred Lero, anyway.

The song that leaves a wtf? look on me face.

Aku tengah dok tunggu monorel bila terdengar lagu ni kat TV yang selalu pasang iklan tu. Tak perasan lak siapa yang nyanyi (nampak macam band Indon jek), tapi liriknya lebih kurang camni…

“Buritku sebagai lelaki…”

What the hell? Kiamat sudah dekat, men...

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"OMG! frankie????!!!"

*cue the sharp intake of breathe*

damn, maybe I need another dosage of LOTMS. btw dedengar kater dvd A7X kene re-edit sbb... 'debauchery too explicit for dvd'. and guess sape yg jadik mr editor? Zacky freaking Vengeance.

hmmm... patutkah kiter kidnap harddisk Zacky? lol
I prefer THE MAN himself. But then, can we trust him?
“Buritku sebagai lelaki…”

Zack you naughty devil..
It's actually "Naluriku sebagai lelaki..". You have to sang the 'naluri' part faster.. The song is called Naluri Lelaki by Samsons.

..dirty woman.
ha ha ha ha!

zack ooo zack. korek telinga lah sis!,

aku pun suprise gak biar betik ada lagu ni boleh lepas kat mesia?.

then bila baca edd punya komen.la isla bonita.

SAMSONS rupanya!

ha ha ha ha! sekali lagi!
I prefer THE MAN himself. But then, can we trust him?

hahaha. true. mau si Zacky nie edit 0.0001 jerk kot from the original context... I mean, give it all to the fansssss. I wanna LOTMS version metalhead :D
Edd & Don : Biasa la, aku kan queen of misheard lyrics…

Sha: I just hope tak banyak sangat elemen2 18SX, which is very, very unlike LOTMS.
I just wanna their real silly self on screen. makes them more human than just rock stars, ya know? girls, booze...*yawn* cite lapuk laa , a7x

aritue raser diorg ader post short clip intro. psl incik Johnny Christ the bassist. so far cam okay jerk...
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