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Monday, June 04, 2007
  i is bz, brb k thxbai! ~ updated
Frank!!! Pic from Unleash The Bats. And yeah, happy engagement to Gee Way, thus ending all speculations about teh one ring.

Assalamualaikum & Happy Monday everybody!
Sorry for the long silence.

1. I’m currently busy with our company’s 2006 Annual Report ~ both the English and BM version, plus proof-reading all the badly translated new FRS’s, man, those babies are giving me a headache!!! Plus, I have a few sheets of questionnaire from the MoF to kautim (that’s the Ministry of Finance, not Grand Moff Tarkin, mind you).

Image from I can has cheeseburger.com. Full of lolz!

2. My nausea is killing me! I’m not taking any meds, even though my cousin Alin has suggested some Maxolons if I cannot tahan, but thanks hon, I’m very much dependent on TicTacs or Frozz or anything that’s minty right now. At least that saves me from barfing at the monorail station. :)

3. Am lovin’ image macros right now. And making tones of em, using every photos I’ve got. For those who didn’t know what I’m talking about, click here --

Will update once both drafts are a-okay (and with the printer), so, be nice everybody!


Tahniah buat Pak Lah yang bakal menamatkan zaman duda beliau hari Sabtu ni, dan juga buat Edd Vedder yang bakal melangsungkan oops, no, one step closer to ending his swinging bachelor days on the very same day. Selamat bertunang Edd! Tahniah buat kau dan the lucky lady!

Oh ya, macam2 cerita aku dengar pasal Pak Lah nak kawin ni. Wtf la, can we at least be happy for him on his big day? I applaud his wish to have a simple, ‘family and friends only’ wedding, because at least we know that there won’t be any road closure and gasp!!! masjid closure and surely no kereta kuda will be involved. Plus, his misai is like, 1,000x better than the other one. Yuckity. And, another thing. Pak Lah, got public holiday or not? hehe...

And oh, ada sesiapa perasan tak?

Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen and our First Lady ~ macro made by me, original pics from wcwa.org.my and from my email

And yes, a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! to Wentworth Miller (on the 2nd). I’ve made a post for this tapi malas lak nak post. Also to Pete Wentz and Draco Malfoy (both bad boyz celebrated their birthdays on the 5th).

Ta! again


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Thanks my friend..

"..swinging bachelor days".
- u made me sound like a swinger. hehe.
Hi Zacko, thanks for dropping by my site. Your site is cool! Full of infos! Anyway, watched the last episodes of Heroes few weeks ago and i thinks it's great how the producer made the ending...of volume one.
Edd: So, when's the big day? :)

Emila: Thanks for visiting and welcome aboard! Heh, as discussed earlier, I think most of us are a bit dissapointed with the ending. Anyway, we'll just have to wait for season 2 to see how things turn out for our favourite Heroes ;)
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