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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Assalamualaikum & good day everybody!

Another one bites the dust...

I can’t believe it!!! Macam baru je semalam Eddie Guerrero tinggalkan kita.

Two of my fave wrestlers, dedua pun dah RIP. :( Image from contents.answers.com

The full news here :(

And if it’s true, RIP, the Mighty Toothless Wonder.

PS: I’ve heard about the whole McMahon explosion (and I hoped he died, heh, but then nanti WWE takde boss la pulak). Gimmick? Hmm…

Stop posting spoilers!!!

Image from catmacros at LJ

Semalam masa tengah browse thru my friends page kat LJ, secara tak sengaja aku terrrrrbaca spoilers untuk Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Alamak!!!! Memang takleh nak avoid, sebab bebudak gila ni tulis komen guna font size 26 dan ada tu, siap ada blinking lagi! Hampeh. Sekarang aku dah tau siapa mati (some girl from Gryffindor ~ bukan Ginny, bukan Tonks, bukan Angelina Johnson, *arrrggghh! Tensionnya!!!* and a teacher too ~ bukan tenaga pengajar Care for Magical Creatures, bukan Herbalogist, bukan Transfiguration, bukan!!!!!!!!!!) dan siapa akan terus hidup *cough*horses*cough*.

*Sobbed*. Is this the end, JK Rowling ? :( Pray tell me because I can’t see where you’re heading to.

The Lost Room : HALP!

The main cast/ characters in the Lost Room, and of course, The Objects. Pic from sci-fi channel website

My download finished after almost one week! Dan semalam, aku menonton mini-siri ni secara marathon (semuanya ada tiga episod, setiap episod lebih kurang satu jam setengah). Dan hell, aku tak pernah rasa se-excited ni! Especially sekarang di mana semua siri kegemaran aku tengah hiatus (Heroes) dan ada yang dalam proses penggambaran (Dexter), so it’s very refreshing to see something along the same genre. And thanks a lot to Gordon for recommending this series to me :)

So, siri ni pasal apa?

Hmm… kalau Heroes berkisar tentang ordinary PEOPLE with extraordinary abilities, TLR pula adalah kisah objek2 biasa yang mempunyai kuasa luar biasa. Contohnya, sikat rambut yang boleh menghentikan masa selama beberapa saat, tiket bas yang boleh menghantar manusia (secara teleport) ke Hell (well, not technically hell, tapi sebuah kawasan berhampiran New Mexico) atau pen yang boleh mengeluarkan kuasa mikrowave. Kisahnya, tentang seorang detektif, Joe Miller (lakonan Peter Krause), yang secara tak sengaja terjumpa sebatang kunci ajaib yang mana si pemilik dapat pergi ke mana sahaja yang dia mahu, hanya dengan membuka sebarang pintu dengan kunci tersebut. Dan kunci itu juga boleh membuka sebuah bilik motel yang agak seedy dan misteri, di mana secara nyata, bilik ini tidak wujud (we’re talking about alternate universe and somewhat like time travel here), dan berbagai peristiwa pelik berlaku dalam bilik tersebut. Pada suatu hari, anak perempuan Joe, secara tidak sengaja telah termasuk ke dalam bilik ni dan hilang, dan Joe terpaksa membongkar rahsia di sebalik bilik rahsia ini dan barang2 lain yang menjadi rebutan antara sect2 yang mahukannya untuk tujuan2 tertentu (The Collectors, The Legion dan The Order of the Reunification). Haha! Macam tau2 je aku suka benda2 gini! (I mean, underground sects macam dalam The DaVinci Code, where we’re brought into the world of The Priory of Psion, the Illuminati, and such).

My dear readers, tell me if you’ve watched this series, so that we can have a discussion about the plot, the characters and such. Tak best la kalau aku dok syok sendiri sensorang :P

And, oh, if I were a character from this series, I’d choose to be Suzi Kang (played by the funny lady, Margaret Cho), because she makes a lot of dough just by selling information to those who seeks to find the Objects.

Image from the official site

“Dude, if you’re gonna theorize, I’m gonna charge you another grand”. Whoa!

The Official Site and the Wikipedia site.

Aaand, I found this link too, tentang age of consent (for having sex), in different countries. Betul ke Malaysia punya macam tu? Anyone care to explain this to me?

Nay for homosexuals, but yay for lesbians? Wtf?

Because I love blood suckers and such…

The Vampire Name Generator

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Sovereign of Trannsylvania
Known in some parts of the world as: Epona of Bessarabia
The Great Archives Record: This one has had a hard life, has worked and suffered and is now free.

Get yours here, minions, and thanks a lot to my LJ friend, allboyfrottage for teh link :)

And to all fans of Serenity/ Firefly and her shiny crew…

Image from geekroar.com

Happy Belated Browncoats Day!

And happy birthday to the Grand Daddy of Firefly ~ Joss Whedon, on the 23rd June.
Can’t stop the signal, Mal.

Sigh. As much as I’m thrilled with the action of Jericho’s fans, I, for one think that Joss tak perlu sambung siri ni. I mean, with two of the main characters dead, how are supposed to enjoy the show then? And River is no longer 17. Kaylee dan Simon dah meluahkan perasaan masing2. Habis tu, apa lagi yang tinggal untuk Mal dan krew2 nya? Inara? Hmmm...

Later people.

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The Lost Room?

cam bess jerk... donlod kat maner nih? torrent ker? nie yg benci dok in-campus nie, U block torrent :(

ps : Dexter biler start eh?
Ha'ah, kat mana lagik :P Kalau Sha nak, nanti akak burnkan. Dok rumah lama lagi ke?

PS: Somewhere in September agaknya. Sekali ngan Heroes, maybe, I dunno. Tak cari info pun.

PS: Peter Krause, hero siri The Lost Room, rasanya jadi abang/ adik Michael C Hall dalam Six Feet Under. Sebijik!
"Macam baru je semalam Eddie Guerrero tinggalkan kita"

nko tulis macam dia tu sedara kita je... amenda laaa

Thanks for the info about Lost Room. Downloading right now.. nanti kita discuss..

Yup, that is Peter Krause. And Juliana Margulies. And Kevin Pollak. And that cute little girl is Dakota Fanning sister, Elle Fanning. Wonderful cast, if you ask me..
oh adik dakota fanning?

macam best jekkkk.

akak zaccckkkkkkk.. he he he

leh order satu?

yelah, sokabau tulis chris benoit kena bunuh.
chris benoit bunuh his wife&kid and then bunuh diri.

and sad

chris benoit bunuh his wife&kid and then bunuh diri.

siries? o.O

Kalau Sha nak, nanti akak burnkan.

ehem, bley ker? *sheepish* nnt I'll give new add. most probably add Medd la kot sbb dier sorg jerk dok off campus. skang dah sok in campus. kinda suck actually sbb xleh ndak download torrent...

btw how's the kiddo and the baby doing? smalam tetiber tringat la pulak. hope you're fine, tadek nausea dah ;)
zack, i am glad you enjoyed the lost room. i really liked it and i liked that it was one-and-a-half hour long for each episode. then again it is a miniseries and not a series. hopefully with such positive response from viewers, they will consider making another three episodes or something. one can hope!
err offtopic jap

new Transformer trailer... with Smashing Pumpkins' Doomsday Clock (lagu baru yo!)


*run off*
lagik pasal Smashing Pumpkins

album br - Zeitgeist tue dah leaked!


havent listen to it as I'm in the middle of downloading it but some ppl ckp highly decent :D
Dear all, sorry for the late reply.

Onn: Certain people boleh jadi lebih dekat di hati as compared to sedara kita sendiri.

Edd: Wonderful cast is one thing, wait till you watch it back to back. Hell yes, plotholes pasti ada, tapi just enjoy it for the good, clean sci-fi fun.

Don: Kau nak jugak ke? Nanti confirm ngan aku?

Ash : Anger? Depression? God knows.

Sha: Thanks for the heads up abt SP’s new album. Belum sempat dengar lagi. Heck, LP’s album pun belum habis dengar!

GK: Thank you so much for the recommending this series! And, ahem, should I thank thee in advance for the interview with Messr. Wentworth Miller in next fortnight’s issue of Galaxie ?
unfortunately, I didn't interview wentworth. one of my colleagues did and she said that he spoke in a 'breathy voice' - u know like how he is in the series. and that his eyes were mesmerising she found it hard to concentrate... but she did concentrate hard enough to bring us the next cover story in galaxie! enjoy!
Gasp! BREATHY VOICE?!?!!? You mean the ever sexy baritone voice that almost sounds like a whisper ? And, and she was blinded by The Pretty? ZOMG!!! And, what’s this? COVER STORY!?!?!?!


PS: And thank you so much for the lovely poster of the Petrelli Brothers. I think you know that EmoPete (Petrelli, not Wentz) has changed his hairstyle and cropped that lovely emo locks for a scruffier, shorter hair look? Meh, I don’t like it at all!

PS: If I ever see any more Tom Welling inside the mag, I know who’s responsible for it now.
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