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Sunday, May 13, 2007
  Week 6 Update
The lil’ one.

Foetus at 6 months ~ Image from gomamatoday.com

13 May ni, genap 6 minggu. Insya Allah, pada masa ni, kepala mula membentuk, diikuti dengan dada dan abdomen. Jantung yang belum matang pun mula berdegup. Peredaran sel2 darah bermula, dan saluran2 darah mula membentuk dalam tali pusat yang bersambung dengan plasenta. Mata, mulut, tangan dan kaki juga mula membentuk. Source: Dr Miriam Stoppard’s New Pregnancy and Birth Book.

The not-so-little-one

Ikmal, at a wedding, late last year

Semakin manja dengan aku. Mintak dukung belakang le. Mintak tidur atas riba. Jadi agak clingy tapi kinda sweet sometimes. Macam semalam. Kepala aku terhantuk pada tangga rumah. Dia panggil aku, suruh aku tunduk, tanya kat mana sakit, dan dia cium kepala aku. “Dah tak sakit lagi dah, Mama”, katanya sambil tersenyum. :)

Oh, btw, aku baru je upload my very first ever video kat YouTube. It was taken by my brother at my house back in my hometown. Enjoy!


Arrgh! Jeans aku dah ketat!!!! Sigh… weight gain memang perkara biasa, tapi aku tak expect seawal ni. And the nausea macam dah ada, tapi I’m trying hard not to think too much about it. Yes, I’ve stopped listening to my favourite songs sejak middle of last week (walaupun aku takleh nak avoid kalau orang lain yang pasang), sebelum my mp3’s kena delete or whatever, and yeah, it’s also because I kinda made an agreement with the Man. Lagipun, masa camni, memang kena dengar benda yang elok2.

Frankly speaking, aku tak percaya sangat dengan kenan or whatever (semua kuasa Allah s.w.t), tapi aku akan try tengok benda yang elok2 dan avoid benda2 yang tak elok. Tapi sometimes ada something yang aku takleh nak avoid la, macam last Friday. Dah la tren penuh, pastuh aku dapat tempat berdiri betul2 depan poster POTC3. Kalau gambar Jack Sparrow atau Will Turner ok lagi, tapi Davy Jones and his full tentacle-y glory!!! Sigh…

Insya Allah, aku akan update lagi perkembangan mingguan tentang kami berdua/ bertiga kalau ada kesempatan :) Dan kalau larat la, hehe…

NB: From today’s The Star;

For Bangkok Rock Festival 2008 (which will be held in February), (concert promoter David) McLean is tallking to about 60 international artistes. These will later be pruned to eight. Among the bands he is talking a bit more seriously to are (The) Killers, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, Evanescence, Artic Monkeys and Muse.

Niiiiice! :(

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awww so sweet laa Ikmal! I wish my (future) son (insyaAllah kalau ader rezeki :D) will be that sorta sweet too. *hopeful sigh*

bacer this particular entry nie makes me err, wanna have baby. *feel all warm and snuggly inside* hmmm... *turn to Mike* babe, maybe it's time for both us to think about baby. what d'ya think? hehehe

I have no idea you have YT acc. me add you, yes?
Hehe, cheeky! Dia memang macam tu, banyak soalan! Tapi akak memang suka jawab soalan2 dia and am pretty glad that he's a curious boy.

About that YT acc, I just registered to watch other people's vid je :P Wow, banyak gak video awak ye? Buat sendiri ke?

PS: Having a baby is one huge step for a woman, imho. Banyak yang nak kena consider, banyak nak kena avoid and man, bila dah tiba masanya nanti, arggh! nak fikir pasal delivery (ceh, macam pizza la plak!) and berpantang lagi. Sigh.... Itu belum kira pasal the financial side lagi! :)
Congrats Zack bakal mendpt anak nombot dua. Hehehe

Err... aku sebenonya takut nk tgk org bersalin... err..err... ari tu Nadia kene caeser... tak dpt masuk dlm pun. Arghhh... nanti kalau 2nd baby dia normal camana ha zack? Kesian pun ada jugak... Arghhhh!! Sah2 le aku kena masuk labor room skali!!

Bangkok Rock Festival tu mcm nak turun jek.. heheh. Zack, dr Alor Star naik train gi Bangkok RM80 sorang. Hehehe... MCR tuh! Nak kasik kau jeles!!
congrats too...
tak terlewat kan nak ucap tahniah?
say hi to ikmal... i like anak sulong.. just like me
expect dia akan jadi keras kepala nanti.
Huk ala, masa buat tak takut pulak? Hehe…
Aku masa Ikmal normal birth (hubby aku masuk labour room sekali), and for the second one, aku harap2 pun normal jugak le.

Nak turun ke, nak naik? Ala, dia baru suggest aje the band line-up, bukan dah confirm pun. Kalau betul, hehe, bestnya! Kalau betul kau nak gi, boleh le aku kirim souvenir nanti ye!

Tima kasih. Aku pun anak sulung gak, dan aku memang keras kepala. As for Ikmal, aku tak tau lagi, tapi so far, aku tengok kepala dia memang keras. Except masa kecik dulu, lembik sangat ubun2 dia, hehe…
btw this two videos just redeemed my mojo on MyChem. ihiks



ps : listen carefully yg vid #1 maser ndak dedekat abes. the dorky giggles definitely belongs to Geetard. thehehe

pss : ader org tak ingat HT released biler.. and that someone is Mike Shinoda! hahaha. and Mike lol at Gee's joke.

psss : lunch break is over *sigh* buried myself with books
err damn

tetiber tringat la pulaks
bukan maser ndak abes clip #1 but maser 3 quarter of the clip. maser Chester ckp "destroy eveything in our path". Gee didn't laughed, he giggled... like a girl (well at least Frankie tadek kat situ)

last comment before I went hiatus, I think. *sigh* hiatus mode is so on 15-18 and 24-26 :(
Oh Sha why do you taunt me? Baru semalam lepak kat UTB for any updates (and did you see Geetard’s latest pic?) He’s starting to look his age, imho, with stubbles and stuffs. But still cute, nevertheless. And Frank, yes, Frank. Don’t get me started on Frank Iero :P

Heh, hiatus utk exam la tuh? My hiatus is on/ off, depending on my mojo. And as long as I can sit down and type (and the internet is okay), I’ll keep this one updated.
omg! cutenya ikmal. he sounds so smart when he talks. he got a very adorable voice. and awwww he kisses your head. what a sweet kid he is. hopefully he'll stays like that even after your second child born. :)

and eeek! that's better not be true. MCR will coming to Bangkok next February?. damn i nearly had a heart attack. x_x.
*dinner break*

haaa guess sape yg quote Gee dlm their the making of video? JOE HAHN!

"there's someone said that 30 is like the new 20, but for us 30 is like the new 40"


Zacko... Way to go!!!
oh kak zack jgn masuk blog saye dah
byk mencarut

semoga baby sehattt fuh fuh aminnn :D
Argh, sorry guys! I’m pretty busy today, and teh interwebs kat ofis slow gila! And… my evening sickness is trying to kill me :(

Lizzie: Cute? Hehe, you should see the mother! :P All kids are sweet, imho, that is until puberty hits and they started to go all emo and stuffs and not talking to you because they think it’s not cool, or whatever. Sigh… they grew up so fast.
As for MyChem, no confirmation from the organizers yet, but if it’s true!!! :P I still can’t go la.

"there's someone said that 30 is like the new 20, but for us 30 is like the new 40"

Syeah! And they say life begins at 40!
Gaah! I really, really wanna re-watch LPTV, tapi must. Tahan. Ugh.
PS: I loved it when Mr Hahn and Chester practice the different slangs, and also the Korean lesson from Mr Hahn!

Way to go too bro! Shite la, kau dah advance, dah nak masuk nombor 4!!!

Habih tu, kat mana lagi aku nak gi untuk baca luahan2 angsty kau tu?
PS: 19/5 b’day mamat hensem pbforum dot org. Jgn lupa ye! :)
saye cuba ah tak gune F-word sangat ah kak wahahaha

mamat hensem pbforum?
macihhh kerana mengingatkan!

Congratulations! Aku baru tau lepas tengok blog kau ari ni. Tahniah..tahniah... Bagus la..nanti Imal dapat adik baru. Lately ni tak sempat nak check blog sebab super bz. Anyway, Congrats again...

Eh, jangan ah! Jangan tak guna, hehe...
I've been trying to cut down on swearing gak ni. Trying. Very. Hard.

Tima kasih..
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