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Sunday, May 06, 2007
  Message from Ikmal Haniff
Me at gramps’ house in Muar-poh

Assalamualaikum/ Good day everybody!!!

Hehe, I can’t stop smiling here, because Mama said, Insya Allah, by the end of this year, I’m gonna be a big brother. She asked me whether I wanted a sister or a brother, and I said a brother. She smiled and let me lie on her lap, like she always did. Seriously, I’ve never seen her this happy, well, except when Aunty Sha told her that the new Linkin Park album has leaked on the internet :P

Ikmal Haniff

PS: People, my mother is pregnant. At last. :)

Hehe, this pic is courtesy of my uncle Onn who's still struggling with his studies, down there in Brisbane...

From the movie Waterboy

And just because...

Gaaah! I said Frankie, not Mikey!!!

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congratulations and celebrations... nanannananana~!!! *doing happy dance*

this is a greatttttttt news. congrats, congrats~! *hugs*
btw, by the end of this year? you mean, like, Bobbert/Braddles baby? woot!

btw Along, Angah, my Mom, my housemates sumer ckp congrats ;)
Hehe, thanks Sha & everybody!

Kalau ikut pregnancy calculator, estimated due date is on 6th Jan 2008, but then, I hoped to have a 2007 baby, Insya Allah. :)

PS: Tgh tolong orang kat wedding ni (break jap utk solat Zohor), sebab my neighbour kawen, tapi I have to remind myself not to do too much work, heh, FRANKly speaking, I’m a bit scared y’know. 4 years, man, 4 freakin’ years! This is just like LP, hehe.. (Encik Chester, kita akan jadi even sekarang).
congratulations!! bestnye!! let's celebrate!! :-D


Thank you Coy! :)

Thank you Onn! Hehe, macam tau2 jek aku suka Rob Schneider.
Awww congratulations on having another baby. I was reading your LJ entry just now and I cant stop squealing at how adorable Ikmal is. Y'know, I've been wanting to have a nephew. hehe. :D. Oh and if you dont mind, tell Ikmal that some random girl (that is me) say hi to him. hehe. :)
Thanks Lizzie!

I have 3 nephews now ~ Aliff, Izuddin and Umair, and yeah, Ikmal says Hi! too. He's opening the fridge now, probably looking for something to munch. :)
wahaha wheee beshnyer wheeeeee
zacky o zacky. woohohooooo!!!.

akhirnya kini pastiiiii
ku merasakannnnnn
perut ku boyot kembaliiiiii


tahniah beb!... tahniah!...

ayobK malas nak login lagi
Hooray for the good news!!! Jaga diri baik-baik. Let yourself be pampered :-)
Kudin: Aku rasa agak kurang best sebab aku takleh nak tengok HP:OoTP. Huhu… Apa pun, thanks beb!

Don: Bukan perut je yang boyot bang. Isy, macam2 lagi yang boyot dan berat, harap2 takde apa2 complications.

Kak Queen: Thanks kak! Apa pun, takleh nak pamper lebih2 sebab masa first preg dulu, I gained 18 kgs!!! Nak turun bukan main susah lagi.
apsal lak tak bule tengok?
hooo takot kenan ye wahahaha
too bad la akak
baca ribiu saje lah ye

oh so hepinyerr wheeee!
Kudin: Takdela. Aku takut nanti baby kuar blonde dan kacak ala2 Lucius Malfoy lak, hehe...

PS: MCR ke, LP ke kalau gatal2 nak buat konsert kat Mesia sepanjang tempoh sampai March tahun 2008 ni, memang siot ah :P
kak zack klu dapat anak pompuan buleh ler bagi nama ape yg akak berangan nak kasik nama tu eyh? ade selitan nama 'helena' kat situ ahahaha
cool gilerrr
Alright, people! Alright, alright! Guilty as charged! Guilty as charged!
Kalau perempuan, rasa nak letak nama Jamia la, hehe... (sebab bebalik fikir kan, gila kau, tu nama nenek Gerard Way).
Nazim Masnawi, apsal? Apa, apa salah aku? Maksud kau, diaorang dah dapat tau ke siapa yang bom Altantuya hari tu ? *starts packing my passport and whatnot*

Kudin: On the other hand, 'Nymphadora' sound cooler aight? Boleh bagi petname Dora.
Oh my god..! *smiling while typing this comment*

Congratulations! Nampaknya doa dan 'usaha' keras kau selama ini dah membudakkan hasil. Tahniah Zack!

We, readers should be celebrating too because, this news means 1 thing and one thing only! No more posts about 4 years without babies and whatnot! Wooohoo..!!

No new Harry Porter for you - nanti terkejut plak dia kat dlm panggung.

Seriously though, Tahniah.
*slaps Edd* It Harry Potter, dammit!

hehe.. thanks Edd!

Hmm... kalaulah aku ni ada power pyrokinetic, mungkin anak perempuan aku akan jadi somewhat indestructible, right? Hmmm.... dang, I shoulda married a flying man. :P
*clutched fying man*

NO! he's mine!

but on the 2nd thought, I rather have his brother. hahaha

ps : 2nd pic FTW
Congratulations, Zack!! Saye tumpang gembira.

Thanks Jihan!

You can take frying man, I'll go with Sylar, hehe... (at least he can be anyone I want him to be at that moment - Nathan, Peter, Hiro, Claude, Mr Eesuck, Mohinder, Ando, Encik Bennet, Zack, Linderman, DL, depending on how I'm feeling that day ,har har har *gelak jahat*

PS: I've been reserving that particular screencap for this moment :)
hi zack..
wahh congrats!!!! seronoknya.
hopefully 2007 is the year for me too.. :) pas2 sket kat aku.. hihi
hey zack,
CONGRATULATIONS! you should have a poll on your blogsite to see if your readers (fans!) want you to have a boy or a girl... or twins (that's so hollywood, right?).
Lin: Tima kasih. Alhamdulillah, sebab all these while husband aku yang jaga sangat2 nak jarakkan anak. Harap2 kau pun ada jugak nanti, Insya Allah. :)

Woot! Thanks a lot! Aiya, no need for that la. I’m not a celeb, what. Just as long as the pregnancy goes smoothly, it’s fine by me. And besides, it’s almost like my first one because 4 years is waaaay to long, imho. If you don’t believe me, just ask Linkin Park, aight ?

Twins? Hmmm… Fred and George Weasley ? Haha, Dominic Purcell has twins too – Lily & Augustus! I don’t know, but it seems like too much work there :P
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