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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
  Just Some Mindless Fangirling... :P
Heh, mungkin aku terlambat, tapi this just came in my inbox:

Projekt Revolution 2007

“Linkin Park confirmed today the fourth installment of Projekt Revolution beginning July 25th and culminating on September 3 in Denver at the Coors Amphitheatre (routing below). Fans can expect to see Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday (Adam Lazzara!!!!), HIM, Placebo (oh, the original boy in eyeliner ~ Brian Molko) and Julien-K on the Main Stage and Mindless Self Indulgence, Saosin, The Bled, Styles of Beyond and Madina Lake on the Revolution Stage.

Projekt Revolution and Music For Relief have been working hard to make this an environmentally conscious event. Besides making Projekt Revolution a "green" tour, $1 from each ticket will be donated to American Forests' Global ReLeaf program to plant trees to help reduce global temperatures.

Syeah! Aku rasa naikkan temperature ada la!!! I mean, LP + MCR??? Gosh !!! (I hope by this time the horny bassist dah join balik), man, I can’t wait for the reviews. And the pics too! :D

May 14th/ 15th – We’re waiting for you!!! Apart from MTM, also released on this day is MCR’s next video ~ Teenagers. Heh, looking at the stills, nampak gaya macam I’m Not Okay (I Promise Part 2). Bah! I just hoped this is waay better than that sappy romantic called I Don’t Love You :P

Seriously, aku tension betul dengar citer2 yang membuat aku tension. Really. At this stage, aku rasa aku dah malas nak ambik tau dah, but then, it’s my family after all. Sigh… when will this all end ? :(

And they say you should really look at beautiful things during this time, so pardon the mindless self-indulgence…

Frank Iero ~ Photo by Maria Newman

I really have this love/ hate relationship with this so-called emo-hair. As much as I loved seeing them on my fave musicians, I really prefer to keep ANY hair away from my eyes. Really. I’d rather bun them up like some frigid b*tch than let them poke into my eyes, thank you very much. Anw, it looked pretty cool on this guy too…

Jade in the video of Love Like Winter ~ from Jade’s buzznet

Haha, such a funny guy! Dunno about his ethnic background though; I’ve been searching high and low on the net, but to no avail – rasanya ada one poster at imdb board kata dia French/ American (Hawaiian), but sigh… Oh, this guy blogs too, at his short but sweet blog. :) and the one on AFI’s Official MySpace. Great read if you need to cheer up.

Petey from the video of Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Pic from PeteWentz’s Online Gallery

Arrgh! Since when did Patty Stump looked so hot? And Petey, can we watch a decent FOB video without any scenes of you smooching/ frolicking with sexy babes? Sigh…

Pic from baledaily LJ Comm.

I saw the trailer for Harsh Times the other day, and man, lamanya aku tak nonton filem Christian Bale.

Okay, did anyone get The Umbrella Academy on
Free Comic Book Day ? Hubby aku sibuk ngan wedding lak hari tu, tak sempat nak ajak dia ke Mind Shop, PJ. Ah well, at least the scans are available on UTB.

This ain’t a dream, (it’s a god-damn a$$-faced yang perasan) :P

(dalam tren yang sesak)

Screencap made by Te Raina at Pbforum dot org

Peter Petrelli: Oh, kak, kesian akak kena berdiri. Nah, ambik la tempat duduk saya ni. Saya ni able-bodied young man yang memang berbudi bahasa dan bersopan santun….
Mohinder Suresh : Blah la lu mamat…

Aku: (Mati terkujat)
Future Hiro: (sambil betulkan janggut) Tuan Direktor, buleh saya kuar sekarang?

Later people. On the other hand dunno la whether I should stop blogging during this few months. Got loads to jabber but then I think I should really rethink my priorities now. ;)

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I just declare cold war ngan Ray M (member kat US) sbb dier dpt pegi PR '07. damn you, Ray :P (sgt jeles)

and btw teenagers kluar biler nie? release arini ker, or next week? err err... *blur*

** sgt blur sbb br jerk slamat submit case study yg sgt memeningkan pale ndak siapkan malam smalam. I am soooo sleep-deprived! :(
I hope by this time the horny bassist dah join balik

ooh WORD! *high-fived*

btw the other day I checked shcedule utk Rock am Ring 07 and guess what? terkejut gilers dpt tau MyChem XDAPAT center stage. instead, diorg dpt alternastage (lebih kurang cam 2nd stage) WTF man?!!! even the Used (drummer br diorg sgt funny n sweet :D), 30STM, GC (again, WTF?) pon dpt centerstage.

I am so disappointed.

dah laa slot utk MyChem tue abes 5 minutes before LP closed the 1st day kat centerstage. kalau laaa MyChem yg dpt special slot utk alternastage (yg grabbed by Evanescence) kire ok la jugak kot. tp MyChem=no centerstage? xpuas ati betul! I really2 thought they gonna jadik main headliner, maybe utk 2nd day - since LP = headliner for 1st day and SP = headliner for 3rd/last day. damndamndamn.

*shake head in utter frustation*
Teenagers kuar hari ni??? Aik? Kata 15th or 14th May? Kena check kat UTB la Sha.

Oh, btw, Ray tu gi Bamboozle tak?

O.M.G. Even 30STM & GC pwned MCR? Oh no, that is so not a good sign. :( Ada dengar tak rumors yang kata diorang nak split ? :(
I guess you should take a look at my hair, then... hehehe

So, peminat berat MCR ni!
Yup..i like MCR too.. and anything in the same genres..
I guess you're into "emo" stuff.
Pernah tgk MCR main kat hellfest, yang trustkill organize? Damn.. i missed that video. Kau ada tak?

that time muka semua jambu lagi.
one more thing.. boleh saya pautkan blog anda ke blog saya?
arr? sape nk split? 30STM ker? bkn bassist dier tue blah ker? opss...

owh silap, check kat website apermendentah tadik, betul laa 14/15 May :D then single Smashing Pumpkins nnt title dier Tarantula? hohoho. Frankie, save yourself babe!

Ray.M pegi Bamboozle. dier tue la yg slalu pegi concert MyChem tue *dead jeles* tak sempat nk balas2 email ngan dier lagik, dier tak blk from NYC.

ps : dulu maser yg MyChem ndak shoot IDLY, I asked him/his bf (who could pass as model) pegi audition tp tak sempat la pulak sbb dedua tgh ader project/assignment. haa kalau tak fames bley kluar dlm MyChem vc. dah laa dedua sgt hawt! :D
Enche’ Nezjoe: Hehe… mananya rambut? Nak cover la tu, hehe…
Boleh, boleh, apa salahnya. Jangan kau nak berpaut di ranting yang gersang udah le…

Nak kata into the emo scene, tak jugak la, tapi aku suka tengok anak2 ikan (and some older fishes) yang pretty good looking. Dan lagu2 yang best, sebab telinga aku masih boleh layan lagi la. Dan bak kata Frank Iero, semua lagu patut berunsurkan emo, sebab tanpa emo-tion, yang ada cumalah jingle iklan je.

Hellfest? Takde la bang. Aku nya supply limited sangat, sebab aku fan baru. Jambu? Eh, sekarang pun jambu gak. Takyah pakai susuk pun…

Eh, kau ni Injoe ke, Pjoe kat gempakstarz tu? Ke, Joe manager Diana dalam Sembilu Kasih tu?

MCR la. Fans banyak speculate je sebab macam2 problem timbul masa tour nih.
Eh, si Ray ni laki ke pempuan?
err laki. he's gay. a hotdamn gay.

tipoooooo. speculation jerk kot. takkan aar. bkn Gee ader ckp diorg tgh layan writing lagu sambil touring ker? so that biler dah break from tour, bley masuk studio record album br? tipooo tipoooooo~ mander der!

*run to sob quietly in a dark corner*
*pats back and offer kleenex*
Heh, not to worry la, cuma speculation some of their hardcore fans yang dah lama follow, dan somewhat nampak macam satu trend or chain of events sebelum sesatu band tu berpecah. I don't think they'd split though.
At least not now when I'm still a fan. :)
i wish i was Joe dalam Janji Diana.

aku pjoe... Injoe tu cina, art director, satu department dgn aku.
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