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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
To all my teachers/ lecturers,
Have a Happy Teacher’s Day!
Thank you for being there, in my life.

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
~William Arthur Ward

Teachers’ Day Meme

1. Have you ever wanted to become a teacher when you grow up?
No. I have a self-esteem problem. And teenagers scare the living sh*t outta me. :

2. If not, what were your top 3 ambitions?

(Please refer to your Kad 001 for Malaysian students~ I think you got this when you were in primary school ~ for Malaysians la)
Doctor, scientist or detective (yes, I watched waaaay too much TV then)

3. Have you ever been called a teacher's pet?
Yes. Several times.

If this pic is yours, please tell me so that I can credit you for it! Thanks!

4. Name some of your favourite teachers from primary school, high school and uni/ college.

SRK SAB 2 Muar – Puan Hjh Jaharah
SMSAB Muar – Mr Chang (English), Miss Ong (English), Miss Anna Sim (Science), Mr Teng (Add Maths).
Sek Agama Parit Kadhi Muar – Cikgu Kamisah
UITM Shah Alam – Puan Noor Liza Mohd Rosli, Mr Viju Chacko and Dr GP Mishra.

Argh! I can’t remember the rest, but these few are the ones that made my uni days a memorable one. PS: to my friends who read my blog- please, pretty please, refresh my memories.

5. Your favourite and least favourite subjects in school ?
Fave - English and Maths / Hated – History or any subjects that requires you to go in front of the class and SPEAK.

Thank you for teaching us, nurturing us, and being our second parents. Pic from email.

6. Do you have bad memories when it comes to teachers ?
Yes. This one teacher in primary school enjoyed taunting me in front of the class, saying that I looked like Melissa Saila from the TV series, PJ Holdings. I cried, dammit! And then there’s this one BM teacher when I was in Form 2, I dunno what grudge that he had against me and my sisters, but he really enjoyed torturing me + my sisters + some of my close friends. Ok, so what if we (me and my clicks) were a bit tomboyish and enjoyed being hecklers in class? That doesn’t give you an excuse to pinch our arms until it’s lebam? Gah! If I ever meet that guy again….

7. Do you have any advice that was given by a teacher, that you treasure till now?
“Those aren’t music, those are actually protests”, from my father (who is co-incidentally, a retired teacher), last week, fully aware of my taste of music. I forgot to tell him that I’ve been ‘protesting’ since 1994. :P

8. What was the best thing ever said to you by a teacher ?
I forgot.

9. What was the worst punishment you ever get from your teacher?
Ketuk ketampi in front of the class sebab lukis katun dalam buku latihan. Nasib baik masa tu ngan member. Cheh!

10. Worst thing that a teacher ever made you do?
Bought him a pack of cigarettes from the groceries shop in front of our school. Nasib baik ruling pasal bebudak under 18 tak dibenarkan beli rokok belum ada masa tu, kalau tak, mati la mak.

11. If you ever become a teacher, what kind of teacher would you make?
A nerdy and dorky one, yet adored by her students because she understands their interests and their need to rebel against the world. Bah! Thank God I’m a number cruncher!!!

12. 5 favourite teachers from a movie.

1. Karen Pomeroy (Drew Barrymore) from Donnie Darko (2001)
2. Trevor Garfield (Samuel L Jackson) from 187 (1997)
3. Prof. Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) of Harry Potter series
4. Dewey Finn (Jack Black) from School of Rock (2003)
5. Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss) from Mr Holland’s Opus (1995).

Bonus question:

13. Who made you wanna scream – “Tak sekolah ke??!?!?!?!”

Apart from that stupid guy that jumped the queue at the monorail station this morning, it’s those certain mo-fo’s disguised as MP’s, spewing racist/ sexist remarks like nobody’s business. Why? Sebab apa yang diorang katakan kat dalam Parlimen benar2 menggambarkan betapa rendahnya tahap education diorang, sampaikan aku nak gelarkan diorang ‘mentaliti kedai kopi’ pun tak layak. Seriously, man. These are the people YOU voted for, Malaysia. Man. These certain genres of Malay people really, really made me felt so ashamed to be a Malay myself. But then, who am I to judge them? Aku pun belum mendaftar lagi sebagai pengundi, hehe *shame on you, Zacko*

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"..saying that I looked like Melissa Saila from the TV series, PJ Holdings.

-no you don't! But it's funny though.

I agree with you about the MP's. The Parliament show on TV should be rated 18PL.. Seriously I don't want my children to think that it's OK to talk, scream, taunt, shout like them just because they hold a certain position in our government.
I agree with debating, but sometimes it feels like watching a bunch of 5 years old fighting over a plastic toy..
meh aku refresh your memories

SRK SAB 2 Muar – Cikgu Khamis

zack! mr. teng? bukan ko suka ho sin chan ke? :-P
I agree with debating, but sometimes it feels like watching a bunch of 5 years old fighting over a plastic toy..

It could be worse Edd, macam babak gaduh dalam drama swasta/ filem2 P Ramlee, complete with screamings and hair-pulling scenes.

Cikgu Khamis takde ajar aku, tapi aku dengar "rumours" aje.

Hehe, Ho Sin Chan huh? Thanks for reminding me! It’s just that when it comes to school days, I can’t seem to recall much. It’s like there’s a huge gap in that period of time and I’m in some sorta coma or something :P

PS: Coy, kalau ada gambar from primary school, can you just, like, refresh to me the names of our ex-classmates and teachers? Aku takde gambar masa primary school la :(
zack, takdelah gambar masa primary school sekrg. tapi aku ingat classmate kita - hazifahani ramli, sherliza kamarudin, norfaizah abdullah, haniza ahmad, lim seow hui, rina salwani mohd tamin, marina musa, heida azura, norasniza, siti aisyah, fahida ibrahim, nurilham, aini awadz, judy ng, suhaila omar, wan sohaila, zuliana aliman, noorazlina...

cikgu2 - sharifah saadiah, mrs. tay, cikgu ramli, puan kamariah, puan hjh maimunah, puan juriah, cikgu hamidon, mrs. thamby, cikgu ibrahim...

lain2 aku tak ingat... :-(
Hoo! Thanks Coy!

Hazifah – aku rasa dia jadi cikgu la.
Sherli – Bank Negara lagi kot?
Marina – tak ingat tapi aku pernah terjumpa dia, dan dia kata she’s doing some paramedic thingy or something.
Rina – I met her sister during my wedding (well, like 5 years ago!), katanya doctor kat Ireland?
Siti Aisyah – she works at Makro Cheras. Hari tu aku jumpa dia. Dah ada anak tapi still slim macam dulu!
Judy – I tried googling her name once and I think she’s an English lecturer at one of the
private colleges, tapi tak ingat la.
Suhailah Omar – kerja kat bank kat Muar rasanya. She totally beat us all in the kids dept.
Tengku Puteri Suhilah – I think she went into IT line sebab aku pernah come across nama dia present paper.
Faiz, Lim, Niza, Heida, Norasniza, Fahida, Nurilham, Aini, Wan Sohaila, Zulie, Noorazlina, Aslina Kaimi, – Tatau! Any news?

One day kita mesti buat alumni reunion right Coy?
Favourite teacher dlm movie..

Aku pilih
1. Dewey Finn dlm SOR
2.apa entah nama negro tu..malas nak search google..ala citer sedih tu..To Sir With Love
3.Citer gangster - Substitute (tak ingat pelakun tu check google la.)
4.Lagi satu citer gangster - Only The Strong (Pananawe..pananawe panana apa entah nama hero tu..ciz lupa)
5. M. Piefer (Higher Learning)

Wow reunion la,.sorik wa Ipoh mali...

alloo...still remember me ?? tps aka. tengku puteri suhilah ...he..he..come across your blogs, sebab ternampak my name mention here...so just curious lah...rupanya old pal...ape kabar ? saper lagi nie..coy cocoy kan...edd aida ke ? ingat norazah abu bakar..norazlin hashim ? p lah depa punya wedding..lama dah..ha..ha.. about me..a mother with 3 kids, a girl and 2 boys... ok frens..take care sume...
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