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Friday, April 06, 2007
  Thursday Thirteen #16
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13 of my favourite Britpop tunes (in no particular order) (a)

1. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
2. Hush – Kula Shaker
3. Wake Up Boo! – The Boo Radleys
4. Lucky You – Lightning Seeds
5. Atomic – Sleeper
6. Creep – Radiohead
7. Beautiful Ones – Suede
8. Every You Every Me – Placebo
9. Comfort – The Farm
10. Run – Snow Patrol
11. Sing - Travis
12. Oh My God – Kaiser Chiefs (c)
13. A Design for Life – Manic Street Preacher

Favourite (and notable) albums from my favourite British bands:

1. Definitely Maybe/ What’s The Story, Morning Glory – Oasis (b)
2. Modern Life Is Rubbish/ Parklife – Blur
3. Parachutes/ A Rush of Blood to the Head – Coldplay
4. Absolution/ Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

(a) Not including The Beatles or any of the 70’s punk scene. Or The Cure. :P

(b) Long before the Way brothers find their way into my heart (pun tak disengajakan), these two blokes are my fave (Noel and Liam Gallagher).

(c) Oh, have you heard the remake by Lily Allen? Too cute!

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i think 'what's the story morning glory' may be one of my all-time top albums. as for lily allen, i think she grew up with her parents' music, which was the same as mine, so i love her covers (esp. the specials)

happy tt
Agree with some of your choices. Tapi britpop tunes yg aku suka also includes :-

1. Alright-Supergrass
2. Kinky Afro-Happy Mondays
3. I Wanna Be Adored-Stone Roses
4. Good Enough-Dodgy
5. The Day We Caught The Train-Ocean Colour Scene
6. Then-The Charlatans
7. Sing-Travis
8. There Goes The Fear-Doves
9. anything by Arctic Monkeys
10.anything by Bloc Party

..and please Zack, Radiohead is not Britpop although they are from Britain. They are in their own class..

Gallagher brothers? I like Noel because he respected Cobain and the Grunge movement and realize that Cobain was the best songwriter in the 90's. Otherwise Liam often dissed Nirvana in the press and acting like a media whore trying to get all the attention by making all this arrogant statement.

I heart Lily Allen..
Welcome aboard!
Hell yes, I loved that album too! It’s one of those albums that you can listen from start to finish without skipping any tracks. (My faves are Some Might Say, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova and of course, Don’t Look Back In Anger. Patrick MacNee ftw!!) As for Lily Allen, it’s very refreshing to see a female singer that for once, concentrates on making good music instead of ‘slutifying’ herself, if you notice the trends with female singers nowadays. :P

Aku pun suka Alright. Feel good song, imho.

Kelas apa? Creeps? Paranoid Androids? Hehe… Not a big fan, though, but I loved Thom Yorke on vocals yang ala2 malas nak nyanyi tu.

Yup, aku pun lebih suka Noel. I mean, bukannya aku tak suka the other bad boy, tapi kekadang aku rasa he’s kinda OTT with the remarks (dia ke yang kata Oasis lagi famous dari Jesus tu?) And yeah, not to mention feud diorang ngan Damon Albarn, gosh I missed those days.
Cth2 artis slut skrg...Fergie, Mariah Carey, PCD, Britney, etc...But I have to admit, video clip diaorg mmg delicious...he, he...

Lily Allen tu maybe muda lagik kot, takut2 nanti next album tukar slut pulak...tapi liriknya skrg pun berbunyi slut jugak...
Yuck! Mak aku cukup geli ngan Shakira and Beyonce tuh. And oso, one reason naper aku malas nak dengar lagu2 artis pempuan sekarang nih. Tapi kan, male artistes pun apa kurangnya bang. Kau dengar ajelah lagu Akon tu, yang liriknya dah ditukar untuk masuk ke local airwaves. Uwek!
among of my precious, precious albums - Oasis' What’s The Story, Morning Glory ngan Radiohead's OK Computer (the only Radiohead cd that I've owned anyway :D)

though I'll be happy NOT to listen to Creep anymore. once in awhile bley la kot. I mean lagu tue dah terlampau over-covered by other artists that I. Just. Simply. Wish. They. Would. Just. Shut. Up. And. Play. Their. Own. Song. Gah! *throw hands in the air*

I prefer Karma Police next to My Iron Lung. Penah dengar P!ATD wat cover Karma Police? vocally - suck (opss... hehehe) but musically? bess giler. and oh, incik Brandon Urie - sejak biler plak Radiohead ader The kat depan? :P heheheh

ps : tringat la plaks Harry Potter GoF yang Thom Yorke wat performance maser after-party Yule Ball tue. hahaaha lawak giler
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