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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  Things like this can really, really put a smile on my face…
Email from Gordon Kho of Galaxie mag


And you know what else put a smile on my face ? Yes!!!!
Reading a brand new Galaxie mag, fresh from the magazine stand.

Some of the things that make me O.O from the recent/ latest issues of Galaxie are…

1. Muse, Muse, and more Muse.
2. My Chem. Seriously, I don’t care if they’re printing the same pictures/ posters over and over again, coz they’re my fave band right now.
3. *keeping my fingers crossed for any contest with Linkin Park goodies*
4. The interview with my fave (fictional) plastic surgeons, Christian Troy and Sean McNamara AND the woman who shared their love.
5. The nearly half-naked pic of Pete Wentz during their Singapore concert. o.O.
6. Wentworth Miller holding a copy of Galaxie!!!! THE WENTWORTH MILLER!!! OMG! They should’ve sent me instead of that mag :P Hell, I’d pay for the air fare. :P I would even pay him to hold me like that :P:P:P
7. The poster of Daniel Radcliffe. In Equus O.O (I wasn’t expecting that. Honest!)
8. Dumbledore’s Army!!!! (This poster is totally going up on my cubicle!) Luna Lovegood looks so, er, good!
9. TVgasm! Kyle XY (I can see my youngest sister grinning from ear to ear by now), Heroes, Ugly Betty, ANTM, Supernatural, Prison Break, the CSI series; it’s like TV dot com, only better, because you can’t drool over them in the bathroom can you?
10. Adam Levine, for kicking Gerard Way’s ass by being voted as the Best Looking Frontman. I demand a recount! :P The same goes to Chad Michael Murray, who beats Went by a mere 5% by being TV’s Hunkiest Guy :P Cute, yes, but hunky? Nuh-uh.
11. Shia LaBeouf. I almost didn’t recognize him coz he looked so, uhm, grown up! Haha, the same expression I got after seeing Lucas Black in Tokyo Drift (I’ve always remembered him as Caleb, that little boy from American Gothic)
12. So many contests, so little time. :(
13. And yess!!!! There are lesser ringtone adverts now. I mean, the ads are still there, but not as irritating as the ringtones ads. Ugh.

Thank you again for all the good stuffs!
That really made my night.
Now will you excuse me, I want to sleep in peace. :)

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eh kot2 tetiber galaxie ndak featured your blog kat dlm mag tue, bagitau la ek. hehehehe.

I miss the old day, dulu mmg gile dok beli galaxie twice a month. should I start it again?
Celebrity blogger in the making.. :)

BTW, ko dah tgk season 4 Nip/Tuck? I always wonder how will they continue the story after the very twisted season 3. Well, they manage to make season 4 even more twisted with more sinister, sick characters. And I love Sanaa Lathan and the midget, ehem.. little person, Peter Dinklage. Can't wait for season 5 to unravels this Friday..
*malu le saya if that happens*
Bak kata FOB, "I am an arms dealer Fitting you with weapons in the form of words". Heh, I love this blog, guv’ner. It’s my labour of love! And it’s like my best friend. Kalau takde blog ni, akak rasa akak tak kenal awak, Edd, Enche Yatt, Nadia, etc. *getting a bit emo here* As for Galaxie, I still buy em every fortnight, read it on those boring LRT rides and now I dunno where to put that huge stack of mags o.O

Celebrity? Sori bang, that is one water I’m not ready (and don’t even wanna) tread :P (even though masa lepas2 kuar TV dulu I used to get that look and whispers from passers-by, hehe. Gosh! Ada yang berani tegur dan express their admiration, Ya Allah!, I feel like Mawi already :P).

As for nip/tuck, aku berhenti sampai Season 2 aje la. Tak sempat nak follow lagi :-( (maybe I’ll ask one of my colleague ni to lend me his DVD).

PS: Sori Edd, aku terlupa gila nak poskan t-shirt kau. Aku dah beli dah sampul Pos Ekspress. Insya Allah balik karang la. *writes on palm*

PS: Midget2 jangan sebut ya bang ! *shakes fist*
there's a new series that I'm quite sure you would want to download.


..JRM as King Henry.

Heard about it from one of my LJ friends. Nampak cool, tapi aku ni kalau period dramas macam malas skit nak tengok. I'll give it a try, though. Thanks Edd!

Speaking of JRM, i can't wait to see Cilly's next flick, Sunshine. Harap2 best.
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