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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
  So, You Think You Can Write?

Calling all ladies!

There’s a new site in town called Notes From Venus, and they’re looking for more female bloggers/ writers to join in the fun. You can post about anything under the sun, and YES! There’s a contest too! Stand to win a free spa treatment if your post is published.

To quote from their website:

Notes From Venus is intended to be the voice of women in Asia, which means we would like to hear from everyone out there instead of just the opinion of several writers. The idea is to bring all stories related to women to the forefront and to give them importance and meaning in the form of a collective where others can come to find their place, share in the stories and draw from them thoughts to inspire, amaze or surprise.

For talented writers, and wannabe professional Bloggers, eager to express their creativity and ingenuity, Notes For Venus is an avenue to explore capabilities and push the limits of writing, and, to have your voice heard and thoughts and ideas read by countless women from within the region and beyond.

Notes For Venus will also act as a platform from which our writers can gain exposure and in the process establish an active writers’ network

Hope to see you there! And yes, I’ve linked the site at my sidebar too.

PS : Guys, don’t even think about writing as a woman. Trust me, THEY KNOW! If you’re caught, may you grow man-boobs like the ones on Meatloaf in Fight Club. :P

The day I was almost pau’ed

Seriously, aku kadang2 serba salah kalau ada orang (mostly lelaki la) tahan aku tengah jalan, asking for cash. Macam2 alasan aku dengar. Motor pancit la. Baru tiba dari kampung pastuh kena pau la. Petang tadi ada sorang mamat ni jumpa aku. Nampak gaya macam Indon. Nak seringgit katanya, buat tambang bas. Dia bagitau lagi, yang dia baru jek keluar dari penjara. (I was like O.O kejap. Ingat nak tanya soalan bodoh, kenal tak Michael Scofield, tapi aku batalkan niat murni aku tuh). I declined nicely, “takpelah” (macam la mamat tu nak jual barang kat aku, tapi yelah, kekadang dalam situasi macam tu, kita tatau nak cakap apa). Tongue tied. Takut pun ada. Tambahan pulak sekarang ni macam2 benda kau dengar dari mulut orang dan melalui email. Macam2 kes orang buat sebab nak cepat kaya, guna pukau la, bomoh la, guna internet la. Kau jadi paranoid android. Memang niat di hati nak tolong, tapi what if suddenly aku kena pukau pastuh hilang semua duit, dan esoknya polis jumpa mayat aku kat tepi longkang kat Semenyih sana. Tak ke naya tu? Tensen, tensen…

For Nadia & Yatt:

Q Magazine, March 2006

Beb, this is the mag I was telling you about. Ada dalam 30++ pages of pure punk goodness, particularly in the year 1976. Ada artikel and banyak gambar yang phoar, pasal Sex Pistols, The Ramones (oi!), Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees. Aaand, ada artikel menarik kalau kau nak tulis pasal Lacuna tuh. Kalau kau still belum ada lagi, dan nak pinjam, sms aku, kay!

Haha, aku terperasan satu ayat ni dalam artikel pasal The Arctic Monkeys (in this mag) –

Another MySpace success story is Chicago punk band My Chemical Romance, whose 2004 album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, has sold more than a million copies.

CHICAGO?!?!?! Wtf? Bob Bryar must’ve been so proud… :P

PS: Yatt, CD okay tak? Maklum le, bootleg, hehe. Kalau prob, bagitau aku, nanti aku bagi a new one :). Thanks a lot for inviting me for lunch dan sempat ‘melawat kawasan’ lagi tu! Heh, korang le kawan blogger pertama aku yang berkunjung ke kubikel aku tu. Tahniah, tahniah… :P

Some of the goodies at my cubes now… Yatt kata aku ni 'jiwa remaja terperangkap dalam badan mak orang berusia 31 tahun'. Heh. Sukati kau le Yatt... :P

My monitor, dengan Atom dari Astro Boy, Nobita, gambar anak & nephew aku (aku beli sign untuk letak atas meja tu, dan tukar jadi picture frame) dan kereta faveret Ikmal selepas Nissan Skyline- Mitsubishi Evo Dah penuh dah! Oops, sori, aku tak perasan sekor beruang aku dok tunjuk punggung lak.

Ah, another MyChem pic spam before I finish…

Hmm.. dunno about you but I think Frank Iero looks like Zacky Vengeance's (angelic) twin in this pic.

MyChem in the latest NME, cropped from magazine scan, courtesy of Satsuma77 at LJ. Thanks a lot!

Untuk budak yang tengah sibuk nak buat presentation tu - Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates of A7X (I think that’s Syn, right?). Er, where’s the fedora mate? Photo from media.collegepublisher.com

Gaah! So many similarities! The inked sleeves, the lick! The same gaze. Italian guys are HAWT. :P


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OMG! MIKEY! so drool-worthy!
dude, are you trying for modelling career or what? hensemnyer. must be that 'prngantin baru' glow. I love his 'what-are-you-taking-my-pic' expression. so adorkable :D

Hmm.. dunno about you but I think Frank Iero looks like Zacky Vengeance's (angelic) twin in this pic.

HAA~! see, I'm not the only one who delusional bout that! mmg looks alike! penah tgk music video Beast & the Harlot by A7X tak? tue lagik laaa, skali tgk cam Frankie baby dlm Helena la pulak.

and hey, wassup Chicago?

*waiting for Frankie flash those NJ tattoo (yg inside of his lower lips) to me*

ps : raser cam dah tak larat ndak fidgety bout tomorrow presentation dah. the assignment already finished, and truthfully dah naik muak dok bacer the journal/report over and over again... I need my LP/MyChem/A7X fix! pronto!

pss : bebaru nie I watched SP - Mayonaise (acoustic version) vid that taken from Vieuphoria dvd. ader satu shot Billy Corgan tue, seriyesly reminds me to Gee dlm LOTMS scene - the part yg psl Gee looks a girl in a night vision. ahahhha
*waves hi!*

dude, are you trying for modelling career or what?
From what I've heard, it's Alicia who's trying her hands at modelling :P

skali tgk cam Frankie baby dlm Helena la pulak.

Word. Must be the red/ pinkish eyeliner. I think kalau dedua buat X's kat mata, and put them side by side, I think I can never tell which one is Frankie :P (provided letak dedua at the same height la! LOL!)

Alamak! Sha, akak lak yang tengah banyak kerja lak ni. But don't worry... malam tadi I have prepared some MyChem goodness to drool over, hehe. Tapi taknak post lagi sebab fellow *cough* fangirl tengah sibuk, :P

Oh, btw, yang Sha mention Kellie Pickler tu, dalam The Beast and the Harlot, right? And not that pregnant woman in Seize the Day? Dah, dah tengok video dia dah (plus Bat Country. Kelakar le!) and yes, Syn ngan Zacky memang delicious la! Tapi unlike MyChem, I don't really dig all the sex elements in their videos (which reminds me why I love MCR ~ they don’t treat women like pieces of meat), but that’s just me :P

PS: I love the WAY Gee cried (memain la) in that YouTube video. Cheeky!
aku suka lagi siouxsie & the banshees "oh bondage, up yours". lagu tu irritating, tapi fun! haha..camno tu?..anyway, yeah..that mag. tu la yg kitorang borong haritu. tapi biasanye Q tak best sgt, but not this time around...anyway, kalo ko ada nampak kaver pink floyd tu, sile le bgtau aku ASAP. thanks.

p/s: aku ingat nak ajak yatt terjah kedai tu lagi la before pindah..heheh...

p/s lagi: apa kata ko fotostat je part yg maybe bleh bagi idea sket utk lacuna aku? hehehhe...
haah, Kellie dlm BATH. bkn Seize The Day. though that girl - Val (M. Shadows' gf) looks abit like Kellie. Ray (Montague, my virtual-friend... bukan Toro) just stated Kellie Pickler ader dlm A7X vid tp xckp laa pulak which one. tue yg ingat dlm STD tue. hehehe.

I think I can never tell which one is Frankie :P (provided letak dedua at the same height la! LOL!)

bebaru nie in my druken stupor (from the loadshit assignment, bkn alcohol!) me and my big bro wat "spot the similarity between Zacky V & Frankie baby". hahahah. eh prasan tak yg they both have almost similar tatt of Virgin Mary on their arms? just Frankie nyer on the left side, Zee's on the right side.

ditto about A7X and the whole sex element. dunno, they take the metal vibe abit too serious I guess. *sigh* but apart from that stuffs, I like the band. the guitar solo(s) really blow me away. superb! tak sabar nk tunggu album br diorg kluar!

ps : prasan tak guitar solo harmony on Bat Country tue kinda eeriely reminds to some Malay song. tp tak sure laa plak lagu aper, tp seriyes cam penah dengar lagu melody camtue. hrmmmmph.
Nadia: Heh, Insya Allah, nanti la aku buat. Halah, bukan apa pun, just a list of songs yang somewhat menakutkan la, lebih kurang gitu. Aku tak pernah dengar lagi lagu makcik Siouxsie, tapi aku suka lagu makcik Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights. Meremang siot! On Pink Floyd, kau nak Q Mag je ke, any other mag yang ada Pink Floyd? Hari tu aku ushar jugak, tapi tak perasan le. Esok kot. Nanti aku bagitau la.

I can sit and discuss about Frank’s ink the WHOLE day, sigh… hehe, hari tu akak baru jek fikir nak buat similarities between Gerard ngan Wentworth. They have soooo much things in common! Dunno whether that post will live to see the day :)

Uhm, pasal Bat Country tu, baru dengar sekali je la. Nanti I’ll give it a listen again and see how la. Speaking of lenggok macam lagu Melayu, teringat lak kat lagu Demolition Lovers, yang kalau sekali dengar memang macam lagu Melayu otai 90-an. Hehe, that’ll piss my sister off- it’s her current fave MCR song :P
Q Mag issue pink floyd. special issue. aku tengok ad yg ada dlm one of the issues yg aku ada la.

btw, aku tgh layan "parachutes"..:-) balik kang aku nak layan konsert diorang kat NY. tetibe rindu kat vedder...hmmm
Hmm.. aku pun rindu kat Edd Vedder... sibuk lagi ke dia? hehe...:P
Patut la aku terdengar nama aku disebut-sebut.. hehe.

Aku bz sket aa skang ni. Ada masa nak menempel kejap2 je dlm blog org. Mojo untuk menulis pun mcm dah kurang sket. Actually ada banyak movie, album yg aku nak review. I'll write when I get my groove back.

BTW, Nadia & Yatt dan buat tour kat the now-famous cubicle of yours ek?
Bila ko nak open lawatan untuk public plak..? hehe.

Majalah Q itu tersangat la nampak menarik. Kat mana aku boleh beli new copy..?

hola there, aiyahhh,aku pun sama ngan edd,pretty occupied skang nie, maklumlah,dulu pekerja,anak,abang dan suami skang tambah satu lagik plak tu. :P

sib baik ko tak kena pau, bahaya oooo,kat area tu mmg banyak pukau, area pukau kl ranging from puduraya up to ur area, last 2 weeks,anak murid aku kena samun while nak pergi kejer, ko bayangkanlah!,nak pegi kejer, perempuan lak tu, sib baik dia tak kena 3R.



nak pegi semayang jumaat.
Aku dah usha kat kedai tu, dia kata takde la. anw, aku perasan satu lagi majalah ni. 'Punk' namanya. Ada banyak arts pasal Ramones and CBGB haha! First time Yatt bagitau aku pasal CBGB, memang aku betul2 blur sebab tatau langsung pasal kelab tu! Yep, aku pun ada usha T-shirts dia kat ebay and also dalam majalah PlayMusic bulan Dec 2006, memang chun!!! (oh ya, aku baru tau CBGB and OMFUG tu stands for Country, BlueGrass and Blues & Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers). Menurut Hilly Kristal (founder-nya), Gormandizers bermakna pelahap, tapi dalam konteks ni, kira melahap muzik la, hehe. Gah! Aku tak caya My Chem tak pernah perform kat sana! Most of my fave bands pernah ada gigs kat situ, termasuk PJ, TSP, Green Day, even Linkin Park!!!!

Majalah tu issue lama la (March 2006), aku jumpa dalam bargain bin kat supermarket dekat rumah aku. Banyak gak pasal Arctic Monkeys, if u’re interested.
Hehe, kebetulan diorang dekat ngan ofis aku, aku ajak je lah. Maklum le, aku ni mana la pernah ada visitor :P oh, Yatt & Nadia, sekarang pak guard yang jeling korang semacam je tu, dah masuk hate-list aku. Wtf? Dia ingat semua orang pakai t-shirt bundle tu, gangster atau pecah rumah ke? Walhal setiap kali aku datang ofis on weekend memang aku pakai black shirts, jeans ngan selipar jek, takde sapa komplen pun. Double standard! *shakes fist*

Assignment kau amacam? Ok tak? Hehe, takpe, spend masa ngan anak lagi best! Seronoknya kalau dapat main ngan babies. Kalau kau berminat, ada website ni, pretty interesting dan bermanfaat utk brain development:


Dulu masa Ikmal kecik, aku print semua design2 ni dan letak sebelah tilam dia. Seronok bila tengok mata dia bulat bila tengok gambar2 ni. Ko boleh tau yang dia betul2 excited! Memang boleh merangsang otak anak. Sigh… aku masih simpan semua gambar2 tu, mana la tau kalau ada rezeki aku tahun ni… *sedih*
Frankie, is that you? hehehe.
alamak fedora hat tertinggal kat umah la plaks. but yeah, that's Syn. ndak tau citer tak, pagi tadik maser dok tgh presentation bley laa plak my brain mentally played the Bat Country song. hahaha, tak snonoh betul :P and maser groupmates tgh present part memasing, dok humming lagu Seize The Day plaks, ndak ilangkan the overwhelm feeling lps present dpn lecture yg strict tue. no wonder la budak yg dok row plg depan skalik tue dok jeling2, pelik tgk humming sensorg time presentation. hehehe
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