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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  Oooh, is that a hole in your pocket?
From the LP newsletter I got today...


Beginning on Tuesday, April 3, the video for “What I’ve Done”, directed by Mr. Hahn, will be available for purchase in the iTunes Music Store and all digital retailers.

Also beginning Tuesday, you will be able to pre-order the album, and buy the video for "What I've Done." The pre-order offer includes the deluxe digital album with bonus tracks and a "Season Pass" including all 15 FULL LENGTH episodes of LPTV, the behind the scenes series documenting the last four years of the band. This offer is available in the U.S. only. (b*tch! *sulks*) Be sure to look out for more info.


The highly anticipated new release from Linkin Park is almost here. As a thanks for supporting the band, here is an insider tip: On Wednesday, April 4, pre-order Minutes to Midnight and get a sneak peek at the new merch to come with an exclusive pre-sale. Not available anywhere else, go to the LP web store [http://www.bandmerch.com/java2/BandMerch/LinkinPark/] to purchase this exclusive new tee. You can only get your hands on this tee from the LP web store; you will not see this in stores.

Choose from any of the following Minutes to Midnight special editions and get the exclusive tee at an amazing price.

Minutes to Midnight CDMinutes to Midnight Special Edition CD/DVD

This special edition CD/DVD has a hard bound, 24-page book of full-color artwork and lyrics, presented in a linen-wrapped cover with embossing on front.

Minutes to Midnight Super Fan Edition CD/DVD Art Book

This bundle includes a super fan edition CD/DVD with a hard bound “coffee table” style art book. The book is complete with 64 pages of artwork and lyrics with 4 frameable fine art cards tucked inside die-cut pockets in the back of the book. The book is presented in a heavyweight linen-wrapped slipcase with an embossed design on the front cover.

Do I hear Ka-ching!
The kitty’s getting fatter ! (again!)
Heart, please be still…


read this at LPA.

and my first thought was - sudah tiba masernyer utk pecahkan tabung! yay!

I bought 3 diff. version of Meteora, THREE, I don't expect any less from MTM. but super fan edition? haiyohhh, berlubang pocket dowh!
sabar.. sabar, my frens.
Bootleg kalau kuar RM5 jek, hehe.... Don't ask where la, but I have my own source, but if I tell you, I would have to kill you :P
And another thing, I'm still pissed sebab tatau nak beli kat mana single IDLY yang comes free with a giant poster and sticker tu (aku cari kat Tower Records pun takde) :( I even tried calling Warner Music Malaysia tapi diorang tgh sibuk pindah ofis ke PJ :( Am gonna try again tomorrow.

Owh yes, for TBP album, I have the bootleg CD, the original cassette with black cover (to listen inside hubby's car) and also the full discography, downloaded from Torrent. Am contemplating on buying the Special Edition CD with the artwork and whatnot but then it's RM200!!! Mati la mak kena speku....
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