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Monday, April 30, 2007
  On Heroes 1x19 and The Tudors
Heroes Episode 19 ~ .07%


One of the three stooges trying to take down the Company?

Haha, for once, ayat power dari Matt Parkman (in the line of The Office/ Dilbert-type sarcasm!) ~"You’re gonna take down your organization and you don’t even know who signed your cheques? Oh my God – you’re middle management!!!” Priceless. (Masa babak ni aku terlupa lak yang Mr Bennet dah kena bersih otak oleh The Haitian before being shot lepas suruh dia bawak lari Claire ke tempat yang selamat.)

Chubby Future Hiro

What’s with the cheesy goatee, Future Hiro? Ugh. Not kawaii at all. And, do you take Ando together with you? I wonder how Future Ando will look like *ponders*

Oooh, kacak! Mak suka!

And, dude, where’s the scar? And hehe *fangirly giggle* aku dah buat some screencaps of Nathan (especially masa dia converse dengan Linderman tu~ white shirts are LOVE!), tapi segan la pulak nak upload, sebab takut terkeluar ayat2 gatal power!

Enche Linderman, you should come to my house and heal my dying plants.

Oh no! Enche Linderman pun ada power ke?? Hoho, kalaulah Jessica tau yang dia dah bawak lari Micah, shit man, aku nak tengok showdown between these two, but provided that shape shifting bitch mati dulu la. (Hehe, I didn’t even bother to check out her name)

The power eater v The Brain eater

Phoar, showdown between Peter/ Sylar. And Peter, of the places, why the hell did you stand IN FRONT of the brain eater. Pelik, pelik. He could’ve taken him down from behind, but no. He had chosen to grab the bull by the horns, and what had happened, ladies and gentlemen? Yes. You die. Another surprise here is that Mohinder has actually grown some balls to fight Sylar. Haha, way to go, macha!

Why the smug, Mr President? Outta brains to eat?

Poor Mr. Eesuck, dah mati dengan cara yang yang amat sadis sekali (dear writers of Heroes, stop killing all the good-looking ones!!! but at least Hiro was right about this). And, gaah! Another devil in the Oval Office? You mean, Sylar’s running for president? Gosh, I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

And just because these two are no longer bff’s…

More on Heroes Episode 19 at Edd’s blog. And guys, have you been to this blog? I was LMFAO! (A good thing sebab aku memang tengah emo pun sekarang ni), check it out yo -
http://www.burnttoastdiner.com/. Fucking funny as hell! You should see the bloggers’ profile too. All very siao one. :D

Other series that I’ve watched – The Tudors.

Bling Bling JRM ~ Pic from theage.com

As much as I loved JRM, I personally think that casting him as the fat and obnoxious Henry the viii is seriously a wrong move. And what’s with teh sex? *cough*. Heck, aku tengok ¾ episode pertama je sebab firstly, aku kurang berminat period dramas, kedua, too much sex even though I have no complains about his bedroom antics in Velvet Goldmine. Serious. Mungkin nantilah, kalau aku dah takde benda nak tengok, maybe aku sambung balik (I’ve dl’ed up to 3rd episode so far, but stopped sebab Pilotnya agak mengecewakan).

Screencaps made and uploaded by yours truly.

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I've been contemplate to watch The Tudors (solely because of JRM, what else?) tp ntah laa.. still hesitate ndak download. you're right, kureng sket ah ngan period drama. it can be a tad boring *yawn* but, but JRM? ahhh~!

I think they mis-casting. I mean, JRM is a good actor tp it seems like his role does not quite suit him... at all. I don't think he can convinced me with his acting this time around. tak... sesuai.

ps : luper laa nk leave note. kalau malas nk layan Rock am Ring full, just check out the medley (Chester : "I love you Mike!") APFMH, ITE ngan Wish (NIN cover) that's the highlights I think ;)
I heard about The Tudors and it's over-showing of sex. Quite frankly, mungkin itu juga menjadi reason lagi ramai orang nak tengok. The producers even marketed the series as the sexed-up, stylized version of period dramas. Sex sells baby..

That shape-shifting bitch got to go man.. She's getting on my nerves.

Sylar’s running for president?
- it looks like he got Isaac's power but not his drawing skills isn't it? Macam lukisan anak buah aku.. Sylar for president!!

..you’re middle management!!!
- that's my department new favourite line. Once in a while, u can hear somebody shouted it out.

Hiro future and Hiro present nampak berbeza gila kan? That goatee probably scar yg diberi oleh Sylar. I didn't even know Japanese could grow facial hair..

P/S: I wonder why there's no Nathan screencaps.. hmmm.
Heh, thanks a lot! Maybe malam ni nak layan LPTV. Bestnya!!! Semua muda2 remaja! And Mr Hahn.. kurusnya!!! :) Akak baru tengok Mike masa Kerrang! Awards tu, huk ala, high gila, nak diri pun tak larat! Thank you soooo much!!!

Oh, have you seen JRM as Elvis? And, dah ada ke, Panic At The Disco nya DVD?

As they say, erotica is when you use feather; porn is when you use the whole chicken. IMHO, Tudors macam, ehm, borderline ayam proses la. Clearly not to my taste.

God, lawa apa lukisan dia! Ok la, not exactly comic-book style, but then what do you expect from a former watch-maker?

That goatee probably scar yg diberi oleh Sylar.

Okay, that freaked me out a bit. Scar from what? Kissing accident? Hehe… cukup la ngan Sylinder dude… And yup, Japanese ada facial hair la. Ingat Aum Shin Ri Kyo’s leader ~ Shoko Asahara? Even Gerard Way pun boleh grow stubble!

PS: Nathan? Hmm... you mean, the tight white shirt yang butangnya hampir stretched sebab washboard abs yang berketul2 dan lengan yang muscular dan gigi yang putih… ok, ok, aku stop sekarang :P
ala Hiro hensem la camtu
mcm ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2-2 cumel hensem wahahaha
Future Hiro = hensem.
Present Hiro = Kawaii!

Tetiba aku rasa rindu kat Dexter la pulak...
Man I love Future!Hiro with ponytail.xD. Oh I cant imagine how's Future!Ando look like. haha.

I was surprised to see that the scar on Peter's forehead has gone. He'll be getting another scar on his forehead in the next episode tho which I assume he gets it from Sylar.

I srsly love Nathan in this episode. As a matter of fact, I start to like him even more.

Eeeek! I cant wait to see what Mr Linderman did to Micah. And damn! I bet Jessica gone nuts if she finds out that Linderman takes her son.Oh,you mean Candice Wilmer?. Geez I hate her. She gets on my nerve.

Hands down, the face off between Sylar/Peter is the best scene in chapter 19.

I LOL'ed so hard at that painting. Sylar sure has madxcore skillz at at painting.xD. I cried when Isaac died but at least he died as a hero.

Haha yeah,I checked out that Burnt Toast Diner site about 2 months ago. Sylar's blog is the whackiest. It's ridiculous. haha.
Hiya Lizzie! Welcome aboard! Sorry, I was dead tired and fall asleep at 10 last nite :P

Future Ando? Hmmm… I see a slightly chubby Ando with a … moustache!

He'll be getting another scar on his forehead in the next episode tho which I assume he gets it from Sylar.

Duh. Unless Hannibal Lecter decides to join the cast of Heroes, then I guess Sylar’s the one. :)

Nathan? Gah! Don’t get me started! And yes, Mr Eesuck’s death is pretty tragic, and I guess we’ll never see any of those cool paintings then. Heh, I LOL’d at Sylar’s painting skillz!

I found out about that blog when I was reading my Friends Pages on LJ. Heh, This was waaayy back though, coz I tend to miss many posts. Word abt Sylar’s blog, hehe, even the profile pic is crazy! And him being gay??? Wtf, LOL!
Thank you. :D. Aww it's alright.

I was actually looking forward for another painting by Sylar but most likely he's not gonna do anymore painting.

I have no comment about his profile picture. completely and utterly weird. and haha yeah he sounds so ghey in that blog that he wrote.xD
I'm waiting for your rambling on this week ep, cause seriously? the ep is getting better and better! at this rate, I predict that I'm going to have non-fatal heart attack on the finale ep of Heroes. hohoho

Sylar for prez? hell yeah~!

ps : how's the LPTV coming? bess tak layan kerenah bebudak yang dah tak budak tue? and pardon Mike on the Kerrang! awards. 1st award yg diorg mng laa ndak dikaterkan. I like drunk!Mike though, his high-pitched giggle/voice sgt adorable (bley rival ngan Frankie's high picthed giggle, maybe?) ehehhe
Enjoying the waffles, huh?
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