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Thursday, April 05, 2007
  My Chemical Romance Update
I Think I’ve Just Broken My Squee Gland

Mikey Way
*sings Selamat Pengantin Baru* Ahem, reading one of them Waycest slashes eh Mikey Way?

And more Mikey Way because he looked so damn hot without those glasses…

Must be that pengantin baru glow….

Frerard Frank Iero & Gerard Way
Frank looked so thin nowadays. That man is so prone to injuries and sickness. *shrug and looks at Gerard*

Ray Toro
So, that explains the cheesy sideburns!

Bob Bryar
Oooh, spread the Bob love!

“Years ago, we used to come out with chocolate for the fans, back when there was like, 50 of them. That was everybody who came to the show, though, we couldn’t do that now. Somebody would get hurt. We’re worried about their safety and ours at the same time, and we’re not perfect at it yet. If they’re out on the street and there are cars coming… it can get too crazy sometimes.” Gerard Way

Heh, we're talking around 5 million now Gerard. :-)

All pictures and quotes are from My Chemical Romance Tour Blog at NME

This Is How My Money Disappear

aka My latest Chemical collection

Disorder Magazine Issue 21 Kerrang! Issue 1147 February 2007. Comes with a free poster of Gerard and that dude from Trivium Play Music December 2006

“Don’t sigh. They say you shorten your life with each sigh.”
~ Dina Zaman from I Am Muslim


terkesima jap tgk gamba Mikey tue. such a drool-worthy pic laa. *drool*

love love the sticker kat laptop tue. oit cik abang, tgk aper tue kusyuk sgt? p0rn? reading slash? hahaha *hug Mikey*

it breaks my heart (abit) tgk gamba Frerard tue. Frankie tak senyum pon :( time tue dier sick ker? Gee, make him feels better!

RayRay - primadonna on the gutter. *rofl*

and Bobbert, "hi blondie!"
*run off, giggling like a highskool kiddo*
Mikey: Yeah, I think so too. *puts another pic of the younger Way*
Haha, Sha, are you a regular at LJ’s MCR slash community? LOL! Their April fool joke that day was to ban Waycest slashes, wtf! *feels somewhat guilty for reading such crap* Aaargh, my head!

Porn? That’s Ray’s department, hehe. “That’s not mine!!!”

Frank: He’s got hurt every fucking day. He’s such an idiot. I just wished that somebody’ll take care of him. :(:( *shrugs* Kerrang! baru ada poster Frank with a doggie. I kinda missed the old Frank :(

Bob: Don’t get me started on the Bobalicious one!
ban Waycest? goo goooooo~! hahahaha. dude, if there's any one with something that dangling between their legs that should be with Gee, that person with Frankie.

ops, did I just type that.

no, you didn't read that. *swishing arms in the air*

takde aaa bacer slash, but I friended a girl who writes those. no hardcore slash for me, and luckily she more emphasized on relationship development, pastue hint-hint on the 'boy-on-boy action'. I think she's among the first people that brainwashed me with the idea of Frerard.
*bisik* Finish ur assignment first, then we can discuss this somewhere else... *muka innocent*
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