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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
  Why Can't It Be Like Anyone Else? Why? :(
I saw this on MCRSecrets today, and I feel really, really depressed.
Not to mention a tinge of guilt, because it DID crossed my mind :(

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*hang head in guilty*

it makes me wonder what kind of parent I'll be. should I let them listen to band like this (or macam LP)... cause biler dok pk2 balik the main reason I turned to rock genre sbb ndak release the rage/frustation inside me....


*and sigh some more*

Rock is the only genre I listen to now. Sejak kenal MyChem, I just can't stomach other genres, apatahlagi lagu2 mendayu2 yang menyakitkan telinga. I'd rather have Gerard screaming his heart out in my ears, just to drown my own sorrow. It made life bearable. For a while. :(

PS: I really feel like cutting my hair short again. Y'know, like, lets just chop off my hair and make it World War 2, hehe... (am really, really tired of having to maintain this 'fro, ah but what the heck.)
Poor Sha. :|
Her mom was warded yesterday, and i still haven't heard from her. :(
I hope her mom is okay.
Got loads of stuffs to post, but it wouldn't be right if she's not ok.

Lets just doakan her mom, okay guys! Thanks!
heya K Zack,

nie br sampai umah around 5 pm tadik, sempat laa jugak pecahkan botol sos, ngap a&w sket b4 bukak pc.

thanks for your concern. my mom is okay right now. turned out that dier jatuh drpd bukit kecik depan umah. doc ckp kene colli's fracture, teruk jugak laa sbb kat wrist tue kan byk bones :(

I was meaning ndak sms aritue tp yer laa, dah busy pegi kulu kilir - pastue enset battery dead laa plaks. hhuhuh. kene plak tetiger sibs tak bawak charger (bagus betul)

but really, everything's okay now (I hope)
glad to know ur mom's ok. take care, aight.

apsal? the comment thingee goes haywire ker?
Takdelah. Susah skit nak log in kalau via blogger, so, kalau masukkan random comment, dia log-in terus. Kira faster la.
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