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Monday, March 12, 2007
  Sometimes I Cried So Hard From Pleading...
It’s already out.

So glad to hear that your mom is okay. Alhamdulillah. I hope she gets back on her feet ASAP!


So, I’ve chopped all my hair, and no, I didn’t make it World War 2. It’s starting to bug me out, coz my hair is naturally thick and wavy, and being a tudung wearer, I find it a hassle to keep it dry without smelling like ahem, Gerard Way circa 2004.

It’s really short now, tapi bukan le boys cut macam my last haircut. I just tell that lady to thin it. So sekarang bila basah, I kinda looked like Mystique (the hair la, not the body, and if I ruffled it after a bath, I kinda looked like Gerard in LOTMS video. Kinda. (Perasan gila! :P Actually kalau aku baru bangun tido it kinda looked like Will Ferrell in Zoolander). Spooky. Whatever.


Gerard, Gerard, you made my heart burn….

The first time I watched it was last Thursday/ Friday, aku tak ingat. Aku kat ofis, tengah lunch (as usual, being an anti-social prick, aku makan kat depan PC). Feeling fuckin’ ecstatic!!! But with no one to share my squee! Sha takde, adik aku lak sekolah. Yang ada cuma kengkawan di LJ, (tapi tau la kalau bebudak kat UTB camner) dan mak2 orang kat 2old2bmcrobsess. I was so down. Waaayyy down. Nobody I know in real life loves these guys as much as I do. And I hated every second of it. For some unknown reasons, I took my sharpie, and start painting my fingernails black. I was the Emo Queen for the day. :( God, I was so emo, I shit nautical stars :


Kinda mixed feelings la. I mean, with 91.58% of screen time consists of Gerard’s various facial expressions, who wouldn’t squee! And Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, how I love thee. Thy hair is like the leaves in autumn, gently swaying with the breeze, how I wish I could play with it all day long… haha, stfu already, Zack.

Younger Way for the win!

Not exactly THE best from SuperMarc Webb (and IDLY is not my fave tune from TBP ; The Ghost of You is still my all-time favourite), but it manage to quench my thirst for anything MyChem.

Credits to liesinthebooks at LJ for the lovely screencaps.

Aku tak sempat buat screencaps sebab, ahem, am being blinded by too much hawtness.

Dan aku penat. Seriously penat.


Hah, I dunno how I’m feeling right now. Nobody, I mean, no fuckin body knows how I’m feeling right now. I hate life. Maybe it’s THAT time of the month, which means, for the umpteenth time now, I’m Not Pregnant (I’m Not Okay, I Promise) :(. Or maybe because my immediate superior is feeling grumpy since morning (wey hey, aku pun ada like, a stack of these fuckin audited accounts to be checked, ok; I did my castings till three in the morning semalam, ok. ). Sigh… I need a vacation. I need to get away from all these. ASAP. Before I lose my mind.

PS: Have you ever felt this feeling before? The feeling that you love somebody soooo damn much, it hurts and you don’t know how to feel anything anymore because maybe your feeling gland has burst up, spewing all the juices around, leaving you with nothing but numbness and some sorta depression? That’s how I’m feeling right now. My Chemical Romance, sometimes I hated you and wished I’ve never known you. Or your goddamn awesome songs. And your crazed fans. :( Maybe I shouldn’t have turned to you during my times of need. Argh, guys, I want my life back!!!



Last night we shared the earphone to my mp3 player. Lagu Famous Last Words. I know he loved that song. And out of the blue, I asked him, “Ikmal, sapa main gitar?” Dalam ngantuk2 tu, dia jawab “Ray TOYO”.

I rest my case.

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adeih, Ray TOYO? *rofl*

1. I'm Okay (I Promise) and my Mom sounds okay time called dier tghari tadik. nervous jugak biler dok ingat esok dier ader follow up. hopefully everything's ok

2. I had this kerrazii idea to shave my head with buzzcut. tp hehehe, abah tak kasik. plus my roomate takut dier kene nightmare la plaks. hahaha. but I'm thinking of cutting it too. dulu maser terbiasa with long hair, tak kesah pon. pastue biler last year potong pendek, asyik terasa rimas pulak biler rambut dah lps paras bahu. *sigh*

3. regarding IDLY : I dunno man. maybe terlampu high-expectation kot, the vid is not the way I thought it'll be. and you're right, not exactly the BEST from Marc. knowing him, he can do better. but some scene macam bess giler. I particularly suker part Frankie baling his guitar towards the camera. and yeah, Frankie's hair... *swoon* Gee never looks good. I mean lepas dier dye blk rambut itam nie, this is the 1st time I feel o_O DAYUM~! at least Marc's close up shot on Gee is Way better than Sam Bayer's yang sampai nmpk lubang idung Gee tue *giggles* should be more shots on ToroFro, Mikeyssey and Bobbert though. xsaba ndak tgk TMO!

4. *virtual hug* I'm not very good at comforting people, but in a way I can taste your frustation about the whole preggie thing. Angah pun still menunggu, still xdpt2 lagik after 4 years or so. *sigh* be patient, be strong ok?

Gee never looks *THIS* good

typo la plaks.

and errr mater pompuan tue agak scary laaa. so unbelievable big! I was like O.O *shudder*

and that 'falling from sky' shots. hahahha, WTH man! *giggles*
1. Haha, memang. You should see his muka seposen masa dia cakap tu. Dah la tgh ngantuk, pastuh mcm dia ponder jap, and he said RayToyo. Sekali dengar mcm Khir Toyo da…

2. Yang leceh bila rambut pendek ialah takleh nak sakat my son ngan my so-called fro, especially bila lepas mandi. He used to pull it if I threaten to swamp him with my hair, lol!

3. Yup, same here. Mungkin kita terlalu tertunggu2 what’s next from our fave guys (and their fave video director), and knowing that SuperMarc dah buat vc yang best gila utk Helena, GoY And INO) Yeah, ada sikit disappointment kat sana sini (for instance, I kinda hate the whole ‘it’s raining men/ MCR’ part, and the exploding guitar, amp, etc. Gosh, that really reminds me of dear old Pansy (RIP). And the YANG guy, walaupun hitam legam, I think he’s pretty good looking. Can’t wait for the TMO!!!

at least Marc's close up shot on Gee is Way better than Sam Bayer's yang sampai nmpk lubang idung Gee tue *giggles*

Haha, *gelak besar!* Man, I love his imperfections, that makes him sooo human. Urm, anyhow, his Chicklets teeth kekadang freaks me out la, and remember, dia pernah injured you-know-where la kan! Haha, jahatnya Frankie!!!!

ToroFro, Mikeyssey and Bobbert

Sha, let out that creative juices kat sini…


4. Tima kasih, tima kasih. Bukan apa, saja, random rant. Kalau check pregnancy calculator, nak dapat anak Halloween (31/10) dah tak sempat dah. And if I want a Bobbert baby (31/12), mesti conceive before middle of April, wtf! Haha! It’s been like, 5 years now. And I’m really scared. :|

PS: Sha, my home PC dah ok (sebaik takde apa2 yang hilang), tapi router masih lum ok, so takleh nak bukak the interweb la kat rumah. Leceh, leceh…

PS: Tgh dengar Desert Song, sensorang kat office ni… :P
PS: Lupa lak. Sha, that Frankie pic is my current wallpaper. He's sooo damn fine! Very baby-like! (if you see him from the outside la. I'm no gonna delve into details pasal his ink, though), hehe...
NOT. butterfingers, wtf!
ditto. I'm so freaking jealous of Frankie baby. dier nyer flawless skin... macam china doll pon ader mamat tue. *sigh* Gee is so lucky.... er, I mean Jamia. Jamia is so lucky. *coughcough*

I just read the post. *giggling like highskool kid* err Gee-spot? at least I'm not the one with (dirty) thought here. hahaha. and Franklicious *lick lips* I think I used to call him that, tp cam dah terlekat plak Frankie baby.

btw penah tgk tak avatar yang Frankie baby licks his lip in seductive mode? *swoon* maner eh ndak dpt that clip?

ps : thank God cpu tue okay. kalau ilang sumer mende dlm hd, abes laa. penah jadik skalik, hd crash teruk. ilang sumer files (audio/vid/pics) psl LP. even though dah start collect balik LP collection, still xsamer cam dulu. byk rare files yang "bye bye" camtue jerk :( *sigh*

pss : eh betul ker Heroes goes on hiatus? sampai bln 4? bacer kat blog Edd aritue...(ahem, sempat layan single LP dulu la camnie!)
that Frankie pic is my current wallpaper

luper aa plaks. penah tgk x gamba dier maser kat Voodoo fest? pakai black suit with black tie (ader stripe putih sket). raser gamba 2005. but really, Frankie in that pic - simply breathtaking! my fave pic of Frankie baby of all time :D

Oohh, swoon! Thanks Sha! Akak belum ada lagi gambar yg tu.

Honestly, I prefer him with this hairstyle (left hair split), rather than that punk look (merah + blond, pastuh cukur sebelah tepi, which is so Pencey Prep/ I Am The Graveyard). Oh no, too much fangirling *"repeat mantra, I’m a serious MCR fan who sees beyond the looks"*

btw penah tgk tak avatar yang Frankie baby licks his lip in seductive mode? *swoon* maner eh ndak dpt that clip?

Tau, tau, yang titled SEDUCTIVE tu, right? Tatau la mana budak tu dapat. Nway, you can always check kat this fullsizemcr (LJ link, akak dah letak kat sidebar, but I dunno whether it’s for friends only la). And no, I've never seen the original pic.

Heroes? Damn, sejak PC kong mcm dah terlupa lak tengok sampai mana. Nanti check la.

Oh ya, Sha nak buat animated gifs utk IDLY ke? Should I suggest thee the following?

1. Frankie head sway
2. Any snippet with Mikey
3. As for Gerard, hmmm, up to you la. It’s HIS show anyway :P (but I’m quite partial to the bridge part towards the end "I don’t love you. Like I love you. Yesterdayyyyyyyy". Heart, be still :P
rather than that punk look (merah + blond, pastuh cukur sebelah tepi, which is so Pencey Prep/ I Am The Graveyard)

huih jgn ckp camtue depan Gee. sbb I read it somewhere it's Gee who did the dye job. don't quote me though. hehehe.

animated gifs - in progress! siap nnt, I'll post it ;)

and with MyChem's IDLY vc and LP's WID snippet out in virtual world, raser asyik ndak layan those 2 medias 27/4 jerk :D

reminder : raser bln 4 nie kluar MyChem's concert dvd kan? 1st week of April ker... tak sure but definitely some when in April. woohooo, tak saba!
Yeah, i need to watch other MyChem stuffs other than my LOTMS dvd, Sha. (Even though I'm never tired of watching LOTMS, coz there're always new things to discover about the guys).

Talk about dye jobs, here’s something funny from Uncyclopedia.

Gerard way bleached his hair white a while back for the making and launch of rock hard auditory-feces, The Black Parade. This happened because he was in the bathroom, reaching for his eyeliner when a bottle of gay fell on him, covering his hair in bleach. The after effect was so pleasing that Gerard continued to douse himself (and his crotch) in the stuff, thus creating a white blonde 'do and a lemony fresh scent.

LOL! Lemony fresh scent huh? Macam Ajax Fabuloso!

now I can't block my mind from remembering that stupid ads and stupid Ajaz Fabuloso 'sing song'.

owh, Mikey dah kawen

no more emo bf, I guess. goodbye Way, looks like I have to find another Way...
Ye ke? You mean all those Vegas thing is true then!?
Haha, kalau betul, good for them.

Ahem, ni kira langkah bendul la ni, hehe.

"I’ll be off to find another Way…"
Wait a sec.
Sha, baca kat mana? I browsed thru my usual places mcm takde pun (most story about their performance on Jay Leno la) :|
kat UTB, K Zack xprasan kot...
anyhoos here's the link


and it was exactly one month before my birthday! Mikey Way, you are killing me :(



it feels like... macam maser Mike Shinoda kawen ngan Anna Lovejoy dulu. uhuk~

one thing bugged me though - Mikey kawen kat Vegas? in the middle of tour, nonetheless. (apsal? ALicia pregnant ker?) how cliche eh. rockstar and Vegas wedding don't mix well ya'know. and the matching tattoos. let's hope both things - Vegas wedding and tattoos don't jinx Mr. Mrs Mikey Way's marriage.

(siler bacer dgn ayat yang tak berbaur jelez k :P)

*sigh* my boys are all grown up now. *sniff*
Hehe, me? I’m happy when my fave celebs kawen or become fathers. I mean, dunno la sah ke tak sah ke (org putih la kan, so who cares), but I’m glad they’ve made that decision to settle down, have kids, etc. They’re human beings too, y’know. (When I was crazy with Christian Bale dulu, I used to scour teh interweb for any pic of him and his baby daughter (he’s a bit secretive about his personal life, though), but seeing him and others with their offspring, like Jude Law (masa belum kuar citer pasal nanny tu), Chris Martin, and yikes! even the loony Tom Cruise with baby Suri, it really made my heart flutter. And they made me smile :)

Anw, can’t wait for baby Way and ahem, Iero too. I bet they looked as good as their dads :)
baby Iero? *swoon*
and how bout G-Way baby?
*tringat gamba Gee hold baby in his arms pastue Frankie dok sebelah dier, so kawaii~!!

I like the mental image, hehehe.

ps : I just need some time (read:years) to get used to Alicia. something about that girl (and Eliza) just feel soooo.... off. *shrug*
Alicia's okay kot, but pls, not the other one! Nway, Mikey's not *really* my fave member but ah well. Life goes on.

Haha, teringat la pulak kat slide show tu, hehe. Cute! Just cute!
ray toyo?.woooooooo khir toyo ada adik yg rockstar rupanya!.

huahuhauhauhauaua. sakit perut aku gelak.

Tunggu anak kau besar nanti Don, dan jangan terperanjat bila kau berbual dgn diorang, mcm2 ayat power keluar!
tertekan laaa, br tadik dok tgh taip entry, bley plak tetiber restart pc. *screaminng at the top of my lung*

tensen tensen, dah aa tgh dok taip entry psl IDLY. damn, Gee are you mad at me sbb aku kutuk IDLY sket? :(

*smack Gee's head anyway*
*throw arms in the air*

ps : nnt laa, tunggu la- lambat sket ndak wat entry psl IDLY.
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