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Thursday, March 15, 2007
  My First Ever Quiz Online ! (MCR-related)
Just a nifty quiz I designed while waiting for my husband to pick me up yesterday.

Click on pic to take this test!

I dare ya!

Pic from full_size_mcr at LJ


Cross posted at Unleash The Bats.


alaaaa x dpt full score aaa plaks:(

It bugged the hell out of me tak ingat what's the brand of Gee's first, ineverwash silver car. hehehe
It's a ...... Never have to wash it. haha, mamat tu nampak mcm tengah high jek!
Ah, lupa lak.
This quiz is also posted at My Myspace (plus the scoreboard), Unleash the Bats and 2old2bmcrobsess (both at LJ). :P
add me (at myspace)

add me, add mmeeee~! :D:D:D
Macam tak kenal je...XD


Dah, done. Sila drop komen. Jgn spam ngan ads sudah!

PS: Tak nak try sekali lagi ke kuiz tu? Dah ada dapat 19 correct rasanya.
Apa yg oooo nya vovin?

PS: Kau dah try tak kuiz tu?
mlm nie nk try kasik dpt 100% corrent la plaks. hehehe

ps : tgh multitasking - try to type with left hand and holding tudung in one spot with right hand. hahaha
Oi! No cheating, ok!

Try la sHa, so far lum ada yg dapat 100% lagi.
err kalau wat bebyak kali tue kira cheating ker? *innocent eyes* ingatkan bley amek balik. damn, dah laa asyik salah fill in. ndak click option tue, terclick option lain. man man mannn

(moral of the story, kalau ndak makan tue, makan jerk. jgn memandai ndak makan sambil layan internet :P)
Oi Berapa kali mau ambik da....

Sha, akak nampak awak stumped kat soklan Abah & Atok Frankie heh? Berapa kali dah tgk LOTMS? hehe...
eh drummer ek? apsal asyik tringat guitarist aaa. hahahah. opsss :D

satu lagik asyik salah click, choose option lain, terclick option lain aaa plaks. ahahha. tension betol

ps : 2 ari lepas donwload Smashing Pumpkins' Rotten Apples (greatest hits) and suffice to say I am a new (poseur) fan. hehehe
Thank you for the ahem, surprise!!!
Lum sempat tgk lagi la.
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