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Friday, March 30, 2007
  My First Attempt at My Chemical Limerick :P
Lovely ink, Frank. Pic of Frankie from Flickr.com/photos/leman aka mandimike

Oh my mojo, where art thou?
Cause all I can think about is Frank Iero
And the awesome lick from the one with the ‘fro;
Plus the emo dude and his flamboyant bro;
And oh, that blond blue steel from Chicago.

Frank + one hot coffee = A slice of heaven :) ~ If this pic of Frank is yours, pls tell me so that I can credit you for it!

I think I failed miserably :P


err awesome lick? ahahahhahahaha

and owh, gamba 2nd tue tadek lagik!
*save to my hd*
Sha, guitar lick la honey. Goreng, bak kata orang Melayu. :P (Apsal? Dok teringat Ray lick crayon dalam INO ke?)

PS: Dah tau ke SL stands for what? Super Latino? Stage Left? (hehe, ada orang buat lawak sebab takut Ray terlupa position dia kat atas stage) :P

Owh, that pic is from LJ cummunity (fullsizeiero or fullsizefrank, akak dah lupa la)
Apsal? Dok teringat Ray lick crayon dalam INO ke?

haah. and it was almost 4 am maser maser entry tue, so pardon me if I laughed like a maniac. ahahha
Heh, you should really catch up on your sleep, honey. It's really not good for your health. (Trust me, I know)

PS: Akak tengah demam nih :( maybe terjangkit dari Frankie baby yang coincidentally pun tak sihat, and forcing the guys to find another replacement for him during their BP tour. Poor baby...
ahhhh sakit lagik? seriously dah lebih one week tak masuk UTB bacer news/update. huhuhu. poor baby. *hug Frankie* ader ckp ker sakit aper? huhuhu

get well soon Frankie~! and you too, K Zack ;)
Hehe, thanks!

I heard it's food poisoning, or whatever, but just to cure our love for Mr Iero, I think I'm gonna spam this post with more Frank-deliciousness. In a while, though, coz i gotta take a shower first, hehe...

Oh, btw, my A7X dl baru siap 81.3%. Will TRY and tengok whether buleh masyuk ke tidak, hehe... (anw, I seriously think that STD song sounds eerily like Don't Cry by GnR. Heck! Even Syn and Zacky ada sikit2 rupa mcm Slash!) Tunggu la, rasa cam nak buat post terbaru today, but just wait and see.
STD song sounds eerily like Don't Cry by GnR

mmg pon. even A7X confessed camtue. at least diorg ngaku, drpd band TU yang tanak ngaku cilok idea for music video. damn, I still bitter bout that. I feel cheated sbb This Ain't A Scene music video is one of fave music videos. well, was.

and slalu tringat kat Slash laa biler tgk Syn main guitar solo. Slash version younger and hotter. heheheh. and oh, penah tgk Syn & Zacky trade solo tak? HAWT~!! dah laa zacky tue lefty, so macam cantek giler biler diorg lean on the back of each other, licking the guitar. *drool*

trase cam traitor la pulaks. sori RayRay.
'Lick' as in goreng ke, 'lick' betul2? hehe... yelah, yelah. Tapi I won't judge a band based on one video, or one song or the pretty-ness of the band member(s), nak kena dengar dulu a few songs, baru boleh masyuk la. Heh, based on the first impression on A7X ni, I can say that they're too GNR, Too RHCP (The Drummer la) and the band - Too Redneck! LOL! *ducks from flying saucers and tomatoes* And guess what, sebelum ni, akak selalu terconfuse Avenged Sevenfold ngan Killswitch Engage, sebab nama dia macam lebih kurang serupa la.

PS: Tau tak, punya la penat tunggu my dl siap, rupa2nya terdl file torrent :P Punya la pulun dok cari mana gi file lagu, sebab nak try dengar, tengok2 takleh bukak, heh. :(

PS: I'm still with Frankie's "Ugh! Traitor!" :P
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