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Monday, March 19, 2007
  I Need A Life, or Something Like It :P
I’ve just came back from my hometown, and am feeling dead tired.
N’way, it’s almost 4.00 am, and I need some sleep.
But not before posting another batch of questions for Part Deux.

Click on the pic to do the quiz!

I’m so tired, I can’t sleep ~ Kurt Cobain


And just because I need to see something that reflect my feelings for these few days…

Bury Me In Black

Pics from full_size_mcr

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Zack, Sha..

Aku baru first time dengar lagu IDLY semalam.. Korang cuba nyanyi lirik lagu Yellow dari Coldplay dengan melodi IDLY. It fits perfectly.. plus the intro is eerily similar.

..inspired by? or copycats?

*runs away*
Jgn cakap Coldplay la Edd, si Sha kata intro dia mcm lagu Big Big World dr Amelia.


Nak buat camne. Dah minat :P

PS: Last night was the very first time aku dgr lagu tu kat radio. Aku pandang Ikmal, Ikmal pandang aku, pastuh dua2 nyanyi sesama. Husband aku jaki je.

PS: Edd, yg ni kau score berapa lak?
Oh, Edd, another thing.

You know how I know you're gay?
You listen to Coldplay :P

*runs away too*
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damn, ads bodow nie lagik! aghhh~!!

anyway, guess what? I SCORE 200! Weeeeee~! (okei laa, ader cheating sket sbb wat 2 kali, hehehhe)

so what so I get?
snog to death by Frankie?
romantic night in with Gee?
wild night out with ex-emo bf? hehehe
eh br prasan laa, skali imbas nmpk RayRay cam pakai kain pelekat la plaks. hahahaha
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