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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
  Thursday Thirteen #15
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(this is for last week, sebab aku busy gila)

From Unleash the Bats (a)

What would you thank MCR for? I'm sure everyone can thank them for something, but what is it?

Gerard ~ Icon made by Toast at Iconastic Frank ~ Icon made by pantsu akai at Iconastic Mikey ~ Icon made by Sam aka plaid-shorts14 at LJ Ray ~ Icon made by Sam aka plaid-shorts14 at LJ Bob ~ If this icon is yours, pls tell me so I can credit you for it!

1. For the music and the beautiful lyrics. Sometimes I wonder how the hell can I be happy (and high!) while listening to all their dark songs?

2. For the fact that you CAN change and make it work for you.

3. For giving me a chance to bond with my youngest sister, despite the 14-years age gap (she’s 16, and also a big fan of the boys)

4. For restoring my faith in good music. The last time I was slept with my earphones on was in 1997. Now Gerard basically croon me to sleep (To The End makes such a beautiful lullaby).

5. For burning holes in my pocket, just because I just can’t resist picking up a copy of ANY magazine with them in it. And not to mention the three black MyChem t-shirts I’ve just bought * palm on face *

6. For making such cool and dance-able (yes, dance-able) videos so that I can pretend to be Gerard and my son can be Frankie, and oh how we laughed at ourselves afterwards.

7. For all the great friends I’ve made over the internet, from Malaysia *cough*sHa*cough* and all over the world! You guys are the greatest! Thanks a lot for being there whenever I need my fangirling moments.

8. For releasing LotMS, which has been my staple diet since the last three months, much to the dismay of my blog readers because they are not able to read any new movie reviews, thanks to all the MCR-related posts which have recently bombarded my blog. :P

9. For alienating me from my colleagues at work because all I do is listen to them all day on my PC, and decorating my cubicle with all things MyChem. Which is pretty weird for a number cruncher (white collar ftw!!!)

10. For the way they treat women in general, by not having groupies and stuffs.

11. For pwning Draco Malfoy by being my new favourite blond bad boy (yeah okay I know he had dyed his hair black again) *rolls eyes*

12. For just being themselves. And for telling us that it’s okay to be messed up.

13. For Ray’s fro, for now I have a new excuse to not straighten my frizzy hair, much to the dismay of the Man Upstairs (re: my husband), hehe…


Note (a) I’m just gonna lurk there from now on. Suffice to say “Play with babies and you'll end up washing diapers!” *rolls eyes*)

Credits to Toast & pantsu akai at Iconastic & Sam aka plaid-shorts14 at LJ for the icons. And, pls tell me if that Bob icon is yours so I can credit you for it.

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you can also thank nitzus.

the source of all the "emo" videos that you watched with your sister!

Oh, thank you, Emo King! :P

Haha, ni tribute utk My Chem jelah. Anw, thanks a lot for the vid of Under Pressure (Bert + Gee-tard) Woot! Yang tu memang best!

PS: Sorry, your DVDs and VCDs buat reta lak. The Man of the House asyik sibuk memanjang :(
“Play with babies and you'll end up washing diapers!”

Haha, yeah, that's why I only lurk there too ;)
Hi Ann!!! *waves hello!*

Shyeah, I can't stand all the drama too. Teenagers, hmm.. they really do scare the shit outta me! :)
bebaru nie pegi jenjalan ke penang with my big bro - Along and bley plak terrrbeli 3 cds - TBP (yer yer br ndak beli!) ntah camne bley, rezeki kot... tetiber nmpk cover TBP kaler itam (raser cam susah nk dpt black cover, byk yg white cover jerk...) so along beli 2 for him - satu black cover satu lagik white cover.

I bought myself the black cover :D

and the cashier was like o.O
siap tanyer ndak beli tetiger ker. hehehe.
Haha, lucky you!

Yang limited edition siap ngan folder artwork tu takde ke? Rasanya harga dalam lebih kurang RM200++ la. :)

PS: See number (5) :P
eh ader ker jual kat mesia yg limited edition tue? o_O


I've seen bits of limited edition bebaru nie (thanks to Along) but tak sangka la plaks ader jual kat sini. (kene pecahkan tabung ker kalau camnie? heheheh)

See number (5) :P

*pet hair*

no, no, it's okay. I totally understand you. my big bro is much worse than you, I think. at least KZack beli mags from the bargain bin but that guy? dier mintak member kat oversea belikan+ship to him. *geleng pala* membazir jerk, sedekah kat aku kan bagus :D
eh ehhh drama swasta aper plak kat UTB tue? *puzzled*
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