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Thursday, February 01, 2007
  Thursday Thirteen #14
13* On The Spot Questions

[*10 based on this video and 3 more from me (MCR-themed) ]

Morning or Night?
Night. I’m always groggy in the morning.

Driver or Passenger ?
Until I have the guts to drive, it’s Passenger for now.

Pre-Michael or Pre-Martha ? (?)
You can say that I have that same “WHO?” Impression on my face, just like Frankie, hehe…

Misfits or Motorhead ?
Haven’t heard of both (I mean the songs la) *hangs head in shame*

Romantic night in or Wild night out ?
Romantic night in.

Night of the Living Dead or Hellraiser ?
NotLD for now. Haven’t seen Hellraiser.

Cat or Dog ?
Cat (same as you Bobbert! OMG the expression’s priceless!!)

NY/ LA ?
KL, obviously, but I really, really hated the hectic lifestyle.

Organic or Chemical?
Hell yeah Chemical! I’m too poor to eat anything organic :)

Vampires or Werewolves?
Vampires obviously. Bloodsuckers are sexy.

Revenge or Black Parade ?
Let’s see… I love 8 tracks outta 13 in Revenge, and 8 tracks outta 14 (including hidden track) in Black Parade, so yeah, both are equally good, but imho, The Black Parade is THE album that establishes them.

The Umbrella Academy or The Breakfast Monkey ?
Both of them, although I have this huge anticipation for TUA. TBM is kinda cute, though (Damn you Cartoon Network!!!!)

Gerard or Frank ?
Please don’t make me choose…

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Gerard or Frank ?

ugh, Frerard? it is a valid answer, right?

and owh, regarding Heroes smalam - I was trying to explain kat F|eZa psl the shock value on the twisted plot (with subtle metaphor, of course sbb minah tue tanak spoiler)

me : it's like, cam, gee tetiber announce kat dunia dier gay ngan frankie
me : that sort of twisted plot
me: its bad, in a good way
me: hahahah
me: dapat ko, aku tatau nk describe camne
F|eZa: bg aku x twisted pon [pasal gee & frankie] sbb mcm yerk jer
F|eZa: bi kot

As long as it's not as twisted as Waycest, should be ok la, hehe...

Tengok Bobbert masa dia cakap CAT tu, alahai pemalunya dia!!!!

pastue maser tgk that moment (bobbert+CAT), sure tringat mini!bob with his kitty. cute sgt... so adorable :)
Bob Bryar's solo project? Ada follow? Or Frankie's Leathermouth album? Man, hari tu, akak baru tengok video Pencey Prep, wow, Frank is sooooo full of energy! Tapi the music is not to my taste la.

And i really, really have to take back my bad-mouthing about Bert McCraken. After watching the Under Pressure vid, I have to admit, Gerard yang nampak mcm terhegeh2, hehe...
After watching the Under Pressure vid, I have to admit, Gerard yang nampak mcm terhegeh2

ugh, raser cam ironic aa biler terkenang 2004 (i used to be big fan of the used back then). in a way, i think i kinda understand knape Bert cam bengang biler org mentioned psl MyChem (esp. psl Gee) but in other part of my heart, raser ndak sepak2 dier on everything bad he had done kt my fave guys. which is kinda sad too, sbb this whole thing divide The Used+MyChem fans yg dulu cam in one team.
?Morning or Night?
night. I'm such a dead zombie in the morning.

Driver or Passenger ?
err.. abit of both? have to check out the ride first cause I can't drive national car (long story, bad ending :( )

Pre-Michael or Pre-Martha ? (?)
"Kindersex" (hahahah, sukernyer tgk Gee wat expression lps Frankie ckp camtue. cute~!) and I thought it should be FREE-Michael or FREE-Martha (since both of them get dirty with lawsuit and stuffs)

Misfits or Motorhead ?
err.. Metallica?

Romantic night in or Wild night out ?
romantic night in! (I think Gee answered the same gak kan, only Mikey answered diff. kan?)

Night of the Living Dead or Hellraiser ?
NotLD. for now.

Cat or Dog ?
some dogs nice to look but I choose cat ;)

NY/ LA ?
NY is cool and all but I like the vibe's going on in LA (noted : Gee actually prefer LA after recorded TBP :D)

Organic or Chemical?
err... my chemical romance?

Vampires or Werewolves?
vampires of course. they're sexier. and their "Brat Prince" used to be a rockstar.

Revenge or Black Parade ?
same answer with K Zack. both are equally good but with distinct features, but TBP established them as more successful band. plus, the recording quality of TBP is far farrrr WAY better than Revenge.

The Umbrella Academy or The Breakfast Monkey ?
TUA... I think :D

Gerard or Frank ?
ughhhhh, Frerard. ahaaahahaha
"Kindersex" (hahahah, sukernyer tgk Gee wat expression lps Frankie ckp camtue. cute~!)


(I think Gee answered the same gak kan, only Mikey answered diff. kan?)

I think Gee answered wild night out la, sama ngan Mikey. On the other hand, Jamia DO look like the homely type if compared to Alicia.

plus, the recording quality of TBP is far farrrr WAY better than Revenge.

Uh-oh, somebody ordered pizza? Ada orang datang ni, dia pakai sweat pants and he’s furious! LOL!

Frerard ~ I hope this is just a fragment of our twisted imagination :)
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