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Thursday, February 08, 2007
  Some Random Notes on My Chem

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey if you stay I’ll be forgiving
Nothing in this world could stop me going home…
Famous Last Words ~ My Chemical Romance

31 Januari 2007
12.30 malam
Rock @ Era

Kali pertama aku dengar Famous Last Words di siaran radio terrestrial.
The feeling?
Ah, you know how, *try to contain her fangurl glee from being too obvious*

PS: Aku sebenarnya dah lama gila tak dengar radio. Asyik dengar CD ngan mp3 player jek. Seriously, kalau dalam kereta pun aku dok tekan sana sini, trying to find ANY station that will play my favourite song. Kebetulan, husband aku buat kerja kat rumah, dan dia pasang radio, so, dapat la jugak aku dengar apa2 lagu yang terbaru.

Oh ya, just now adik aku sms aku (yeah, pukul 2 pagi, katanya FLW dah hit the No. 1 spot kat TRL) Yeah whatever la, orang ada Astro.

My two new MyChem magazines

Setelah berminggu aku tunggu Total Guitar ni masuk bargain bin (keluaran November 2006), akhirnya, hari ni, my wish came true. (Dulu harganya dekat RM40, tak kuasa aku nak beli walaupun dapat free CD how to play guitar to the songs of MCR, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Anak2 Bodom, Nirvana & Peluru Untuk Valentinku.)

I think the baby has somewhat matured; he’s not as energetic on stage as he used to be. Sorry nyah, mak takde scanner.

Dan aku betul2 tak sangka akan berjumpa majalah ni kat sini!!! Wheee!

Blender December 2006

Seriously, this haunted house story is starting to freak me out. Sometimes it DID cross my mind that Gerard had actually made a pact with the Devil, and traded his soul for the success of TBP album. I mean, how the HELL did it sound so damn good?

PS: Yeah, aku dah beli ROTTW Februari 2007. Dan *squee* tunggu entry terbaru ye adik2! :)

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nonononononoon, xaci~!!!!

regarding Frankie

I thought it's Jamia who wanted him (and the Frerard affair) to tone down a bit? don't quote me though, but yeah- that's what I heard/read. kinda disappointed actually. huhuhu
Aisey Sha, kalau your fiance dikaitkan dengan lelaki lain camner? Understandable la. Anyway, Frank/ Jamia is sooooo cute together. Suka sangat tengok diorang tu. Camner ngan Gee sekarang ni ye...

betul ker dier ngan that, that... woman? cam tak sesuai jerk. Nope, I refused to believe it. cause personally I think Gee can do better than that.
Who? Me?
I thought you'd be happy for me!

Haha, dunno la. imho, I think that girl (Elizza) is just being an attention whore. From what I've read, his ex (Kat?) is like, million times better than this girl, but then what do i know?

Oh ya, dalam Blender ni, ada citer pasal album baru LP. Khabarnya, recording kat mansion ex-mistress Hitler eh? Apa pulak yang jadi inspiration Chezz n Mike nanti ye...
amboihhhh! suke le tu yek?...;-)
Lp new single next month confirm kluar! tak saba! :D

ps : waa waaa waaahhh nk cukupkan 4 taunn lps releassed meteora, br ndak ader real new material ek?
Suka, maunya tak suka kak! Eh, banyak gak artikel kau kuar ye. Aku suka baca yang Lacuna tuh. Tunggu aku pull myself together, nanti aku reviu la. La ni masih kat ofis lagi, huhu...

It's like Somewhere I Belong all over again!!!
k Zack!

TBP goes platinum! after just 4 months! woot!
another great news - next vid I Don't Love You will be directed by superMarc Webb (Sam who?) AND next live dvd will be released this April (hohoh, birthmonth Gee + I with 2 days diff)
I think kalau semua fans dia beli CD ori, rasanya diorang akan dapat platinum lebih awal lagi *hangs head in shame sebab dia beli CD bootleg + donlod the rest from Torrent*
I think the plantinum tue kat US jerk kan? but yeah, it's actually quite lamer gak laa br bebudak tue nk dapat platinum.
Takpe, takpe, janji ada reason utk group hugs! hehe...
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