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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  Should It Be Titled "The RED Parade" Instead ?
Ah, before I forget, here’s wishing all my Chinese readers (if any, hehe),

A Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Being blond served a purpose, but after a while I started to feel less and less like myself ~ Gerard Way
Do you think I look like a Chinese if I squint my eyes like this? >.<

Okay, ntv7, what do you have to say about this?
The BLACK Parade TV Special?
On Chinese New Year?
Hoho, there goes the ong for this year, hehe…

I’m not complaining, though :)

PS: Sejak dua kali ter’miss’ MyChem on TV, I’ve made it a habit of reading the weekend newspaper the first thing in the morning. I mean, I can’t expect everybody to sms me “Hey Zack, MCR on tv8!” masa rancangan tu dah dekat2 nak habis dah, right?


To Edd, Tasya, adik2 aku Angah & Ija, thanks for the reminders ! I owe you guys one!

Just because…

Frerard and Bobbert from Metal Hammer Magazine

Images from Unleash the Bats and Fueled by Noodles at LJ.


Long, ko tau ari tu dlm Nona keluo sikit video klip wttbp. Percaya tak?

Kisahnye camnie, pasal sorang budak pompuan ni terpengaruh dgn budaya punk, tapi dah insaf..so masa dia cerita tu, yg kelakonye kuar la sikit video klip tu...konon nak tunjuk mcr tu ganas gile..budaya punk..kui kui kui...kelako siot...sampai aku terasa nak call kau....

Ganas my ass la.

Aku dengar MCR takde la sampai join seks bebas ke, merempit ke, makan sampah ke. Diorang ni kekadang mmg tak fikir le. :P

PS: Woi, ko kerja lagi ke malam2 ni? (Kesian, ikut cuti UK, kui kui kui) Ke, ko dah pasang internet kat rumah?
err... Frerard please don't stare at me camtue. raser ndak gugur jantung gue. hehehe.

*terasa cam ader aura vampires sket*


okei I stop now *grin*
Hah, yang kelakarnya, first thing is, the mag didn't even retouch their photos, so Gee nampak ada stubble! And Frank has such a great complexion! Secondly, depa gi photoshop rambut blonde Gee jadi hitam, wakakakaka!

Ahem, I think I'll stop now oso la. *still grinning*

I read about the photoshop thingee too.

And Frank has such a great complexion!

bkn vampire mmg camtue ker?

*fine fine, I'll stop now!*
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