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Monday, February 12, 2007
  At the End of the World, Or the Last Thing I See..
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This entry is for Sha Shinizzle.
[sorry babe, the internet really, really hates me at home :( ]

Making Screencaps 101

To make screencaps from video clips, use Microsoft's Windows Media Player. In media player, open the video file, play it and pause at the desired scene, and use the shortcut CTRL-I to create a screenshot.

Screencap will have a .jpg extension, and you can name the file anything you want. To further help you, pause the video and manual forward/reverse the play.

Selamat mencuba! Kalau tak menjadi gak, don’t fret, trouble shooter ada. (btw, akak ingat awak lagi terrer bab2 buat gif’s ni? I mean compared to me la, Teh Noob)

Ah, to continue from where we stop the other day…

The making of The Ghost of You video (now with screencaps, yo)

Three’s a company guys!

Apart from the cili padi manager, Brian Schecter (“Next time we’ll go somewhere dry, like the desert”] I just noticed the tall guy on the left – he’s Craig Aaronson right? (VP of A&R Reprise/ Warner Bros). Haha! Everybody wants to be in GoY video!

Band of Brothers!

Mikey confessing his fear of large bodies of water…

SuperMarc Webb, Frank and a very youthful looking Bobbert Frank and Marc Webb

… Frank : (laughing cheekily at Mikey) : "... but when my balls get wet, that’s when I get scared!” Gulp! Frankie? Balls? Wet?

So petite, yet so potent. Sigh… Jamia is sooo lucky!

Can we get enough of Frank Iero? Yeah, I think so too!

Pengantin sesat?

The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw this pic was “aik, ada deleted scene involving brides ke?” Apparently, ada couple ni organize their beach wedding on the same day of the shooting.

Ray and Bobbert shares a moment

Ray : I can’t swim !
Bobbert (to the film crew and pats Ray) : I’ll save him.

Hairpins are the bitches

MyChem + Uniforms + Hairpins = o.O

Now don’t flash that Chicklets teeth at us, Gerard Arthur Way

“Can you flip that screen around? I think I got saltwater in my eyes”
Ugh, Gerard is such an attention whore!

Lastly, totally unrelated, but I just have to put this one… Frankie with his Sidekick!

I just hoped that he didn't do a Pen.. ooppss, Pete Wentz on that thing

Give Me A Reason To Believe…

And another reason to squee!

Writer: Gerard Way, Arvid Nelson, Ron Marz
Artist: Gabriel Bá, Dave Stewart, Clement Suave
Cover Artist: James Jean [the same guy who did the artwork for the Black Parade album huh?]
Genre: Action/Adventure

Conceived and written by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy features interior art by Gabriel Bá (Casanova) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy) and covers by multiple-Eisner-Award-winning artist James Jean (Fables). The Umbrella Academy debuts with a 12-page story set before the start of the upcoming series.

This issue also features sneak-peeks at two other upcoming Dark Horse titles: Zero Killer, by Rex Mundi creator Arvid Nelson and Matt Camp (Shadows), and Pantheon City, written by Ron Marz (Samurai: Heaven and Earth) and drawn by Clement Sauve (Stormwatch).


Tooddles! And think happy thoughts!

PS: Nadia & Yatt, yours up next! [ugh masa amat mencemburui aku, and I’m still working on my Elarti Nativiti/ Susuk/ Aliya Elyana entries].

All Screencaps made n uploaded by moi.
Pic of The Umbrella Academy is from the Dark Horse website.

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thank you~!!!! *hugs*

lepas nie bley try wat la :D. hehehe.

btw, akak ingat awak lagi terrer bab2 buat gif’s ni?

ahahah. gif reti wat, screencap takpenah try lagik guner WMP. fret not, pasnie bley wat screencap bebyk (thanks to youuuuu~)

he’s Craig Aaronson right

2 out of 3 vids for Revenge, dier ngan Bri mmg dtg tgk shooting process. except Helena. (tatau laa apsal)

Ray and Bobbert share a moment

awww. *coughboyfriendcough* btw Ray ader wat tattoo kat lengan dier - SL. dunno what it stands for, though. (super latino? hahaha)


br smalam dok conteng2 kat arms those words using sharpie :D

ps : it's nice to see you back again! *big loopy grin*
SL stands for Saya Lapar *tgh makan nasi goreng kampung*, hehe...

Actually ada lagi some Frank/ Gee moments tapi gambar blurry la, sebab scene tu cam split seconds jek (masa diorang notice air masuk kat dalam boat tu) and some Gee/ Bob scenes masa kat beach, before they charge!!!!
zack! tgk gambar harry tak pakai baju tuh?

sorry off topic. Hehehe..
Takpe, no hal punya.
Apsal hang tak cakap gambar Harry bugel jek, hehe... (dah, aku tengok ada dua, satu gambar dia sorang, dan satu lagi dengan kuda putih a.k.a kekasih pojaan hati dia tu *buek!*

Ko tatau ke decision dia untuk berlakon bogel dlm drama pentas Equus tu, dapat rave reviews dr semua peminat HP, termasuk mak bapak diorang. I dunno what to say, sebab some people memang tak dapat terima hakikat yang Dan Radcliffe tu cuma sorang pelakon, bukannya Harry Potter, idola anak2 diorang yang goody2 tu.

Dan, baca tak paper hari ni pasal Lord Voldemort pulak ada skandal seks ngan pramugari yang terlampau? Sigh…
Segan la nak sebut perkataan tu. Hehehehe..

Tapi kan..aku pun cam takleh terima aaa dia cenggitu. at least not yet la. sbb aku masih rasa dia tu Harry Potter, wizard yg bersopan santun. selagi buku dengan movie tak habis, aku still rasa Daniel Radcliffe tu Harry Potter.

Eh, paper mana? daily prophet? huhuhu.. ade link tak?
Paper The Sun hari ni la, si Ralph Fiennes tu. Ko kalau nak Daily Prophet kena mintak Ron Weasley la. :)

Hmm... kekadang ada betulnya jugak, sebab Harry Potter tu satu cult icon yang digilai ramai (termasuk aku), kalau ko gi imdb punya message board la, siap ada sorang poster ni, boleh suruh Dan Radcliffe jangan minat Sex Pistols, sebab takut anak2 diaorang minat band punk tu. Punk = EEEEEvil! Ada ke dia suruh Dan minat band2 mcm Franz Ferdinand dah le. Apahal! Dia budak Brit, by right sekarang dah legal dah (kekadang, I just hated the fact that just because you’re legal, you have the right to slutify yourself. Wtf?)

PS: Kau dah tengok filem Rupert (Driving School) dan Dan (December Boys)?
Baru jek dengar String Quartet GoY tu, and honestly, I prefer the song with my Gerard screaming his heart out :) Tapi tatau lagi la, mana la tau dengar kali kedua buleh jatuh chenta pulak, hehe...
tgk gambar harry tak pakai baju tuh?

uikhs, yg maner plak nie? o.O
Click at your own risk :)



Nampak macam superimpose, kan?
owh wow.... er I mean, nice white horse (or is it unicorn?, hahaha). nice jeans too

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