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Thursday, February 22, 2007
  5 Tales of Chemical Memes, hehe...
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5 Things Meme ~ as tagged by Ijan [maddox24 dot blogspot dot com]

FYI, I’ve done something similar here and here.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

Hmmm… tough gak ni. Masa dapat RM1K pocket money hadiah lucky draw hari tu pun jenuh nak habiskan, inikan pulak RM1mil. o.O Seriously, aku blank. Apa yang aku fikir ialah masa depan anak aku (education and whatnot) dan simpanan emergency in case something happen to me or my immediate family. Don’t laugh at my prudence, man. I’m an accountant :P

1. Settlekan semua hutang piutang, zakat dan sedekah, dan tunaikan haji (tu kira dah mampu la tu).
2. Attend at least one My Chem concert, tak kira la kat mana. Atau invite them to spend a day with me, hehe… or, or, take Brian Schecter’s job!
3. Sumbat semua dalam FD, ASB dan unit trust.
4. …
5. *fikir apa lagi yek* serious man, aku tatau nak buat apa ngan duit sebanyak tu!

5 bad habits:

1. Hot-tempered. Tapi aku belajar untuk cool down.
2. I don’t give a shit what people think of me. (Ini kira bad habit ke?)
3. Tak reti jenjalan atau makan dengan orang. Lone ranger.
4. Too obsessed with something, it’s almost frightening.
5. I just noticed that I MAY have a borderline OCD. Selain drp tendency utk menyusun semua benda according to something (alphabetical, genre, etc) aku baru perasan yang tetiap kali lepas lunch, sebelum solat Zohor, aku akan berus gigi at least 3 kali. :?

5 things I hate doing:

1. Ironing. Aku selalu iron baju sambil layan DVD. That’s the only time I have ;)
2. Sama ngan kau Ijan ~ kena buat kerja urgent yang last minute giler babi.
3. Beratur nak naik monorel yang penuh macam sardin. Tak reti2 nak masuk dalam.
4. Channel surfing, tak kira di TV or radio. I don’t believe what passed as music nowadays. *rolls eyes*
5. Attending meetings that serve no real purpose other than eating currypuffs and fried meehoon.

5 things I'll never do:

1. Have an extra-marital affair. Walaupun Gerard Way melutut depan aku, hehe… I love my husband vv much, and the sight of a certain ‘mak orang’ and ‘laki orang’ berchenta tak hengat depan mata aku, memang menyedihkan. I just hope he feels the same way too.
2. Being obsessed about a certain singer yang dapat Datukship tu. Bleh!
3. YM. I’ve wasted Wayyy too much time already.
4. Tattoos or piercing tempat yang pelik2, walaupun memang terasa sangat nak buat!
5. Be a porn star, or playmate or something along that line :P And yeah, wear pink. :D

5 things I regret doing:

1. Starting this friggin blog. It’s so addictive, it’s almost like a commitment :(
2. Not spending enough quality time with my son.
3. Calling my BIL instead of my best friend Coy as my lifeline, during my hot seat in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. End up with RM8k instead of RM16k, bleh! (Dah takde rezeki Siti…) jgn mare, nitzus!
4. Not taking the chance to know my grandparents better, until they’re gone forever. :(
5. Ah, anw, life goes on…

5 fave toys or thing:

1. My son :)
2. My mp3 player and mp4 player.
3. My handphone and my PC.
4. My books, magazines, stamps, DVD and VCD collection.
5. My blog, my LiveJournal & my Friendster :>

5 people to tag:

Whoever with waayy too much time on their hands. :)


5. I just noticed that I MAY have a borderline OCD.

then make it two of us. huhu. my doc said (in my case) it may caused by my childhood. (something happened, but whatever...)

Haha, welcome back sHa!

Akak tengah jenuh mencari member nak citer pasal Gee’s shaving accident (no thanks to Mr Iero si loose cannon tu :P ~ dah dengar interview with Frankie kat Unleash the Bats?) Nak tersembur pun ada!
Too obsessed with something, it’s almost frightening. - zack

Mcm tak caya jer...he, he...
Caya bang, caya... *hangs head in shame*

PS: Bang, tolong pesan kat Ijan, jgn lupa kitaorg kat sini le, walaupun dah ke tempat baru....

i hate slow servers ;(
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