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Saturday, January 13, 2007
  Stages of My Chemically-Induced Craziness
Current mood : [tired ~ baru lepas spring cleaning!]
Current song : [Drowning Lessons ~ My Chemical Romance]
Currently reading : [Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke]

a.k.a the many moods of me during these few days…


1. Bila server down.
2. Bila tengok kerja aku yang melambak minta disiapkan.
3. Bila tengok rumah aku yang bersepah minta dikemaskan.
4. Bila anak aku melalak berebut computer, sebab nak main game di Nick Jr.
5. MUSE concert ~ just for non-Muslims? Can somebody clarify this for me?


1. When I received any email updates from MyChem.
2. Whenever there’s any update on Unleash the Bats or my fave MyChem forum.
3. When somebody (read: my fellow fangurls) drop a comment on My Chemical Posts

4. Or whenever somebody (and I mean anybody) drop a comment on my blog.
5. Whenever I finished my reports. Any reports. Whee!
6. Two words : Walnut brownie.
7. Laundry time!
8. New video for Famous Last Words!


1. Bila my fellow fangurl went back to her hometown. Balik la cepat Sha!
2. Whenever my neighbour forgot to switch on the server, rendering me helpless without an internet connection.
3. Bila dengar berita Johor banjir lagi…
4. Everytime diorang bakar fireworks kat Tasik Titiwangsa. Every freaking night! Membazir!
5. Bila dengar ada lagi major amendment yang perlu dibuat pada report aku (shite.) Bila la diorang nak buat online report automation ni…
6. Every time aku tengok perempuan pregnant or babies :(

\(^o^)/ \(^_^)/ \(^o^)/

1. When ever I received any sms from my sister, who is also a MyChem fan.
2. Whenever we watched LOTMS together.
3. Bila2 aku tengok LOTMS untuk kesekian kalinya.
4. Finishing my reports + My Chem on the Winamp = Ultimate Pleasure!

The Ghost of You & Helena screencaps made & uploaded by me.


"..MUSE concert ~ just for non-Muslims"

zack.. aku tak sure ttg benda ni. dalam website tigermusic sendiri pun takde tulis. Maybe paper Sun tulis camtu sbb nak lepas buat advert Tiger dalam paper kot.

Takkan dia nak sembur beer kat audience kot?? tolong la, aku mmg nak tgk gi tgk Muse ni.. tiket dia dh jual pun..
Bab sembur beer tu, aku tak pasti, but i think there's surely gonna be liquor and whatnot. Mungkin sebab tu kot?

PS: Kalau kau gi, aku nak kirim tour t-shirt. Aku memang dah sah2 takleh gi :(
1. Bila my fellow fangurl went back to her hometown. Balik la cepat Sha!

ohhh mish you too! mish blogging so sooo much (blogging=hobby+habit)

currently online kt balcony umah angah kat SA nie, tumpang wireless connection org sbelah. bley la plaks dpt connection :D and owh man, adik laki dier ensem la plaks *big grin*
Malangnya rumah aku takde balkoni dan jiran2 semuanya dah tua2...:)
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