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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  My MCR Secrets.
Current mood : [Got a headache. Again.]
Current song : [Dirty Little Secret ~ All American Rejects]

I almost didn’t notice the huge pile of reports that I have to complete, coz I was too busy surfing this new site.

WAY better than PostSecrets

Some of my favourites *cough*Zack's secrets*cough*….

I think this is the main reason why I love these guys soooo much - so that I can be closer to my sister (never mind the 14 years gap, and yeah, it makes me miss home most of the time) :(

Bobbert ~ oh so huggable

After what happened to Bob a.k.a The Muscle in TMO FLW (plus the staph shitz and whatnot), I hope he’ll be alright (Promise me guys!)

Frankie, I heart thee.

Yeah, especially when I’m watching LOTMS. Anyway, The Man of the House has banned me from watching it whenever my son is around and awake (and unafraid, hehe), so, it’s been like, a week now since I last watched the damn DVD. :( God, I missed them so much.

Sometimes I think that he’s prettier than me. Lol!

So true… kecuali my sister la. Itu pun aku dah lama gila tak jumpa dia :(

*hangs head in shame*

gtg back to work now.


*visit the LJ*
*love em*
*added to the fave*

I have this huuuuuugeee urge to do the same caption yang kat gamba Bobbert tue on any Frankie's pics (with Gee hugging him et al) hhiihihii
Ah, don't get me started on MCR on LJ, Sha. La ni, akak dah bukak LJ account tapi tgh cari masa nak update and whatnot. And yeah, kalau nak visit semua LJ's on MCR, sehari suntuk pun tak habis. I found this one masa tgh browse MCRrumor.

Really la, the guys have such a huge fanbase on the internet, and imho, kalau any fans yang takde internet, maybe tak se-obses ni, just my two sen.

PS: Ada jumpa satu secret ni pasal Ray Toro tak? Kelakar gila, (tapi takleh nak letak kat sini la. SX sket, hehe...)
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hah gmaba ray yg maner? terskip ker plaks... damn. kene check blk nie
Ada a few actually. I found two secrets regarding his ahem, 'package', which made me lol dan hampir tersembur air kat keyboard!

is it #8 or is it #13?
confuse antara those two?

or my guess tak betul langsung? :D
Oi, kalo dah bagitau, bukan le secret namanya cik adik oi!!!

PS: One thing for sure, it ain't about Elizza or any of the girlfriend secrets, hehe...
oi cik kak,
rottw cover MCR berada di pasaran bermula hari ini. sila dapatkannya ke mana-mana kedai yang berhampiran dengan segera. hehehe..

p/s: jgn lupe baca artikels aku gak weii...uhukk..uhukk...
Aku dah gi MySpace rottw.
Katanya, kuar 6 hb Februari 2007.
Siang tu, aku ngan anak aku tak sihat, dan takde transport lak nak gi kedai. Malam tu, aku ngan hubby aku gi klinik, sambil2 tu, sempat jugak gi jenguk 3-4 kedai jual majalah kat area Pandan Indah + Taman Watan, hampeh. Kata diorang, rottw baru tak kuar lagi. Tensen tensen….

Takpe, esok, Insya Allah, bila dah sihat dan gi ofis, aku akan start harass mamak kat Sg Wang tuh.
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