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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  I Think My Blood Sugar Count Just Went Up A Notch

Current mood : [Migraine-y ~ am finishing my (utterly ridiculous) 5-Year Budget Balance Sh!t for approx 30 companies, which I have to consol afterwards. Yeah. On a Sunday evening. Sigh….]
Current song : [Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance]

Current fave ad : ["Ahmad dari Puchong!!!" ~ Prosperity Burger from McD]
Ikmal is : [napping]

When Gee, Mikey & Frankie meet Billy…

Dang! Aku pulak yang terlebih excited. Image from Kerrang! via Unleash the Bats


Kalau ada yang rasa tak busy with work atau masih single dan takde benda nak buat atau yang dapat kebenaran drp spouse korang tu, sila2 la jadi volunteer ! untuk menolong mangsa banjir di selatan tanah air. Kalau tak dapat contribute tenaga, cukuplah dengan menyumbangkan wang ringgit, pakaian atau barang makanan. Kalau tak mampu juga, doakanlah mereka agar dapat meneruskan kehidupan seperti biasa lepas bencana ujian ini.

For further details, please contact:

Malaysian Red Crescent Society
23 Jalan Nipah Off Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-4257 8122 Ext : 130/ 131/ 105/ 118
Fax : 03 – 4257 3537
Email : mrcs@po.jaring.my

::The Welfare Department::

The Welfare Dept has started an SMS registration service or those who want to offer their services as volunteers. Those interested should type:
JKM DAFTAR (space) name (space) identity card number (space) background (space) and send it to 32728.

::The Star’s Help A Family Campaign Hotlines::
03- 7967 1697 (Public)
03 – 7967 1238 (Corporate)

More links here --> http://pop.bluehyppo.com/flood/index.asp

Ada lagi…

Click here for the bigger version of the poster

And no dudes, you're not too late.
Reply dari Joe Kidd:

Between now and Friday 19th our main collection point is at Lee Kah Yeow Villa, 14A Bukit Ceylon, off Cangkat Raja Chulan (near Jalan Alor). We would prefer to receive items as soon as possible to sort and pack everything correctly.

email them at [ricecooking@gmail.com I think] when you wanna come around and give them the items.

PS: Kalau ada sesiapa yang ada saluran2 lain yang membolehkan kita membantu mereka yang memerlukan, sila contribute melalui ruangan komen. I will update this post from time to time, so that all of us can lend a helping hand to those in need.

And just because I need to see something beautiful on my blog on a daily basis...

Gerard Way in Rock Sound Magazine Dec 2006, pic from Unleash The Bats. I will direly miss the blond hair... In love with lads in eyeliners. Like wtf? Gee’s damn gorgeous. Call me twisted or whatever, I don’t care. :P Credits to whoever owns this one.

I Think I Just Broke My Drool Gland.

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test by admin :)
Hey zack, just passing by to say hello. :)
Oh, hello Mars.

Been pretty busy lately (yeah, I know i haven't logged in at my fave haunt in yonks!) Am checking in right now! :)
siannyer kene migraine. okey dah ker x nih?

thanks for the heads up for Johor Flood Relief.

annddddd Gee dah gain weight la. and still tak quit smoking lagik. takpe, baby steps (dier tgh adopt habit mkn chewing gump la pulak) agaknyer gee kuat makan sbb slalu tringat org kat states kot? *pandang kiri kanan*
Yay!!!! Sha dah balik!!!!

Migraine? I'm not okay, huhu... still busy giler. Hari Ahad pun buat kerja!

Yeah, i noticed too. Tengok masa interview NZ tu (yang ada Toro baling kambing ke hapa tu, sans Frankie, i missed him soooooo bad!), memang nampak chubby skit la. Habih la, tak muat lagi uniform Black Parade, hehe...
korang dah pegi ke kedai baru Joe Kidd tu? Korang ada sumbang apa2 tak kat dorang utk mangsa banjir?
Yang kat Jalan Alor tu kedai Joe Kidd ke? Aku tak gi la sk8. Sebab sibuk gila la ni. Aku contribute thru' my company je, yang juga ada hantar team untuk bergotong royong membersihkan kawasan yang terlibat.
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