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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
When they were young boys ~ Gerard & Frankie. I love this pic! Thank you v much, Billie Joe

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Excerpt from the said mag, courtesy of Unleash the Bats

Kalau sesapa tau kat mana ada jual Kerrang! Magazine issue 1142 (issue January 2007 if I’m not mistaken) please, pretty please tell me. Ada 12 pages spread on My Chemical Romance (mostly old school stuffs, complete with that ugly mo-fo from Dayus (The Used) Bert McCracken dan Mama Way!. Aku dah try cari kat a few book stores kat area ofis aku, tapi still belum jumpa lagi :(


ooh tenkiu tenkiu, Billy. my hero! *hug*

ugly mo-fo from Dayus (The Used) Bert McCracken

ooh WORD! *high-five*

raser cam pelik plak biler ppl mentioned about that mo-fo/his useless band because back then in '04, I used to like them. *sigh* when I was young... and green... and naive. man-

penah bacer kat somewhere (xingat kat maner) but in one particular interview with that ugly mo-fo and his bandmate - Quinn, diorg cam ader subtly (and immaturely) mentioned about satu lagu br diorg nnt ader psl Gee. dude, whats your prob? loser!

memo to that ugly mofo - "tulis laaa sejuta lagu pon aku tak kesah laa...pffff"
sori tak minat these mtv jocks punk band wagon band...kerrang..damn la dah almost or more than10 years tak tgk mag tu dah...but still collection fanzine la..

Internet bodow kong malam tadi. Hampeh. :(

Yeah, Billie Joe memang cool. As for Quinn [& Bert] aka Quert, haha, ntah la, biasanya i won't diss a band just because the members are jerks,(i mean without listening to their music first). Nanti la, maybe I'll try to give it a go. btw, ingat tak dalam LOTMS? Interviewer tanya Bert, who's your favourite member of the band? Dia kata the lead singer aka Jared, wtf! lol

Tak minat takpe, Aiman tak kisah. As for me, I know great music when i listen to one!

PS: Dah boleh start dl PB and Heroes eh?
hey there, just like to say thanks for the lovely comment you left on my site's guestbook, and thank you for linking my site as well
Hey there Jasmin! :)
Thanks for the shout out!
And keep rockin' babe!
PS: Dah boleh start dl PB and Heroes eh?

udah :D I watched them last night. dunno why tp aura Heroes just keep me hooked (I watched the ep twice, for real yo) and Mr E-suck~ haaa bess bess. nnt kalau K Zack dah tgk, bitau la ek. bley kiter drool sesame, hikhikhik
one more thing, regarding the used's song about Gerard (whats the possibility that's gonna their next album? Song About Gerard, hahaha)

I just figured out it's called Handsome Awkward. I still contemplate ndak dengar ker tak lagu tue. but... oh well... at least that fugly mo-fo got it right on the handsome part. *shrug*
Mr Eesuck as in Isaac Mendes ke? Aiyoh! Semalam takleh nak dl lagi. Internet kong. Maybe malam ni dl, dan malam esok baru tengok, huhu... PC takleh bukak 24 hrs sebab takut panas sangat. Server neighbour punya :(

Ah well, Bert boleh nyanyi pasal apa2 pun yang dia suka, that won't change my feeling towards Gerard and the rest of the gang. Or better still, STFU Bert!
haah, Isaac Mendes. you gotta watch heroes. some people ckp ep tue cam ader bit disappointment (expectation too high) but I beg to differ. and is it me or 'flying man' is starting wearing eyeliner? hahaha

biasanya i won't diss a band just because the members are jerks,(i mean without listening to their music first). Nanti la, maybe I'll try to give it a go.

true and true. it just kinda sad now that I *hate* the bad... sbb the Used was the band that originally introduce me to the whole emo/alternative rock scene. kalau bkn sbb diorg, maybe I don't care much bout MyChem, 30stm... *sigh*
Pls refer to the new entry for the brand new Flying Man, hehe

Haven't heard anything from the band yet. Any suggestions to get me started, or wait, maybe that's not a good idea :?
they were really big in 2004 and some of their songs are actually quite good. All That I've Got is one of the soundtrack to my life. vc dier bess - they were the first guys that makes me think that guys in suit+eyeliner are actually kind of... dayum(?)


anyway... recommended songs :

- all that I've got
- on my own
- blue and yellow
- buried myself alive

raser ader lagik, but those 4 are my all time faves.

** tetiber terasa sungguh nostalgia la plaks... now where's my The Used's album? oooh ohhhh, album diorg yg 2nd (or was it 3rd? raser 2nd) yang out in 2004, cover art dier sgt awesome. gamba hanging heart by a tree. i used to leave comments on their buzznet and sometimes diorg akan wat shout out pd sesape yang leave comments. hoohoho good old memories...
i used to leave comments on their buzznet and sometimes diorg akan wat shout out pd sesape yang leave comments. hoohoho good old memories...

Seriously??? For once I wished MyChem would do the same thing too..:(
raser dulu (in early days) MyChem ader gak wat camtue. rasernyer laa. and you can't browse buzznet The Used without Gee kekdg tue menyebok around Bert (w/pon nmpk sipi2) I used to hate Gee for that (*gasp!*) sbb raser dier tue menyemak jerk. tp tue dulu laaaa... maser rambut dier tgh panjang dan tersgt2 laa serabai.
maser rambut dier tgh panjang dan tersgt2 laa serabai.

Huh, Word! Kekadang akak terfikir, mamat ni tak reti guna sikat ke hapa? Kalau Ray Toro tu, kira logik la jugak.

Halah, sampai sekarang pun camtuh gak rasanya, or at least until dia bleach and unbleach, dan potong pendek camtuh. Baru nampak neat. And have you seen their new pics in Spin mag? Gee in CK, like Oh. My. God. *pengsan*
btw great news, MyChem + Smashing Pumpkins (along with LP) will play for Rock am Ring! this june! wohoooo!h bess giler! esp biler LP+SM yang headlining the 3rd day, my bet LP akan amek the 2nd/last slot (pimp slot :D). Muse akan amek 3rd last slot. MyChem maybe headlining 1st/2nd day kot.

and knowing RaR, slalu ader bootleg vids (dan normally bootleg dier great camera shot/angle). yay! bess bess!

*jumps excitedly*
Woot! Thanks Sha!
Mana nak dpt lak bootleg video tu?
Kalo YouTube taknak la. Kecik sangat...
slalu kat lptimes ader. festival tue 1-3 june, 4th/5th june dah kluar bootleg tue.
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