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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Throw 'em questions at me, via the comments or email at zackzip [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Otherwise, all you’re gonna see here is MyChem and more MyChem shitz.

Thank you v much.

And have a nice day! :)

PS: I will answer them at the end of this week, so get cracking!


1. spoloh lagu yang menjadik soundtrack of your life...and why :D

2. the turning point of your life (the major event yang change your life, or something like that)
Mengenangkan kau selalu cerita kau agak tomboy, pernah tak (sebelum kawin dululah at least) kau secara all out terlibat dengan lesbianism? Terima kasih.
^ tomboy and lesbianism?
mana la blajar nih? ahaha
common misconception kak zack, kene betulkan cepat2 kasik zass sket..

aa soklan saya..
shit. i can't think of anything right now.

1. kalau akak jadi superhero, akak nak jadi apa? and why?

2. kalau akak boleh ubah something dalam HP, akak nak ubah apa?

stupid questions i know.
huhu ^_^
HP as in Harry Potter ke, henfon ke, Hewlett-Packard? Kena kasi clear dulu la, hehe...
Aku rasa maksud dia Hewlett-Packard la, Zack. Kan ke banyak boleh diubah dgn Hewlett-Packard tu? Macam tambah kuantiti produk elektronik dia setiap tahun ke; atau kasi tukar Mark Hurd dengan CEO baru ke; atau tambah lagi lagu untuk kempen "You + HP" dia tu ke.

The rest tu boleh juga tapi aku rasa Hewlett-Packard is the most logic dan masuk akal. Am I right, Adreen?

*blom weekend lagik ker?*
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