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Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Thursday Thirteen #3
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13 Things about My Favourite Malaysian Magazine. Ever.

An update of the letter which I’ve sent to the mag somewhere in 1994/95 (Damn! Of all the letters, I forgot to put the date for this one), and the guys at Galaxie awarded it as the Best Letter of the fortnight (what? No prizes, eh?). The first ten is as per original letter, and I add the 3 new ones.

1. It’s the cheapest entertainment magazine in town.
Back in the early 1990’s, you can get Galaxie for a mere RM1.50 (a dream come true for students with meager allowance like moi), which is by far the cheapest magazine in town, compared to other local entertainment magazines like URTV, Media Hiburan, Hype, etc. Nowadays, it’s selling at RM3 per issue, and for me, is still very cheap considering that the paper is of high quality!

2. There’s always a guy on the cover
Viggo Mortensen graces the 17-31 Dec 2003 issue
Which is why I always buy it. Some of the notable cover-dudes are Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) and Viggo Mortensen, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed till the day they put Wentworth Miller on the cover.

3. The posters are gorgeous!
Tom Welling in the Annual Poster issue – January 2006
And not to mention the annual poster issue – jam-packed with more than 60 posters of both local and international stars and also movie posters (YAY!) – all at the same ole price of RM3! I still keep those posters at home ‘coz I feel too ‘sayang’ to throw them out. The last time I browsed thru’ them, there are still posters of 911, Boyzone, The Spice Girls, Ricky Martin and whatnot, and I used them to decorate the kitchen shelves and cabinets. And as for the irritating logos/ ringtones ads, I just cut them up and paste 'em on empty milk cans and make them into colourful pen stand. Talk about recycling!

4. There are lots of competitions (sic).
Ahem, contests is more proper la Zack. I’ve got loads of CD’s and cassettes thru the various contests in the mag.

5. It’s an alternative humour magazine.
Two words – Suzie Says.

6. It publishes my letters… though not all, but thank you.
And I still keep them in a folder (all 16 of them!), decorated with the subjects of the letter. The very first one was published on 15th January 1994, and it was aptly titled – BONKERS OVER FORD - I was ahem, smitten by Harrison Ford at that time, after watching The Fugitive on the big screen with Coy (babynwatashi dot blogspot) who introduced me to this wonderful magazine sometime after SPM.

7. I can sing along as I read it.
The lyrics pages la.

8. I’ve made new buddies through Make A Friend

9. It covers the whole world and doesn’t forget our local stars.
Akademi Fantasia 1 Winners in 1-16 Oct issue
Like this issue on Akademi Fantasia (even though I don’t even follow the show), but imho, this double spread on AF contestants is one of the best issue featuring our local stars.

10. It’s got the best team on Earth!
Albeit some changes in the editorial team, the writers and contributors are doing a great job (I found the two Punithas pretty fascinating!). I kinda missed Steven Patrick though (last seen in a biscuit ad on TV, I think). And guess what? The staff writer in charge of the Go East section (previously Far East) is a Malay lady! I’ve always admired those articles and interviews by Noorsila Abdul Majid, and I think she speaks and reads Chinese better than some of my Chinese friends.

11. They featured my favorite celeb!
Ahem, too bad this is too sexay, otherwise I’d put it in my cubicle.
Wentworth Miller in 17-31 May 2006 issue
And from the letters page in the latest issue – Keep an eye out for the upcoming issues because we’ll have something on Wentworth Miller soon. Yippee!!!!

12. They’re like Madonna- a chameleon that keeps reinventing itself.
Latest masthead in 1-16 August 2006 issue, featuring Rupert Grint and Emma Watson of the Harry Potter fame
Just look at the masthead, the cover layout, the paper quality and the contents. There’s practically everything for everybody! Alternative music fan, bookworms, Bollywood fans, Korean/ Japanese series fans, movie fans, game fans - you’ll get everything in just one magazine!

13. It’s more than just a magazine – it’s a companion
My father sent me the magazine via post when I first did my diploma in ITM and wasn't too familiar with the area (back in 1994) and my sister gladly bought me the AF2 issue when I was hospitalized for pneumonia in 2004. Galaxie has always been there for me, thru’ high school, university, work, marriage and now motherhood. Even though I don’t really relate to the newer celeb like LiLo, Paris Hilton and whatnot, reading the magazine always make me feel like conversing with an old friend.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Zack, KL
(Fan since November 1993)

PS: Whatever happened to your website? And where is the annual poll?

Editor’s note (on original letter)
You know, some people might think bestowing a letter like yours with our top honour is a bit like patting ourselves on the back, blowing our own horn, inflating our ego even. Well, to them we say…Nyah-nyah-nyah, you sad losers!

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beb! kita serupaaa...aku dulu pun gile galaxie! suzy says tu mmg kick ass!..hmm..btw, kalo ko nak tau,aku kenal ex-bf aku dulu pun dari mag ni la. heheh..

galaxie ni dulu la majalah top sebelum ada yg lelain..memang langgan sebab ada lyrics kat dlm yg best tu...pas tu ada poster and cheap..
Suzie Says was great... sampailah satu part dia asyik buat article dialogue-driven je. Man, those were shites!
god, ure such a nerd zack..hihi, selamat berpuasa
Nadia & K Swan : I think those people yg dekat2 our age mesti ada good memories when it comes to Galaxie mag.

NM: Dah lama jugak tak baca Suzie Says sebab she's kinda pegi aliran mainstream la (yeah, she used to kick ass! sama cousin dia tu, si Doozie)

Fadz : I take that as a compliment.
Hey there Zack,

Good show on the reasons you love Galaxie. We're glad you've kept us as your companion for so long. As for Wentworth, pick up the November 1 issue of the magazine cause you'll be glad to know he's in it along with several other hunks!
We hope to hear from you again and once again, thanks for the kind words. You know we luv you!

The Galaxie Team
*Lost for words for a moment there, and start grinning like an idiot*
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